Here comes Santa! On a Sleigh? I doubt it...

Boy, do I it fit the profile or not? Gives gifts, wears red, fat and jolly (well, maybe not the last one.). I love giving gifts, actually, I’m a bit known for giving away stuff (I’m THAT generous-friend-which-rarely-asks-for-anything-in-return type), that’s kinda my thing. Seeing people happy makes me happy, and I have no problem if it is reciprocated or not. This year, I gave out at least 10 gifts to my closest friends. In addition to that, I have two “inaanaks” (godchildren), which means, under the fine print of the unwritten contract I involved myself about a year ago, I am required to give them some form of “aguinaldo”. LOL! Kidding, seriously, the two of them are so cute that I can’t help myself but give them free stuff!

I also usually wrap my own gifts to perfection (part of being my semi-OC-ness). I make sure the wrapped is straight and is taped properly. TO let you know how weird I am, it took me at least 3 hours wrapping the 12 gifts I mentioned. I tape up the gifts so much that opening them can truly be a challenge. I hate people who actually take extraordinary care in unwrapping their presents. They neatly peel off the tape, making sure the wrapper doesn’t get torn, then fold them neatly beside them. After that process is the only time when they finally appreciate the gift they got! Come on! Tearing up the wrapper is part of the fun; you get to be a kid again! It’s as if you’re seriously thinking of reusing the wrapper you got! FYI, that’s not really part of the gift. LOL! Its one thing to be neat, thinking of how you will properly remove the wrapper of a gift you got is another.

Anyway, I expect this Christmas to be “fairly fun”. It won’t be bad but, it won’t be the best either. The best was 1994 I think. A wonderful veritable family reunion (which we rarely have). Where the love is real and the gifts are an extra bonus. It’s those times which are truly etched in my mind and in my heart.

I don’t like being politically correct, especially when it comes to Christmas. I don’t like saying Happy Holidays. So let me greet you a Merry Christmas…
Whether you celebrate it or not…

Freaky Prof!

So I already told you about one of my teachers, right? Then let me introduce you the rest of the gang! LOL!

The next one is a lady who teaches Business Communication. She is fluent in English but despises the country that speaks it. She would go on and on about how the Americans are screwing over third world countries like ours. She compares the Americans to the British people and how much better British people are. She said British people are not racist (unlike Americans). Indians are actually doing really well there. She once said UK was the better colonizer. When they left Hong Kong, they left it fully developed with a thriving economy. As for the Americans, when they left the Philippines they left us with nothing but deserted bases and a chaotic government. She said Americans think they are so superior that they treat all of their colonies like slaves, and not as equals. She said, Americans will never change, they have such an extensive history of treating others like slaves, one day America will lose their power and no one will feel sorry for them. (The statements/opinions above are not my own.)

My next professor is the scariest most disturbing looking woman I’ve ever seen! LOL! Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but my classmates would no doubt agree. She teaches Human Resources Management, poorly I might add. All I can do to stay awake from her subject is play SuDoku on my phone. She teaches the lesson really really slowly. She reads from the book and tries to explain in excruciating detail each topic per chapter. She loves wearing sleeveless blouses and skirts (no stockings. Ugh, just telling it to you sends shivers up and down my spine). When she writes on the board; the flab on her arms wiggles. Her face is sunken and lifeless and she makes it worse by wearing heavy amounts of cosmetic products. Her skin is like a road map and usually wears her hair in an unkempt bun. She always looks bedraggled and honestly (without any form of embellishment) smells like long forgotten make up and potpourri (you know that bundle of old smelling fragrant flowers that are dried?). I AM NOT KIDDING! This is the best description I could ever think of, and I was being kind. I once over heard a conversation my classmates were having. They were talking about our teacher’s age (Uh-oh, a dangerous topic. LOL!). One said 75, the other 88…

I would have guessed 105! LOL!

to be continued…

Utakgago's Worst Nightmare

A few nights ago, I had an unusual dream. I remember it vividly for I have never had such a reverie. I dreamt I was in a room, with a rusty steel door. It was dark, damp and decrepit. It had no window, only a small opening with bars on the door and the light from outside shown through. There was a drain in the middle of the room, and on the ceiling was a bulb that could barely show its brilliance. Liquid started oozing underneath the door. The door would not open and the liquid headed down the drain. I went back to look at the drain and then hundreds of cockroaches started to emerge. From every crack, every hole, every wall, cockroaches started to spill out like the fluid from before. They were all over my shoes, my pants, my shirt. I try to brush them off me, but to no avail. I was being covered with cockroaches. I could feel their feelers and spiny legs on my bare skin. They kept crawling up my body, to my neck and my face. I could feel them trying to enter my mouth, my eyes and ears. And then…I woke up…

This is the weirdest dream I have ever had in my entire life. It totally didn’t make sense (usually, I understand my dreams). Maybe it’s because last week, my life was covered with roaches (well, not literally). I probably killed more than ten cockroaches. For me, that is uncommon. Our house doesn’t have any roach infestation. I’ll be lucky to see one in a month. Last week was different. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, I saw one crawling near our stove and another one under the sink. Well, this was a challenge. I didn’t have any bug spray and they kept going into the nooks between the appliances. The next day, I found another in our dinning room. We had a big mirror there, and right in the middle of it was this big cockroach. I grabbed our broom and tried to smack it, but can you believe my luck, it was the flying kind! Damn! I had to be careful because I didn't want it landing on me or anything. LOL! Another time, I was in the middle of taking a shower when I saw a cockroach near the ceiling. It completely startled me. I had to stop and kill it first before finishing my shower! How comfortable was that?!

I also encountered one when I was going home one night. I was waiting for my ride when I felt something crawling up my arm! I knew it was a cockroach and shook it off. I squished it and his friend crawling near me. It totally gave me goose bumps! LOL! Last Thursday, me and a few classmates ate at Chowking. I had the beef mami or something. As I was halfway through my meal, I noticed a UFO in my soup (Unidentified Floating Object). I’m sure you’ve guessed what it was. Yep, there was this small cockroach in my soup. Even though the manager apologized and offered to get me a new meal, I lost my appetite and refused.

I am not really scared of roaches. In fact, I’m the designated killer of cockroaches in our home because my siblings are pansies! LOL! They’re just really disgusting, especially after you’ve squished them. They also have this distinct odor that is kinda nauseating. I also saw that show on of Jessica Soho about the cockroach-infested village. It made me shiver! A housewife removed a poster on one of their walls and you wouldn’t believe the number of cockroaches that darted everywhere! They even eat food that has already crawled upon by those bugs. It’s really disturbing.

