I wasn’t able to think of a suitable title for this post so I decided to make up a word to somehow describe it. Random thoughts and fuzzy memories are the composition of this note. This is just me loosening up a bit.

Let me just congratulate (once again) a good friend on his present achievement of a hundred posts on his blog. Congrats REX! I know he is slightly “over-advertised” on my blog, but he IS a friend and I AM an avid reader of his blog. My being a guest writer on his blog was the cherry on top of the cake. LOL! Go to Rex’s blog to read our banter over his top ten most favorite posts. Try reading them if you have time, I guarantee a good read. I haven’t read a single bad post, or article for that matter from him. Did you know that his H.S. graduation speech (he was valedictorian. gosh!) was plagiarized? I won’t go into any more details but it just shows he is THAT good. He is twice the writer I will ever be, and that’s an understatement (nakow, wag sanang lumaki ang ulo!).

I just got a new recipe for dessert, a no bake chocolate soufflé with whipped cream. Fairly easy and deliciously creamy; I’m sure the above mentioned blogger will like this. I’ll make this the next time we have a dinner party. Let’s see if he has any criticisms about this one! LOL! I’ve been meaning to try more recipes but I really have very little time to plan and cook anything. My dad asked me if I wanted to attend a summer class for cooking. I said sure, but I haven’t really made my mind up just yet. I like my summer vacations to stay that way, a vacation! LOL!

Let me send a shout out to this girl for our little serendipity. You have good taste. LOL!

I’m having a hard time with my 21 day plan. It’s not that I don’t have any discipline; it’s just that it’s hard to be on a diet while others around you are eating anything they want. I watched Noypi (pinoy when rearranged which refers to Filipinos) on ABS-CBN. Their topic is the discrimination that Filipinos have against a person’s, weight, looks and sexual preference (gay or straight). They showed hidden footages of random Filipinos and how they interact with a “normal” person and with a person who is either fat, unattractive or gay. Although there were those who were genuinely nice and accommodating, there were those who barely acknowledged the person who they consider "abnormal". What does the physical hold over the mind that it makes it so difficult for some people to be courteous to...EVERYBODY (Whether they be beautiful or not, fat or thin, gay of straight)? I don’t know the answer. Tell me when you do...

Haaaay, another cheerful post successfully “chaoticized” by yours truly.