Still here!

God! I’ve been such a poor blogger lately. I have my excuse though. Next week will be our final exams! I’ve been dragging myself lately to school because I really wanna start my sembreak! LOL! I have a lot of requirements to finish and I gotta hit the books soon. So probably, after next week, I get to relax and blog more often! I have to make up for my absence in your blogs. I also got sick this past few days. I had an infection on my left eye. Thus, my time in front of our computer has greatly reduced to give my eyes a break.

Anyway, This post will be really quick because I really don’t have anything to talk about. My mind is too cluttered with school work. I just wanted to post something to let you guys know that I’m still alive and blogging. LOL!

So, to give this post some sense, I wanna answer the tag from JHED. Let me just say, I am one heck of a music lover. I think it came from my dad. He has this amazing collection of great CD’s (all original) from his generation. From Santana, to Michael Jackson, to Celine Dion; My Dad was a complete music man. If memory serves me right, when He was in college, he was a drummer in a band. Unfortunately, He didn’t bother to teach me any musical instrument. LOL! How could He? He’s been busy working hard abroad so we didn’t really get the chance. Ramblings aside, each of his CDs has a sticker of a number on it. I’m not sure if it’s also alphabetized. He liked to keep his collection in order and neat. He has an amazing sound system and loved to listen to music and watch movies in surround. He made sure our entertainment room was surrounded with his speakers on all sides of the room. He loves to sit on a comfy couch, smoke a cigarette, dim the lights and listen to music while he relaxes and ponders. I like to do that too, except replace the cigarette with a drink (preferably something with alcohol, LOL!).


List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Call Me When You’re Sober - Evanescence

2. Here It Goes Again – Ok Go

3. Over My Head – The Fray

4. U + Ur Hand – Pink

5. Ridin’ – Chamillionaire

6. The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin

7. Fidelity – Regina Spektor

I have A LOT more songs that I am currently enjoying. It has its own play list (Jigs’ Flava! LOL!) I just played my iTunes on shuffle in order to pick seven. I hope this post will suffice for now.

I can’t believe ramblings can poetically be arranged to create a small tribute to my father. LOL!


Musika V: Supernova

Last week, my infatuation ended. Nooooo! Say it isn’t so! LOL! What a great season! I unexpectedly enjoyed this show tremendously. Even my bets did well! 3 out of my predicted final four made it and one of them was the victor! I guess most of you know who it is by now. Lukas Rossi emerged as the rockstar for this season. I have a lot of favorite performances from different rockers. I love Magni’s version of I ALONE, Ryan Star’s BACK OF YOUR CAR and Toby Rand’s THROW IT AWAY to name a few. But since I know you won’t watch all of them, let me post three performances which I love among all:

LadyLike by Storm Large

This song is just pure ear candy. I can't help but sing along and rock with her. The Queen of Rock lives in Storm Large! LOL! Actually this is the clean version. She curses in the original but either way, Storm rocked it! Thank God she was able to perform this before she left. At least she got to show what her music is about.

Bitter Sweet Symphony by Lukas Rossi

One of my favorite alternative rock songs ever since I first enjoyed it on the OST of Cruel Intentions. Lukas added a Gothic twist to it and totally worked! The angst from his performance was perfect for the mood of the song! My rocker senses are tingling. I honestly got chills when I watched his performance!

Lithium by DILANA

Love at first sound! She is just enchanting! When I saw her performance, She just blew me away! She knows how to take command of the stage and she gets total respect from the audience out of it! I LOVE ALL of her performances and she just keeps getting better. I still stand by my what I said and that she should have won this thing!

Congratulations to Lukas for winning the chance to front the band SUPERNOVA! I hope they do well. But, let me speak my mind first. In my opinion, Dilana should have won it. She has never received any criticisms about her singing. All of her performances where goosebumps worthy. I think, the guys of Supernova do not really like the fact that their band will be led by a woman. I think they feel uncomfortable being fronted by a female. But that's just me. I also like Lukas. He is very talented, specially at composing songs. I liked the band's song entitled IT'S ON. Lukas sang this with the band during an elimination show. Rockstar: Supernova really got me in touch with my rocker roots! Till the next ROCKSTAR!


I wasn’t able to think of a suitable title for this post so I decided to make up a word to somehow describe it. Random thoughts and fuzzy memories are the composition of this note. This is just me loosening up a bit.