I also saw a movie last week on a cable channel, titled Joe’s Apartment. I bet you’ve seen it. I wonder how the movie would have gone it was entitled Kevin’s Apartment?


Just a State of Mind, My Ass!

I decided to have fun with the title of this post. Just trying to piss off a friend! You all know who HE is! LOL!

I was so preoccupied with all the events in my life these past two weeks. So much has happened and I have so little time to blog. The second sem is well on its way and I have some pretty interesting educators. I have a gay, an obsessive compulsive. a stuck-up, an anti-American, and a living corpse for professors! LOL! No Kidding! Let me elaborate. First of all, I have nothing against them, I’m sure they are good teachers; it’s just that I am a very observant person and I easily see the quirks that make an individual unique. My gay teacher teaches Literature. Sucks for me because I am pretty sure he/she will make us do a butt load of plays, presentations and whatever activity which tickles his/her behind. What makes his/her class amusing is that he/she manages to relate EVERY TOPIC in class to whatever event there is in show business. Sure it’s fun but when he/she gives points for answering questions like who are the celebrities attending the TomCat wedding? It is just ludicrous!

One “prof” down, I’ll tell you about the rest next time (nabitin ba?). Now, on to a more blissful series of events in my life. LOL! I am now a proud owner of brand spanking new gadgets! Hell Yeah! This is a rare treat for me because my parents seldom indulge my techie persona. Usually, if I want new gadgets, I buy it myself, and believe me, no one likes spending their OWN money, but I will gladly dispose of anybody else’s. LOL! I just hope you don’t think I’m being haughty or anything. I’m just really happy about all my blessings and I just want to share it. First gadget, my very own PSP! Gameboy is so last decade, usher in the playstation portable! The graphics are amazing and is very versatile. It’s a gameboy, music player, movie player and an internet browser in one! It even stores your photos. It is the ultimate companion in those long commutes during excursions. You’ll never get bored with this baby!

Next up, my new Ipod Nano (does somebody get my title now? Hmmm? LOL!). Ipod is one of the best mp3 players out now in the market. It has one heck of a memory (4 GB) which you can use not only to play and store music files, you can use it as a flash drive too. I got the Product Red edition where part of its sales goes to the Aids Foundation. I even had a nice message engraved at the back. Juice helped me coming up with the quote. "Music nourishes my soul. It frees my reticence". I’m sure quite a few of you bloggers has one already, whether it be shuffle, nano or video. I also like the fact that Nano synchronizes with my iTunes, it makes listening to my favorite songs much easier. I’m sure there’s SOMEONE out there who will give some kind of unpopular opinion, well whatever, I still go for iPod. LOL!

And lastly, to complete my “technological trifecta” I have recently purchased my newest baby: My Nokia N71. I have always wanted to use a clam phone and this model was perfect for me. I dare not dream for N93 for it's still too expensive for me. I love my new phone. Sleek and simple; it’s up to par with what I want in terms of the capabilities of a cell phone. In addition to that, I have a phone long enough that it reaches my mouth when I answer a call. LOL!

I think most of you guys think I am so materialistic right now. Well, I’m not. It was just a coincidence that I got all of these things at almost the exact same time. Plus, I didn’t get these show them off to the people around me. I just like top quality things. I do not settle for cheaper but low quality gadgets. If you want to get great performance from your things, you have to spend a bit more dough for better stuff. There may be some truth to the idea that these things are just a state of mind and are just for showing off, but for me, I don’t buy them for bragging rights. I buy these things for…let’s say… just for peace of mind. At least I am pretty much assured that my money is well spent.

P.S. I changed the picture on my profile, since some where asking about how my new haircut looks like.

A Run Through

Ugh, here I go again, being a very bad blogger. No Halloween post, no October special. DAMMIT! I enjoyed my stay at my aunt’s place a little too much. My siblings and I usually go to Marikina for All Souls Day (Nov. 2) to visit our departed relatives. I don’t know if foreigners do this too, if not, this may sound weird to you. I love going to the cemetery. There is that unseen peace and stillness I feel when I go there, and no, it’s not because of the fact that most of the people there are dead! I just feel good when I visit the cemetery. Woah, that sounded too weird. LOL! What I don’t like about going there during All Souls Day, is that some of the people go there as if they were just having a picnic, stepping on other graves and littering everywhere. I’m not saying not to bring food or some form of comfort for you and your family, just make sure you respect your surroundings and to keep in mind why you’re there in the first place. Whatever, next topic!

Lately I’ve been such a movie buff. I’ve seen The Grudge 2, The Prestige, Marie Antoinette, and even Open Season (They were all good but I really enjoyed The Prestige). I still have a few movies I wanna watch via the silver screen namely: SAW III, Hostel 2, The Departed and Borat. I’ve also done nothing in the past 2 days but watch movie after movie from my DVD collection, thanks to the new DVD player my mom sent us (Thanks mom!). I remember watching (again) Superman Returns and The Omen back to back. I found myself rooting for two different sides. In The Omen, I totally wanted the kid to die. I would have taken pleasure from seeing him be stabbed by all those daggers! LOL! Plus, I hated the ignorance the Dad showed. As for Superman, I loved seeing him squirm when he was weak from the kryptonite dagger! The guy’s so indestructible its ridiculous! He defies the laws of Physics and even his hair doesn’t lose its style! Damn! Is it wrong to wanna see him lose? LOL!

I got a haircut last week and a new style. It’s not exactly the way I wanted it but at least it still looks good! I also wanna thank those few people who texted me last TUESDAY. You know who you are and you know why I’m thanking you. Although there was one thing that bothered me that day; I received several messages from unexpected people yet failed to receive anything from some the people I expected to text. It just saddens me how much people change or how much they tend to forget. I know this is getting confusing to some of my fellow bloggers. Sorry, I just don’t wanna divulge this topic just yet.

Christmas is fast approaching. I love this holiday, but dislike it also to some small degree. It’s just because of some past experiences; don’t ask me about it, it’s a long story. By the way, I have an Aunt and an Uncle who yearly I have a difficult time buying or finding gifts for them. It’s because they could (and probably) have anything they wanted. I don’t know what to get them! I used to give them personalized stuff like a CD compilation of songs that they like or a nice framed photo of them (they’re married by the way). But I don’t wanna give them the same thing every year. Plus, the things that they DON’T have are too expensive for me to purchase. To make things even worse, these two people are a bit picky and kinda hard to please. The reason why I wanna get them nice and original gifts is because they have been really nice and loving to me and my siblings. I was wondering if you guys can help me think of some good gift ideas, whether it be something you buy, or make. It can be anything, just tell me your ideas!

