Rock On!

Jiggy Notes: Kamusta naman at may mga nangungulit na sakin para magpost! Hehehe! I never would have expected that. I’ve been busy cleaning up my blogroll. I haven’t finished though, but I decided to post something first.

I have been enjoying a show which feeds my need for a good head banging song. It’s kinda like American Idol without the goody-goody attitude of Paula Abdul and the gayness of Ryan Seacrest! LOL! Pure Rock at its finest. I think you already know what I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA!

This show reminds me of how great rock music is! Punk, Metal, Alternative or even Pop. Metallica, Nirvana, Matchbox 20, Coldplay and nowadays Fall Out Boy. Rock music is definitely a part of my life. I bet some of my friends won’t believe I enjoy rock music (they’d say I’m more of a HipHop and RnB lover) but I do! I love it! Although I didn’t get to watch Rockstar: INXS as much as I would have liked, I’m totally enjoying the second season (I also think it’s better than the first) and I already have a few favorites among the rockers!

Magni. Nicknamed The ICEMAN (he is from Iceland), Magni I think is the most dedicated among all the rockers. He takes his music seriously and hones it to perfection. The quality and range of his voice is the great. He started his singing career at the age of 11 and is already an established singer in Iceland with several albums. I like him because I admire his intensity and love for the craft. He also kinda reminds me of Chris Daughtry of American Idol. LOL! As Tommy Lee said, “I have two words for you. MAGNI-ficent!”

Storm Large. She is the hottest female rocker in this competition. She is just amazing! Her voice is definitely for the rock genre and her performances are sizzling and you can't keep your eyes off her! Her name is wicked! It’s so appropriate for her! She took this competition by STORM and has no plans of slowing down! I loved her performance during week 4 where she was crowd surfing! She also received the encore performance for it! Tommy Lee adores Storm. Maybe because of the blond hair, big boobs thing (reminds you of someone?)! LOL!

Lukas Rossi. He represents the darker side of Rock. A great performer and song writer, Lukas is very creative in rearranging his song choice to make the song completely his own! Killer performances! His fashion sense is another part of him which I like. Gothic Rock is what I would call it. I love it! His voice is also different from the rest. He growls when he sings and he is sometimes criticized for it. I, on the other hand think it fits his voice and the song when he does growl. I was just ecstatic when I heard his rendition of Bitter Sweet Symphony! It was just mind-blowing! He really is exceptional, in every sense of the word.

Dilana. Love at first sight! She is just incredible! Although not everyone appreciates what she is capable of, I think Dilana could definitely win this thing! She won the very first encore performance (which gave me the chills by the way!) and is yet to receive any negative comments! Even her co-rockers give her standing ovations when she performs. I just can’t wait to see her performances! She returns the love the audience sends her and shows how appreciative she is for their support! She also looks great! She has that girly touch in her style but still maintains that rocker chick persona! She even has a rich history and has started singing since the age of 7. Her smokey voice separates her from the rest of the female rockers in this competition. So far, she has been doing great, and I bet, it even gets better!

It's only week 4 with 12 rockers left and I already have my Final Four! LOL! I’d be happy to see any one of these rockers win (I hope its Dilana! LOL!)! Check the show out and tell me what you think! This show is definitely a must see because the talent in this show is undeniable. It’s time to rock this bitch!

I’ll try to post some of their performances next time I post!

HPC Update

Nothing significant happened today. My whole mood for the past two days has been greatly influenced by the weather (there’s another storm). It has conditioned my body to be lethargic. Call me Mr. Apathy today. I did nothing but sleep, and listen to music. I wasn’t even in the mood to blog hop. My past post was a bit tiring because I really wanted to give those who commented a good answer. Unfortunately, I think I messed up a few. Sorry guys. I’m just not good with tags, plus the weather isn’t making it any easier. Since nothing noteworthy really happened to me, I’m just gonna scour through some stuff in my mind and organize them through the use of this post.

Note: This type of weather forces me to contemplate on things which are somewhat important, but not at all serious or requires heavy pondering.

· My life is where I like it right now. It’s what I would call, Chaotic. Good enough to keep me content and happy, but screwed up enough to keep me grounded and busy. LOL!

· I have a few assignments which require my attention. I also have two quizzes on Thursday. I wonder if we have classes tomorrow… Hmm? Anyway, I’ll tend to these matters, right after I post this.

· I gotta edit my favorite blogs. I have to add some and remove some (blogs, i mean). I hope nobody reacts violently. It’s just that even if I visit their blog, nothing new is posted. I hope they understand. I also sometimes think about making a blog that rates other blogs, just like that Igotsmacked site (slightly nicer, LOL!). I just gotta find some other bloggers who will be good at rating other blogs and are objective, and good with determining the quality of a blog (from their headers to the content of the blog). Some of the bloggers who can be possible reviewers and raters of blogs which came to my mind are JUICE, TALAMASCA, VINKZ and REX.