Let me just congratulate (once again) a good friend on his present achievement of a hundred posts on his blog. Congrats REX! I know he is slightly “over-advertised” on my blog, but he IS a friend and I AM an avid reader of his blog. My being a guest writer on his blog was the cherry on top of the cake. LOL! Go to Rex’s blog to read our banter over his top ten most favorite posts. Try reading them if you have time, I guarantee a good read. I haven’t read a single bad post, or article for that matter from him. Did you know that his H.S. graduation speech (he was valedictorian. gosh!) was plagiarized? I won’t go into any more details but it just shows he is THAT good. He is twice the writer I will ever be, and that’s an understatement (nakow, wag sanang lumaki ang ulo!).

I just got a new recipe for dessert, a no bake chocolate soufflé with whipped cream. Fairly easy and deliciously creamy; I’m sure the above mentioned blogger will like this. I’ll make this the next time we have a dinner party. Let’s see if he has any criticisms about this one! LOL! I’ve been meaning to try more recipes but I really have very little time to plan and cook anything. My dad asked me if I wanted to attend a summer class for cooking. I said sure, but I haven’t really made my mind up just yet. I like my summer vacations to stay that way, a vacation! LOL!

Let me send a shout out to this girl for our little serendipity. You have good taste. LOL!

I’m having a hard time with my 21 day plan. It’s not that I don’t have any discipline; it’s just that it’s hard to be on a diet while others around you are eating anything they want. I watched Noypi (pinoy when rearranged which refers to Filipinos) on ABS-CBN. Their topic is the discrimination that Filipinos have against a person’s, weight, looks and sexual preference (gay or straight). They showed hidden footages of random Filipinos and how they interact with a “normal” person and with a person who is either fat, unattractive or gay. Although there were those who were genuinely nice and accommodating, there were those who barely acknowledged the person who they consider "abnormal". What does the physical hold over the mind that it makes it so difficult for some people to be courteous to...EVERYBODY (Whether they be beautiful or not, fat or thin, gay of straight)? I don’t know the answer. Tell me when you do...

Haaaay, another cheerful post successfully “chaoticized” by yours truly.


September 8

Buongiorno guys! Got a lot on my mind lately and I’m starting to get busy again. I’m in the final 3 weeks of this semester and final requirements are rearing their ugly heads. I have my case studies to finish, investigatory projects and to top it all off, we have a presentation on Kapampangan Literature and culture (believe me; it’s not as easy as it sounds). But I’ve put everything on hold right now to make this post. So, what makes this post so special? Today, is MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY

She’s the best mom in the world. That’s the best way to describe her completely. Offer me someone different and I shall refuse your offer and then convince you on every point, the advantage of having her as my mother. She has been nothing but selfless and caring, two traits she shares with my dad. I call her mom, not Mama, not Inay (tagalong of mother), not Mommy. I remember when I was young, everything she said was right. Every time she gave me advice, taught me lessons, or even when she screamed at me, I know now she was right. Who was I to make things hard for her? Here she is taking care of the four of us, and all I did was mess up! Ever the black sheep of the family. LOL…

My mom is an amazing person; she manages to make everything work. She works hard and gets along with a lot of people really well (too bad I didn’t inherit this! LOL!). She is very talented too! She writes really really really well! She makes my writing skills, as little as they are, seem very amateurish! I remember on my first year in college, I wanted to join Frontliner (newspaper of our campus) and I asked her to proofread my work. When I came back, I saw her editing my work and when I read the parts she changed, it really seemed like a professional was writing it! Too bad it happened only once; I could have asked her to proofread more articles! LOL! My theory on why she writes well is because she is a total bookworm! If I could only show you her vast collection of pocketbooks! From Tom Clancy to Stephen King to Sydney Sheldon! Name it, she’s probably read it! I wonder why she didn’t try to make a living out of writing. I should ask her that…

Her love is unconditional, as do most mothers. If not, I wouldn’t be here blogging right now. I’d probably be in jail! LOL! Too much information! Just kidding! I don’t know if my mom will kill for me, probably not, but I would for her…Okaaaay, you’re getting to morbid for this post Jigs! LOL! She is very versatile. She is a very classy and sophisticated woman but knows when to get down and dirty! She pushes me and my siblings to our full potential, never letting us settle with second best. I know she wants the best for us and I know she wants wants us to be successful in life. I love her for that. I need someone to motivate me to grabe life by the horns. I am a lazy bum! LOL! Anyway, let me end this short introduction and small tribute to my mother by saying, if you ask me how much I value my mom, I wouldn’t know where to start. I wouldn’t be here without her, literally. No words… Absolutely no words, in any language, can express my outmost love, affection and gratitude for having her in my life. Nobody’s perfect, but she sure does come close…Love you mom…

P.S. Don’t worry dad I’ll make you one too on your birthday! LOL!