I’ll stop here for now, gotta get some sleep. Got quite a bit of cleaning to do tomorrow. Thanks for STILL visiting me even if I don’t get to blog hop that much. But I will get to that I promise!

The Fray and The Folly

I’ve been so busy. I bet you’re thinking, NOT AGAIN! LOL! Well, I am busy, but not the stressful-pull-your-hair-out kind. My time has been occupied by a very good companion during my lonely sad existence. I have recently acquired one of the last but most certainly not the least most awaited game in PS2 (did you understand that?). I haven’t missed any of its previous versions or sequels. This is one of the games that simply take my breath away in terms of its graphics, music, gameplay and most of all, its engaging storyline. This game, this legendary game, is FINAL FANTASY.

Yes, yes, if you were a hardcore RPG fan like me, Final Fantasy can be considered as the God of all RPG. But to all you people who are not into video games, let me talk about something else.

Last week a HARSH topic was discussed. A topic which virtually shook the foundations of our family relationship; The topic of going to a derma. It sounds stupid I know, let me elaborate a little. My sister recently is experiencing a skin outbreak. She spent most of her adolescence with perfect skin and gorgeous hair, but on the last few months of her final “teen” year, pimples have been visiting her, left and right…cheek. LOL! Last week she asked our dad for money to go to a dermatologist. How much did she ask for? 4000 pesos for a check up and first session. That’s a little too steep just to remove pimples. I also found out from a friend that he knows a dermatologist who’s way cheaper. For just less than 1000 bucks, you get all the check up and medicine you need. Plus, he knows first hand that the treatment works (unlike the other derma which is based only on hearsay). Anyway, all this ensued a huge debate between my sister, my dad and my brother. My sister didn’t want to go to any other doctor. My brother despises the fact that my sister spends so much money on shallow matter. My dad doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t wanna side with anybody. Hateful screams were exchanged, tears were shed…yes…tears…As for me, I stayed away from the matter. I was busy fighting off monsters on my Final Fantasy game! LOL!

I also enrolled for my second semester last week. Second semester enrolment are much easier and is less hassle compared to when I enroll for the first sem. Wanna know how much hassle I got from a first semester enrolment? Read one of my earlier posts. It’s one of my entries which is written in tagalong because of my sheer frustration with what happened. It’s a BLOG BLAST entry. Back to the topic, for this sem, everything went smoothly, except for a few minor delays. The one thing I found to be really curious was every employee of the school which I encountered that day totally was bitchy and unfriendly. Everytime I was in front of a teller or an employee, I would happily greet them a good morning to see if they would respond. You won’t believe the reaction I got. Some answered me back with a good morning, but in a hostile manner. Some just shrugged and answered with somewhat of a moan. And some totally gave me a cold shoulder. I mean, would it kill you to be nice first thing in the morning?! Just to piss them off even more, I became extra extra nice and chatty to them just to irritate the heck out of them! LOL!

I hope you got the title of this post. If not, think a bit harder…

No, even harder than that…

P.S. The small fued is still unsettled but both sides are treating each other in a civilized manner.

Let me also ask you to comment also on my Blog Blast post about my “Enrolment Experience”. I made it when my blog was still unrecognized. I would definitely like to know what your thoughts about it is. Thanks Blogtha!


An expression you’ll commonly hear from me nowadays. A week’s worth of vacation time has done wonders for my disposition. I am rested and amiable. You can basically ask me anything and I won’t be giving you any snide comments or cynical answers. That is why, like all of the people who did the similar tag from my previous post, I too will answer YOUR follow up questions for me. As usual, I will try to answer them as jigs-like as possible. So, let us begin:

JUICE asks: What are your top ten favorite songs?

Now I would assume that she asks my current top ten, and not my all-time top ten, because that list is still under construction. LOL!

  1. I Call It Love – Lionel Richie
  2. Over My Head – The Fray
  3. Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado
  4. Call Me When You’re Sober – Evanescence
  5. Crazy – Alanis Morisette
  6. U + Ur Hand – Pink
  7. Save Room – John Legend
  8. Fidelity – Regina Spektor
  9. I’m not missing you – Stacie Orrico
  10. Like a Star – Corinne Bailey Rae

TALAMASCA asks: What’s your most-liked Anne Rice Book?

THE BEAUTY SERIES! LOL! Kidding! I’ve read quite a few from Anne Rice and her other pen names (Anne Rampling and A.N. Roquelaure). I worship her Vampire Chronicles! It is her depictions of vampires that I adhere to the most among all the various ways writers portray vampires. If you must make me choose, Interview with the Vampire tops my list because it introduced me to the whole vampire experience. Oh, let’s not forget, out of the Beauty Series, Beauty’s Punishment was the best. Just to let you know. LOL!

Thanks to Talamasca for reminding me of my inspiration for my Special post for this month. Just watch out for it!

EDGAR asks: Is it Happy? As in Happy Halloween?

LOL! No, my close friends would know why I would want Halloween as my last name for my nickname. Jigs Halloween would be my “nom de plume” (pseudonym).

JAISKIZZY asks: musta na pareng jigs?

Ayos lang pare…

REX asks: What is the greatest injustice in the world?

That the good suffer while the wicked thrive. (what an insightful answer! Pretty standard! LOL!)

This question requires a bit of pondering. I’ll leave my answer that way for now, although I think my answer is correct. Because of my answer, I suddenly remembered this scene from the movie Constantine where the Angel was about to release the devil into the world. The Angel says: You will endure this suffering of Hell on Earth, so that in the end, those who survive will truly be worthy of God’s love…

JHED asks: If you were to be born again, what gender do you want to be?

Being a female does have its advantages (less manual labor and more fashion choices), but to be honest, I would still choose to be a male. I find it to be more advantageous in the long run, although almost everything nowadays is equal opportunity for both sexes. Who knows in the future, females will dominate the earth. If that was the case, then I would definitely want to be female. LOL!

Thank goodness only a few people asked me more questions. Plus, nobody asked any perverted and disturbing questions! Although I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing LOL!

Thanks to the people who said they liked my previous post! I really appreciate the comments! It’s what keeps me at this blogging thing. I’ll end it here; I have something which begs my attention. I’ll tell you about it next time. LOL!

Tag, I'm it?

I finally found the time to update my blog! So, it’s official; I’m done with our first semester! I have a few weeks worth of ME time and I’m making them count by sleeping my day away (LOL, veeeery productive jigs!). Now, with my renewed energy and rested mind, I tackle this conundrum of a tag.

Jigs. Because I like to think Jigs is my male counterpart here in Blogger. Hahaha how does that sound? LOL. Jigs never fails to make interesting posts and as an avid reader of his blog, I never skip a line.