· Every time it rains like this, I remember a friend who always knew how to cheer me up. She said that when it rains and the weather is cold, she just feels like emoting. LOL! She would put on some music (Care of Mariah Carey!) spread out on a couch near a window and start singing as if she was making a music video! A true blues buster! We would laugh so hard because she was good at it! She exaggerates her movements and facial expressions! Haaay, if only she was here right now. I wouldn’t seem stupid if I did it. Retarded, yes; funny, no. Hell no!

· Blog day is next month (August 31, 2006). I really wanna do this, so I’m gonna start blog hopping to some foreign blogs that are totally different to what I’m used to. I hope I can find some good ones! By the way, my post Better Late than Never, garnered the most number of comments among all my post (Like a scene from a horror movie received the same but one of them was from me). Thanks for the support guys!

· Coffee and iTunes. My only friends during the rainy season. I remember the time when I was at Marikina and I was waiting for my cousin at a Starbucks. I had coffee and listened to some tunes provided by my cellphone. I was so relaxed; I just watched the world pass me by…

It’s pouring again outside. The music I’m listening to was almost drowned by the loud, heavy drops of rain on our roof. I’m starting to feel lazy again. Thank goodness I’m almost done. I don’t want this to be poorly written or anything. I hope I write something more blog worthy in the near future.

I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with something. Wish me luck! LOL!

Blog Blast! 3rd Edition

July 23, 2006
4:35 a.m.

In my room, currently experiencing boredom and insomnia...

Ok, ok… I know I said I hate doing tags, but I think I can make an exception for this one. What Juice said to me when I commented on her version of this post was so nice, dare I say sweet (Awwwww, LOL!), convinced me to do one too! Let me just say that this tag requires some work even after you post it! So, might I request my readers (if any), please don’t comment on this post (whaaat?!), unless you think I can provide you with a good response. You know I'm a lazy bum. LOL!


THE RULES: If you comment on this post, I will..
1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Challenge you to try something.
3. Pick a color that I associate with you.
4. Tell you something I like about you.
5. Tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. Ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. Pick a song that reminds me of you.

You then must post the same meme and my response in your blog.

This is what Juice said about me:

Headbop and earphones! :D Get it?
- LOL! I get it! I’m glad you still like it!

Put more pictures of you in your blog! You're always commenting on mine and I never get to comment on urs!
- But I’m camera shy! LOL! I always take the picture and seldom part of it.

Red! Oh you know why.. haha
- One of my favorite colors! Can you tell?

I love your posts!!
- Awwww, thanks!

That time when my layout was still the beachy one, then you were still new in the blogging world and you told me my site looked refreshing something like that hehe and I gave you the how to link code. Correct me if I'm wrong :D
- May tama ka! LOL!

A bear coz it's cuddly like you! Hahaha
- Cuddly? wow, that’s the first time that adjective was used to describe me! LOL!

Can you cook me your famous meal? Hahah

- I’d be happy to!

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
I don't know why for some reason that's what first came into my mind hehehe

- Listening to it right now! Woohoo!

Does that make me crazy?! Does that make me crazy?! Does that make me crazy?! Possibly!

Nasaan ka na?

This post is written in Filipino. I was tagged and I have to do it in our native tongue. But not to worry, I'm posting the instructions in English so that if anybody out there who wants to do an English version of this tag (*wink* *wink* Juice! LOL!) can do so.

Mechanics: (Tagged by Vinkz) If you want to read the story preceding this one, please visit Vinkz’s blog.
1. I will write a short story and tag someone else.
2. They will continue the story on their blog without rewriting the first story.
3. The next writer will tag another person to keep the story going.
4. To the people who are tagged, continue the story based SOLELY on the story written by the person who tagged you.
5. You cannot read any of the stories that came before the person that tagged you.


Hindi ako makapagisip ng mabuti. Napakasakit ng ulo ko. Para bang nakainom ako ng isang malaking bote ng tequila at hinampas sa ulo ko ang wala nang laman na bote. Wala akong maalala. Sarili kong pangalan ay hindi ako sigurado. Pero may isang bagay na hindi mawala sa isipan ko. Ang anghel na nasa paanan ko… Hindi ko maintindihan pero ang gaan ng loob ko pag nakikita ko siya. May liwanag na bumabalot sa kanyang di ko maintindihan. Bigla kong naalala ang singsing na nasa bulsa ko. Para ba sa kanya ito? Anong meron sa araw na ito? Ano ba talaga ang nangyari sakin?! Lalong sumasakit ang ulo ko sa bawat tanong na aking iniisip…Sa sobrang sakit ng ulo, katawan at sugat ko ay naidlip akong muli.