P.P.S. I’m pretty sure you’re sick of my weekly updates on Rockstar: Supernova, I just can’t help it! It just keeps getting better and better! For this week each rocker sang their original songs and they were killer songs with killer performances. My favorite original song was LADYLIKE by Storm Large! She also sang suffragette city by David Bowie. She was just flawless that night! Dilana rocked with her song Supersoul and sung beautifully Behind blue eyes by The Who. Lucas’s original titled Headspin was full of emotion! Magni’s original (I forgot the title) and Toby’s Throw it away rocked the house down! Toby has grown tremendously and I am enjoying his performances! Unfortunately, Storm said goodbye last night. The Final Four: DILANA, MAGNI, LUCAS and TOBY!

Blog Blast! 4th Edition

September 3, 2006
12:56 a.m.

The following is an excerpt from a very “interesting” conversation with a friend via YM.

Rex: magpapahighlights ako tomorrow..dark blue..anong magandang style?

Rex: yung hindi agaw-pansin ha? kasi naman I’m trying this out lang..

Rex: you know, one of those things I could say when I’m asked, "what is the latest outrageous thing youve done.?"

Rex: so should i go for the usual? you know, scattered streaks..what if sa may bangs part lang..

Jigs: NO! bagay lang yun if you have long hair.

Jigs: you have curly hair kaya medyo mahirap magisip. Try mo in a straight line

Rex: straight line saan? Sa gitna?

Jigs: Kinda like kay UMA kaya lang hanggang sa likod..gets?

Rex: huh, but isnt that too 'loud'? isnt that too much for my personality?!

Rex: lam mo naman, wala sa personality profile ang magpakulay ng buhok..i could even look stupid...

Jigs: Kaya mo yan! Its time for a change! For you to stand out and say, it's my turn to live vicariously! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rex: hindi ko nga alam kung kaya kong dalhin ito..

Jigs: To be honest, blue WILL make you stand out, because it’s not your usual color of highlights..kahit pa dark blue yan..

Rex: im doing the right thing, right? you know, trying something new..

Jigs: Basta, do what you feel like doing. kung hindi ka rin naman comfortable sa mga sinusuggest ko, hindi mo rin madadala yung style..

For the benefit of my few non-filipino readers, the conversation was about a friend deciding to get highlights.

I honestly was not expecting to have this kind of conversation with Rex, more so at 1 in the morning! Just to inform you guys in all the years (almost 9 years) I’ve known Rex, He has NEVER changed his hairstyle nor has he made any drastic changes to his appearance. He keeps it pretty average when it comes to his type of clothing and looks. That’s not at all a bad thing, it just shows he values other things more than the physical thing; but as I once said, everyone’s vain, it’s just the degree that varies.

Imagine suggesting something to a person who is very apprehensive about what you’re saying. I’m sure you’ll feel slightly annoyed and harassed! LOL! It’s like those demos you see in department stores! You’ll see people watching the demonstration of the salesperson, but at the end no one buys the product. I kinda feel like that salesperson after the conversation. But hey, it’s all good! I’m glad my opinion matters to a friend, ehrmm, in someway. This is just me sharing my harrowing experience in helping make a friend’s decision easier and better. In the end, he is free to do what he wants. He decided to go for the common way highlights are done (streaks). It is after all, HIS hair! I wouldn’t care if he dyed it gray! But it is my solemn duty as a friend to make fun of him every chance I get for wanting to look like my grandpa! LOL! Check out Rex’s Blog to know why he decided to have his hair colored!

P.S. I still think he should’ve taken my advice! :)

P.P.S. Rockstar Supernova is down to 5 rockers! So far, my final four is still intact. I hope they do become the final four, although it is unlikely...For the first time, Dilana was in the bottom three. It's probably because of what happened last week. I hope she recovers. Lukas is yet to be part of it. I can't wait for this week's performances, I get chills just thinking about it!