Jigs was Flabbergasted with what Juice had to say…

(I’ve always wanted to use that word…)

How often do you blog?
It depends, I visit blogs every other day. I post entries once or twice a week. I try to keep up with the steady pace some bloggers manage to achieve in updating their blogs.

Online Alias:

trivia: If I was to give my nick name a last name, it would be HALLOWEEN. LOL! Go figure!

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
I might have. I never keep track really. I might have stood up for someone who I think was being treated unfairly, but I just don’t write it down on my people I’ve stood up for list. Hmmm, I don’t know why…LOL!

What do you do most often when you are bored?
I bother the heck out of people to the point of irritation. When I’m bored with that I usually listen to music and sing my heart out till I faint…

When bathing, which do you wash first?
Usually, the answer here is hair, face or hands, I actually wet my feet first. I don’t know why, do you think I have a fetish or something? LOL!!!! Kidding!

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
YES, and I never never ever want to do that again! My body was shaking after the 4 cups of coffee I’ve had!

What color looks best on you?
Personally, black. But people say I look best in Red.

What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
I have no specific drink in mind. I like vodka, so any drink with vodka tastes great to me. My first alcoholic drink was a long island ice tea when I was 14 and didn’t know what the heck to order.

trivia: I had my first beer when I was 16 (maybe that’s why I don’t like it that much). I had my first taste champagne when I was 7.

Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?
I agree with Juice…

Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends?
No, I have very limited online friends, and some of them are also my offline friends.

What was your favorite subject in school?
English most definitely. I also like math although I’m not as good at it as I want to be. I like it’s being very linear. Unlike English, essays, may contain hundreds of varying details, while in math, you only get one, and one answer.

Are you a perfectionist?
No, and yes. I am one when it is something that I have passion for, I never stop till it’s the way I see it in my mind.

Do you spend more than you can afford?

Oh hell yeah! Money never stays long in my wallet. I just can’t seem to save money! I need help!

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?
Define love? What kind of love? Well, whatever, I’ll just say YES. LOL!

Do you consider yourself creative?

Once again No, and Yes. (same answer as to being a perfectionist)

Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?
Most Definitely, especially if I’ve worked hard for it, but I don’t go acting all high and mighty proclaiming what an amazing thing I did. I just keep it to my self and credit it to my self esteem.

Do you donate time or money to charities?
I try too when I get the chance. Unfortunately, my wallet sometimes turns up empty… I wonder why? LOL!

Have you recently done something yourself that you've criticized others for doing?
NO! I am a very principled person. (not that I’m stuck up or anything! LOL!)

What's on your mind right now?
Honestly, my mind went blank when you asked me this question… Uhhmm, heck! I can’t think of a anything to say! Next question!

Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you and the five people that you are going to tag:

Juice: Between the two of us, we’ve exchanged pleasantries and compliments for the past few months now that will last us a lifetime! I love her sweet sophistication. She is just a loving person, in every aspect of the word. She loves to have fun, to learn, to live life. She loves to be happy, and that’s what stands out the most. Just like her name, she presents different flavors for every emotion. My favorite is lemon, sweet but has that special kick! LOL!

I wont be tagging anyone but will say a few nice things to some nice bloggers:

Rowjie. One of a kind blogger! Very kind and grateful to his blogging community. I love visiting his blog, always a different topic to be talked about. Plus, he never forgets to give me a shout out! LOL!

Marose. A lovely lady with a heart of gold. Even though I don’t get to visit her lately, she still visits me. She is a true poet and a good writer. I truly appreciate the effort and the emotion she puts into blogging.

Ghee. Another wonderful woman. She is expressive, fun-loving and enthusiastic. I just love the caring demeanor she exudes everytime she comments on my posts. Her blog is always an adventure to read.

Heneroso. I try never to miss a post from this guy. He has such a great way with TAGALOG words and even makes it wickedly funny! (mind you, I find writing in tagalong mind numbing, much more if I’m being funny!).

Vinkz. This dude manages to post everyday! DAMN! With his busy school avtivities and weekend duties, he manages to give time to blog and even comment on my post. Never have I seen that kind of dedication from a blogger anywhere.


So, If you still have ANY questions for me, be it perverted or disturbing, PLEASE, hesitate to ask. LOL! just kidding. feel FREE to ask. I’ll be here waiting for your questions.

P.S. I bet Talamasca wants to freaking stab me in the back for doing another tag!

Cue the billboard obliterating winds!

Finally managed to squeeze in 10 minutes to blog! This semester is really different. 4 out of my 9 subjects do not have your usual written test for finals. One is a special presentation, one is a case study, another is an oral exam, and the last one is a take home exam. Can you believe that? We get to do our final exam at home! I bet it’s gonna be hard, but its ok, at least the pressure of the usual one hour time limit is absent.

Anyway, I’ve read quite a few posts about the past typhoon (milenyo) and what they did during the storm. Actually, nothing devastating happened around Pampanga unlike the events at Metro Manila. There was the occasional strong rains, but, more prevalent was the strong winds gusting the trees around our house violently. I think I spent 60% of the day sleeping. Electricity was erratic. One moment we had power, the next, long hours of blackouts. Thank God my phone was fully charged. It kept me company during those stagnant hours. My brother also had a PSP to keep us alternately entertained. Classes were cancelled but I wasn’t able to get any work done due to the unavailability of our computer. I did get lots of rest though and enjoyed the free time for myself.

I stepped out of our home to see if the roads were flooded or if there were any damages to our surroundings. The road was muddy and littered with leaves. It wasn’t raining that much anymore, but the wind never stopped blowing. Air/Wind is one of my favorite elements. It is unpredictable and can manipulate other elements. It is comforting and freeing. It gives life and destroys it. It bares significance. “When you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there”. Air is the ultimate proof. It also for me denotes power. It can be a gentle breeze or a powerful hurricane. When I felt the strong winds from the typhoon, it was as if I was making the wind blow like that (LOL! Talk about wanting to be Storm!). Usually in fantasy movies or shows, when a spell is cast or a presence is felt, a sudden blow of the wind is used. It is used to make scenes more romantic or sexier. It can also be used for speed and action (hence the title of this post! LOL!). It is that unseen force that can be found everywhere… Ahhh, can you feel the air blowing yet? So, what’s YOU’RE favorite element? :)

BTW, another reason why I love the wind, it’s because I hate sweating! LOL!

Still here!

God! I’ve been such a poor blogger lately. I have my excuse though. Next week will be our final exams! I’ve been dragging myself lately to school because I really wanna start my sembreak! LOL! I have a lot of requirements to finish and I gotta hit the books soon. So probably, after next week, I get to relax and blog more often! I have to make up for my absence in your blogs. I also got sick this past few days. I had an infection on my left eye. Thus, my time in front of our computer has greatly reduced to give my eyes a break.

Anyway, This post will be really quick because I really don’t have anything to talk about. My mind is too cluttered with school work. I just wanted to post something to let you guys know that I’m still alive and blogging. LOL!

So, to give this post some sense, I wanna answer the tag from JHED. Let me just say, I am one heck of a music lover. I think it came from my dad. He has this amazing collection of great CD’s (all original) from his generation. From Santana, to Michael Jackson, to Celine Dion; My Dad was a complete music man. If memory serves me right, when He was in college, he was a drummer in a band. Unfortunately, He didn’t bother to teach me any musical instrument. LOL! How could He? He’s been busy working hard abroad so we didn’t really get the chance. Ramblings aside, each of his CDs has a sticker of a number on it. I’m not sure if it’s also alphabetized. He liked to keep his collection in order and neat. He has an amazing sound system and loved to listen to music and watch movies in surround. He made sure our entertainment room was surrounded with his speakers on all sides of the room. He loves to sit on a comfy couch, smoke a cigarette, dim the lights and listen to music while he relaxes and ponders. I like to do that too, except replace the cigarette with a drink (preferably something with alcohol, LOL!).


List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Call Me When You’re Sober - Evanescence

2. Here It Goes Again – Ok Go

3. Over My Head – The Fray

4. U + Ur Hand – Pink

5. Ridin’ – Chamillionaire

6. The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin

7. Fidelity – Regina Spektor

I have A LOT more songs that I am currently enjoying. It has its own play list (Jigs’ Flava! LOL!) I just played my iTunes on shuffle in order to pick seven. I hope this post will suffice for now.

I can’t believe ramblings can poetically be arranged to create a small tribute to my father. LOL!


Musika V: Supernova

Last week, my infatuation ended. Nooooo! Say it isn’t so! LOL! What a great season! I unexpectedly enjoyed this show tremendously. Even my bets did well! 3 out of my predicted final four made it and one of them was the victor! I guess most of you know who it is by now. Lukas Rossi emerged as the rockstar for this season. I have a lot of favorite performances from different rockers. I love Magni’s version of I ALONE, Ryan Star’s BACK OF YOUR CAR and Toby Rand’s THROW IT AWAY to name a few. But since I know you won’t watch all of them, let me post three performances which I love among all:

LadyLike by Storm Large

This song is just pure ear candy. I can't help but sing along and rock with her. The Queen of Rock lives in Storm Large! LOL! Actually this is the clean version. She curses in the original but either way, Storm rocked it! Thank God she was able to perform this before she left. At least she got to show what her music is about.

Bitter Sweet Symphony by Lukas Rossi

One of my favorite alternative rock songs ever since I first enjoyed it on the OST of Cruel Intentions. Lukas added a Gothic twist to it and totally worked! The angst from his performance was perfect for the mood of the song! My rocker senses are tingling. I honestly got chills when I watched his performance!

Lithium by DILANA

Love at first sound! She is just enchanting! When I saw her performance, She just blew me away! She knows how to take command of the stage and she gets total respect from the audience out of it! I LOVE ALL of her performances and she just keeps getting better. I still stand by my what I said and that she should have won this thing!

Congratulations to Lukas for winning the chance to front the band SUPERNOVA! I hope they do well. But, let me speak my mind first. In my opinion, Dilana should have won it. She has never received any criticisms about her singing. All of her performances where goosebumps worthy. I think, the guys of Supernova do not really like the fact that their band will be led by a woman. I think they feel uncomfortable being fronted by a female. But that's just me. I also like Lukas. He is very talented, specially at composing songs. I liked the band's song entitled IT'S ON. Lukas sang this with the band during an elimination show. Rockstar: Supernova really got me in touch with my rocker roots! Till the next ROCKSTAR!


I wasn’t able to think of a suitable title for this post so I decided to make up a word to somehow describe it. Random thoughts and fuzzy memories are the composition of this note. This is just me loosening up a bit.

Let me just congratulate (once again) a good friend on his present achievement of a hundred posts on his blog. Congrats REX! I know he is slightly “over-advertised” on my blog, but he IS a friend and I AM an avid reader of his blog. My being a guest writer on his blog was the cherry on top of the cake. LOL! Go to Rex’s blog to read our banter over his top ten most favorite posts. Try reading them if you have time, I guarantee a good read. I haven’t read a single bad post, or article for that matter from him. Did you know that his H.S. graduation speech (he was valedictorian. gosh!) was plagiarized? I won’t go into any more details but it just shows he is THAT good. He is twice the writer I will ever be, and that’s an understatement (nakow, wag sanang lumaki ang ulo!).

I just got a new recipe for dessert, a no bake chocolate soufflé with whipped cream. Fairly easy and deliciously creamy; I’m sure the above mentioned blogger will like this. I’ll make this the next time we have a dinner party. Let’s see if he has any criticisms about this one! LOL! I’ve been meaning to try more recipes but I really have very little time to plan and cook anything. My dad asked me if I wanted to attend a summer class for cooking. I said sure, but I haven’t really made my mind up just yet. I like my summer vacations to stay that way, a vacation! LOL!

Let me send a shout out to this girl for our little serendipity. You have good taste. LOL!

I’m having a hard time with my 21 day plan. It’s not that I don’t have any discipline; it’s just that it’s hard to be on a diet while others around you are eating anything they want. I watched Noypi (pinoy when rearranged which refers to Filipinos) on ABS-CBN. Their topic is the discrimination that Filipinos have against a person’s, weight, looks and sexual preference (gay or straight). They showed hidden footages of random Filipinos and how they interact with a “normal” person and with a person who is either fat, unattractive or gay. Although there were those who were genuinely nice and accommodating, there were those who barely acknowledged the person who they consider "abnormal". What does the physical hold over the mind that it makes it so difficult for some people to be courteous to...EVERYBODY (Whether they be beautiful or not, fat or thin, gay of straight)? I don’t know the answer. Tell me when you do...

Haaaay, another cheerful post successfully “chaoticized” by yours truly.


September 8

Buongiorno guys! Got a lot on my mind lately and I’m starting to get busy again. I’m in the final 3 weeks of this semester and final requirements are rearing their ugly heads. I have my case studies to finish, investigatory projects and to top it all off, we have a presentation on Kapampangan Literature and culture (believe me; it’s not as easy as it sounds). But I’ve put everything on hold right now to make this post. So, what makes this post so special? Today, is MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY

She’s the best mom in the world. That’s the best way to describe her completely. Offer me someone different and I shall refuse your offer and then convince you on every point, the advantage of having her as my mother. She has been nothing but selfless and caring, two traits she shares with my dad. I call her mom, not Mama, not Inay (tagalong of mother), not Mommy. I remember when I was young, everything she said was right. Every time she gave me advice, taught me lessons, or even when she screamed at me, I know now she was right. Who was I to make things hard for her? Here she is taking care of the four of us, and all I did was mess up! Ever the black sheep of the family. LOL…

My mom is an amazing person; she manages to make everything work. She works hard and gets along with a lot of people really well (too bad I didn’t inherit this! LOL!). She is very talented too! She writes really really really well! She makes my writing skills, as little as they are, seem very amateurish! I remember on my first year in college, I wanted to join Frontliner (newspaper of our campus) and I asked her to proofread my work. When I came back, I saw her editing my work and when I read the parts she changed, it really seemed like a professional was writing it! Too bad it happened only once; I could have asked her to proofread more articles! LOL! My theory on why she writes well is because she is a total bookworm! If I could only show you her vast collection of pocketbooks! From Tom Clancy to Stephen King to Sydney Sheldon! Name it, she’s probably read it! I wonder why she didn’t try to make a living out of writing. I should ask her that…

Her love is unconditional, as do most mothers. If not, I wouldn’t be here blogging right now. I’d probably be in jail! LOL! Too much information! Just kidding! I don’t know if my mom will kill for me, probably not, but I would for her…Okaaaay, you’re getting to morbid for this post Jigs! LOL! She is very versatile. She is a very classy and sophisticated woman but knows when to get down and dirty! She pushes me and my siblings to our full potential, never letting us settle with second best. I know she wants the best for us and I know she wants wants us to be successful in life. I love her for that. I need someone to motivate me to grabe life by the horns. I am a lazy bum! LOL! Anyway, let me end this short introduction and small tribute to my mother by saying, if you ask me how much I value my mom, I wouldn’t know where to start. I wouldn’t be here without her, literally. No words… Absolutely no words, in any language, can express my outmost love, affection and gratitude for having her in my life. Nobody’s perfect, but she sure does come close…Love you mom…

P.S. Don’t worry dad I’ll make you one too on your birthday! LOL!

P.P.S. I’m pretty sure you’re sick of my weekly updates on Rockstar: Supernova, I just can’t help it! It just keeps getting better and better! For this week each rocker sang their original songs and they were killer songs with killer performances. My favorite original song was LADYLIKE by Storm Large! She also sang suffragette city by David Bowie. She was just flawless that night! Dilana rocked with her song Supersoul and sung beautifully Behind blue eyes by The Who. Lucas’s original titled Headspin was full of emotion! Magni’s original (I forgot the title) and Toby’s Throw it away rocked the house down! Toby has grown tremendously and I am enjoying his performances! Unfortunately, Storm said goodbye last night. The Final Four: DILANA, MAGNI, LUCAS and TOBY!

Blog Blast! 4th Edition

September 3, 2006
12:56 a.m.

The following is an excerpt from a very “interesting” conversation with a friend via YM.

Rex: magpapahighlights ako tomorrow..dark blue..anong magandang style?

Rex: yung hindi agaw-pansin ha? kasi naman I’m trying this out lang..

Rex: you know, one of those things I could say when I’m asked, "what is the latest outrageous thing youve done.?"

Rex: so should i go for the usual? you know, scattered streaks..what if sa may bangs part lang..

Jigs: NO! bagay lang yun if you have long hair.

Jigs: you have curly hair kaya medyo mahirap magisip. Try mo in a straight line

Rex: straight line saan? Sa gitna?

Jigs: Kinda like kay UMA kaya lang hanggang sa likod..gets?

Rex: huh, but isnt that too 'loud'? isnt that too much for my personality?!

Rex: lam mo naman, wala sa personality profile ang magpakulay ng buhok..i could even look stupid...

Jigs: Kaya mo yan! Its time for a change! For you to stand out and say, it's my turn to live vicariously! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rex: hindi ko nga alam kung kaya kong dalhin ito..

Jigs: To be honest, blue WILL make you stand out, because it’s not your usual color of highlights..kahit pa dark blue yan..

Rex: im doing the right thing, right? you know, trying something new..

Jigs: Basta, do what you feel like doing. kung hindi ka rin naman comfortable sa mga sinusuggest ko, hindi mo rin madadala yung style..

For the benefit of my few non-filipino readers, the conversation was about a friend deciding to get highlights.

I honestly was not expecting to have this kind of conversation with Rex, more so at 1 in the morning! Just to inform you guys in all the years (almost 9 years) I’ve known Rex, He has NEVER changed his hairstyle nor has he made any drastic changes to his appearance. He keeps it pretty average when it comes to his type of clothing and looks. That’s not at all a bad thing, it just shows he values other things more than the physical thing; but as I once said, everyone’s vain, it’s just the degree that varies.

Imagine suggesting something to a person who is very apprehensive about what you’re saying. I’m sure you’ll feel slightly annoyed and harassed! LOL! It’s like those demos you see in department stores! You’ll see people watching the demonstration of the salesperson, but at the end no one buys the product. I kinda feel like that salesperson after the conversation. But hey, it’s all good! I’m glad my opinion matters to a friend, ehrmm, in someway. This is just me sharing my harrowing experience in helping make a friend’s decision easier and better. In the end, he is free to do what he wants. He decided to go for the common way highlights are done (streaks). It is after all, HIS hair! I wouldn’t care if he dyed it gray! But it is my solemn duty as a friend to make fun of him every chance I get for wanting to look like my grandpa! LOL! Check out Rex’s Blog to know why he decided to have his hair colored!

P.S. I still think he should’ve taken my advice! :)

P.P.S. Rockstar Supernova is down to 5 rockers! So far, my final four is still intact. I hope they do become the final four, although it is unlikely...For the first time, Dilana was in the bottom three. It's probably because of what happened last week. I hope she recovers. Lukas is yet to be part of it. I can't wait for this week's performances, I get chills just thinking about it!

21 Times

Before I start this post, I wanna send a shout out to my youngest sister, SAMANTHA. She is eleven years old right now and she loves to read. To Sam, thanks for reading my posts, I know it’s nothing like Harry Potter and it can be boring sometimes but I’m glad you still manage to read and comment on them. I guess I better keep it PG, LOL! Love you Sis!

As you may or may not know, The ONE thing that hinders me from having an exciting life is my…ahem…weight…ahem… Maybe its God’s way of balancing things! I just HATE talking about it, although I know it is a major concern, not only to me but also my family. I’ve heard the same story a hundred times before. I just sometimes feel so pressured to comply that my mind tends to rebel and go against “The Administration”. I technically belong to the few Opposition in the family. LOL! I also love cooking. It is my one outlet where my creativity rules and I am able to create personalized masterpieces. I also like what I make so don’t I get to taste it? Ha! Whatever, that’s just me justifying my perspective.

Anyway, here I am, ONCE AGAIN giving this thing thin people call dieting another chance. I am going on a no-carb diet starting this week. Yup! Cold Turkey, just like that! I hope I make it. I have strong convictions and I can be committed on a plan when I feel passion for it, but have a short attention span for those I care little for (typical Scorpio). I think this diet plan of mine is classified on the latter.

But I have a secret weapon now…LOL! I just learned that in order for an action to become a habit, you have to do it at least 21 times. Now that sets things even more closer to my goal. Basically, I just need to go on a no-carb diet for just 21 days then, hope and pray that afterwards, I become accustomed to not eating rice or bread or anything with carbs! LOL! A new approach to my unending battle, I hope this time, it works. Wish me luck! So if ever you wanna make an activity or action a habit, do it 21 times!

It is pretty hard to talk about this topic because this is the only thing most people criticize about me. My PHYSICAL attribute…Gawd! How shallow can people be…haha (awkward laughter)…That’s life I guess…You can’t truly make it in life unless you’re really really really good at one thing beautiful...haha...

On a final note, I just wanna say that I’m happy with the way I look and the way I live my life. I do not blame anybody for the way my cards were dealt (psychologically or otherwise). I appreciate what I have wholeheartedly, and I make do with what I have. I love my family and my friends for their love and concern. In the end, they are all I have…

Emerged Triumphant

I’m baaaaaack…LOL! Exams…DONE! Reports…DONE! CASE STUDIES…almost done! LOL! Hell week has passed and I survived! I’m so relieved that I have a time to recuperate and unwind before my next mind-numbing challenge. You know, I found the comments on the previous post amusing. Some were confused and some had their speculations. I just wanna clear up things for you before you think I’m pulling your leg or something! Let me start by saying I DID NOT write the Intermission post, a friend really did write it for me. Second, I didn’t give him my password since Wacky didn’t know how to use blogger (I gave him a crash course on blogging and how to use blogger but he still didn’t get it! LOL!). What he did was write it on a word document and sent it to me via email. Even though I do not have time to write an entry, posting a ready made one was fairly quick, so I was the one who posted the entry. Of course the Obsessive Compulsive in me still wanted to edit what he made so I did (but not enough to change what he wrote). After that I hopped a bit and commented on some new posts of my blog friends. I try my best to make time and visit blogs and comment on new post everyday (which explains my comments on your latest posts). God, I’m a disgrace as a bloggigolo! LOL!

When I read what he wrote, I can’t help but laugh. I don’t take praise well. I’m used to criticisms! I enjoyed a good dose of a friend’s opinions on me and my blog. I chose Wacky (Joaquin, his real name) to write for me because he was free that time and he IS an editor in the university paper. Anyway, I hope I cleared everything up. K? LOL!

As for the topic “The Second Hand Halo”, I won’t talk about it right now because it requires a good amount of contemplation. I do wanna say that I didn’t tell him to write about that! I said that topic was supposed to be the next post in my blog but I can’t start writing it because of my exams. I did say he could talk about anything he wanted, as long as it’s not offensive. I think he managed to contain himself! LOL!

You guys want me to give you a recap of my hell week? Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from the painful parts…The Reports I gave came out better than I would have hoped, got a perfect score on three of them while I got a 95% (out of 97%) on the other two. I appreciated the enthusiasm my classmates and professors showed during my presentation; just shows the hard work I put in to it paid off. As for my midterm exams, I answered them to the best of my abilities and I’m happy about the way I handled it. It lasted for four days, with two exams per day. I always find midterms to be the easiest among the three (prelims, midterms and finals). There was only one glitch that I encountered. I came late to one of my exams for a major subject…Usually, it’s a rule that no late comers will be accepted when you come late to a major exam for a major subject. Luckily, the professor was kind and still allowed me to take my exams (I was only late for 10 minutes). I just want you to know that this is a big deal for me. I have NEVER been late for any exam in my life, specially a major exam. I was just slightly confused with my test schedule, thus, the tardiness.

After my exams, I decided to unwind a little by watching a movie! It has been a while since my last film viewing so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was okay, some scenes were just plain crazy, just like Uma Thurman’s role! Luke Wilson was the perfect boyfriend for the role. It wasn’t a "It was so awesome I wanna see it again" movie, but good enough to keep me entertained. I catched the first showing for the day so I was virtually alone in cinema, I switched seats a couple of times to get a better view, I even spilled a little of my popcorn (hey, I wasn’t disturbing anyone!). LOL!

Well, that’s it for now. I haven’t met with my friends for a while, miss you guys. I have seen James a couple of times but not long enough for me to consider it hanging out. I wish we can hang out soon…By the way, thanks to the bloggers who keep visiting despite my absence. Thanks Rowjie, Xienah, Marose, Edgar and the rest for the constant support.

On rocky waters, some of my bets in rockstar supernova are right now. I know this day would come; only one will win. Dilana, don’t stir the pot too much…I hope my final four DO make it there!

2 challenges done, a thousand more come crashing towards me...mmmmm...



…ring…ring…ring… Jigs here, I can’t come to the phone right now, just leave your name, number and a short message after the beep so I can call you back. Thanks! …beep…

Hmmm, it’s nice here. You have a lot of links Jigs. You should remove those who don’t visit you so that there aren’t so many. You should also remove that tagboard so that everyone comments on your comment box. That’s what its there for. Wait, I’m not here to criticize Jigs’ blog, I’m here to post for him. He’s currently unavailable right now and he asked me to post for him. Just call me Wacky, my nickname… I foresee a lame post.

This is purely random so bear with me. I’m not as good as Jigs. I also don’t have my own blog so I don’t really know how everything works. Actually, Jigs wanted me to talk about a topic he called “The Second-Hand Halo”. What the f*ck is that?! He also said I should write in English which made it 10 times harder. I said I’ll try, but made no promises. Just because I write for the university paper, doesn’t mean I can just write about anything! Since I still don’t know what his topic means, you guys are stuck with me babbling on about senseless topics! I still can’t think of anything to talk about! This is f*cked up!

Let me just tell you about some stuff I know about Jigs. First impressions, this guy is pretty serious and doesn’t talk much. I’ve known him for almost a year now. He’s been my classmate for 2 semesters. I asked him why he isn’t talkative, he said, “Because I don’t need to”. He finds it unnecessary to waste words if nothing good will come out of it. But, he is very opinionated. When he is passionate about something, he could go on forever! He is also very creative. If you compare his reports and case studies against the work of our classmates, it’s like comparing artwork to a shitty toilet! I like his metaphor for himself. According to him, he is a VOLCANO. Very deceiving and timid but when angered, destroys everything, however, the soil surrounding a volcano is the very fertile, that is why many prefer to live near it. If you eat a fruit planted on that soil, it would taste sweeter and richer and many rare flowers can only be found near a volcano. Did you get it?

Jigs has his dark side and I think it’s obvious on his blog. He can be very moody and is irritated easily. He can also be obsessive and hard to please sometimes. He gets really weird on us and he can be very morbid. He loves to talk about weird topics which freak the hell outta me and his friends! It is his weirdness that makes him stand out and is sometimes criticized.

I can’t believe this post became a stupid lame testimonial! Sorry Jigs! I hope you don’t lose your readers because of me! hahahah!

Jigs also wanted to apologize for not being able to visit your blogs. He will probably be back blogging next week after our exams…That’s it for now…


Ugh. Soooo busy. Tediousness is freaking killing me! I need a break, a breather, a stress reliever. My poor blog has been feeling the strain. I don’t bloghop as often anymore. Even this post is affected by the drabness of my daily dealings. Think of this as an intermission, a random post, an update, a lengthening of insipid topics, or even a pitiful excuse for you people to keep visiting me here. Anyway you look at it is okay. I really don’t care. Mind you, I’m not sad, just tired. I’m not depressed, I’m just drained. Here’s a taste of my week…

I am flooded. A surge of case studies and research reports are awaiting my valuable attention. Every day for the next week, I will be submitting one case study and one report. You might think it doesn’t get any worse. Oh, but it does. August 18, Saturday of next week marks the start of our midterms exams! Can you feel it? I can feel the pressure and the stress running through my veins… It energizes me. Where’s that damn pill when you need it! LOL!

Last Wednesday, I lost my wallet (way to go jigs!). We watched a movie that night for a social study and we had to leave all of our things at the reception room of the AVR. After the movie, I got my things. As I prepared myself to go home, I noticed my wallet missing. DAMN! I searched everywhere, even through the things of my classmates, but to no avail. I had to call my brother and sister to pick me up because I didn’t have any money left for transportation. How much money did I lose? Let’s not talk about it…

My only escape and reprieve from all of this, is the show I featured a few posts ago, ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA, which by the way demolished my previous record of most comments of 42! It's now 53 comments! Wicked Man! I am tapping into my Rocker roots recently and enjoying the hell out of it! Once again without a miss, my “final four” KILLED with their performances! A great breakthrough for Lukas! You really should try to watch it! If you can’t, just tell me and I’ll post some of the best performances here!

On a lighter note, I reached my 5000 visitors mark! Now here’s the curious, yet hilarious part of this event. Two people claim they were the 5000th visitor! Yup, you read that right. Two bloggers say they hold that prestigious pedestal. To even complicate it, those two people are bloggers who I hold with high regards, REX and JUICE! Now, since I can’t find any GOOD explanation (I was thinking rock, paper, scissors! LOL!) for this predicament, I ask anyone to please answer this little glitch in my counter. LOL! (just click on the picture for a bigger shot. Here's the proof that two are claiming to be my 5000th visitor!)

But seriously, reaching this 5000th mark, revealed some new questions. I remember Ms. Korina Sanchez (a local news anchor) saying on a T.V. Plug that she remembers on her first anniversary of being a news reporter, she wondered if she would last for another year, and then, the year after that. She wondered if after reaching 5 years, will she last till ten? I kinda have a similar thought right now. I just wonder how long I can keep this going. First, 1000 and now 5000. Will I last till 10K? I always wonder what’s next. Woah, I’m such a buzz kill! LOL! Maybe I am over thinking it. Whatever.

I am uninspired. To emulate Jaiskizzy’s thoughts, my muse and I are not in speaking terms right now. Maybe it’s the Monotony of my life. The slow, trivial, and uneventful wreckage that is my existence. God! I AM a buzz kill!!! Wahahaha!

Chaos…Absolute Chaos…My life…

Musika IV

Grabeh, I was supposed to post yesterday but I fell asleep. Dammit! LOL! Yan tuloy, napagalitan nanaman ako kay Vinkz! hehe! Anyway, here’s what I’ll post for today.

Okay guys, it’s time for everybody to become a critic. This is a slight modification on my Musika posts. It means, everyone’s comments are most welcome and are desired because this post is kinda like a review. I have two music videos here, both of them are fairly new (well, for me they are), and are currently in my “must listen” list. Tell me what you think about them!

(let the videos load first then listen intently)


This song is very interesting and energetic. Good rhythm and lyrics. The video isn’t bad either. These guys definitely have a flair for the theatrics. You can tell by watching this video and on their brand spankin’ new video of their song, But It’s Better If You Do! I like songs which use big words. It’s interesting to know how they incorporate it into the beats. These guys also got that X-Factor going for them. I like the title too! If I was to copy Juice and use a song as a title for my blog template, I will use this title or the chorus part. LOL! Ok, the bad side, the song tends to be too repetitive and doesn’t have enough lyrics. I would have liked it more if it had a bit more variation on the words. But overall, the song is great. A Funny story on how I knew about this song. Actually my brother heard it first on a jeepney ride going home. When he got home he asked me if I knew the song. I asked him to sing it to me. Unfortunately, all he remembered was the part of the song where the singer said, “is a hoar…” I laughed at the fact that he didn’t remember any other line or even the beat or the chorus! All he remembered was those words! LOL! Anyway, recently, I’ve been experiencing LSS lately, and this is the song I keep singing. Let me just tell you, when I experience LSS, it means I really like the song….


Let’s slow things down a bit. This song is simple but very expressive. It is very clean and pure. He’s video is also simple, nothing special. But I like it! The only thing special about it is that it was directed by Zach Braff of the series Scrubs. This song is very romantic. It’s very Loving. It’s the type of song you wanna hear when you’re alone with someone you love, in a garden, holding her close to you and dancing slowly, just enjoying each other’s warmth. Loving, yes, that’s the right description for this song. The lyrics is meaningful and full of emotion. Joshua’s voice is so cold and so soothing to hear. My only complaint about this song is it’s too short, less than 3 minutes. For me, an average song should be 3 to 4 minutes. Regardless, the song is fantastic. It’s a good song for a “rainy day” (if you know what i mean). Simply Beautiful.

That’s all for now guys. I have to go, pretty busy right now. Tell me what you think of the song guys! Have fun! Post your comments here on my comment box. Not the Shoutbox! Ok?! LOL!

Thanks! I’ll blog hop soon!