Nakarinig ako ng pintong bumubukas. May pumasok sa kwartong kinalalagyan ko. Matangkad, nakaputi at nakatakip ang mukha nya. Isa ba siyang duktor? May tinurok siya sa swero ko. Makalipas lamang ang ilang segundo, biglang bumigat ang katawan ko, hindi ako makagalaw. Pagkatapos ay lumapit siya sa aking anghel. May hawak siyang panyo at may kinabit na gamot. Alam ko na ang balak niyang gawin. Ibinuhos ko ang lahat ng lakas ko upang makagalaw. Walang nangyari… Ikinabit nya ang panyo sa mukha ng aking anghel. Bigla siyang nagpumiglas ngunit dagling tumigil. Ang tangi ko lang nagawa ay panoorin ang duktor nang buhatin nya ang aking anghel palabas ng kwarto. Tahimik ang katawan ko ngunit nagpupumiglas ang aking damdamin sa galit at lungkot. Tuluyan na silang nawala sa aking paningin. Naluha na lamang ako. Wala akong nagawa…Wala…

Parang nawalan ako ng dahilan para mabuhay. Dumilim ang mundo ko at bumalik ang takot, pagaalala at kalungkutan. Muli na ba akong bumalik sa impyerno? Biglang kumirot ang malaking galos sa aking tagiliran. Napuno ang kumot at kama ko ng dugo. Ito lamang ang kulay na makikita sa isang napakaputing silid. Napakasakit ng aking nararamdaman, ngunit tanging ang anghel ko lang ang nasa aking isipan. Hinimatay ako sa sakit. Kailangan ko siyang hanapin… Kailangan ko siyang puntahan…

Bigla akong nagising at sinigaw ang pangalan nya… Yun ba ang pangalan ng anghel ko? Muli ko nang nagagalaw ang katawan. Kailangan ko siyang hanapin…Baka ano na ang nangyari sa kanya. Umupo ako sa kama at mabilis na hinila ang swerong nakasaksak sa aking kamay. Dumugo. Tumayo ako at biglang naramdaman ang sakit dulot ng malaking galos sa aking tagiliran. Kailangang tiisin… Kailangan nya ako. Nanghihina pa ko at nahihirapang maglakad. Parang bata na ngayon lang natututong lumakad. Binuksan ko ang pintuan gamit ang kanang kamay habang ang kaliwa ay nasa galos ko.

Pagkalabas ko ng kwarto, biglang nagsara ang pintuan. Hindi ko na muling mabuksan. Ang nakita ko ay walang katulad sa kwartong tinulugan ko kanina. Madilim. May mga ilaw ngunit kakaunti lamang ang alay nilang liwanag sa bulwagang aking dinaraanan. May naririnig akong mga ungol at mga sigaw ng paghihirap. Hindi ko alam kung san nangagaling. Sa paglalakad ko ay may nakita akong madre. Naglalakad siya sa kabilang dulo ng bulwagan. Tinawag ko siya upang humingi ng tulong, ngunit bigla siyang lumiko at nawala sa aking paningin. Sinundan ko siya. Di ko na alam kung nasan ako. Hindi ko na siya naabutan at pakiramdam ko ay may sumusunod sakin. Pagtalikod ko ay may babaeng nakatayo. Mga limang metro ang layo sakin. Mukha siyang pasyente, at may swero din siya at hinihila nya ito. Nakayuko siya kaya di ko makita ang kanyang mukha. Puro dugo ang damit nya at tumutulo ito papunta sa paa nya. Puno ng dugo ang sahig na nilalakaran nya. Inaamin kong natakot ako sa kanya. Tumalikod ako at biglang nasa harapan ko ang madreng kanina ko pa sinusundan…

Patawarin nyo sana ako kung ito'y hindi kasing galing ng kay Vinkz o kay Bulitas. Hanggang dyan lang ang aking kakayahan sa pagtatagalog. Halos dumugo na nga ang ilong ko sa kakaisip eh. Tama na yan...

Ang mga taong itatag ko ay sina…
At syempre, itatag ko rin sina…
JAMESREX… (Bwahaha!)

Like a scene in a horror movie...

The following events occured this Friday Night, July 14.
9:00 p.m. Started blog hopping. I never forget to visit my favorite blogs. I’ve been so busy going through my blogroll because so many bloggers have new posts because of the fact that there were no classes last Thursday. A lot of the posts have similar thoughts. Delight, because of the suspension of classes, walkthroughs of what they did on that day (whether they went out or experienced boredom at home), and their views regarding the weather.

11:00 p.m. It’s raining hard outside. It’s been raining nonstop for the past couple of days. The air is cold and the sky is pitch black. I decided to watch a movie. I enjoy watching horror flicks, and I am one of the few who can watch it alone. The movie: HOSTEL.

Around 12:00 a.m. Right in the middle of the gory horror movie I was watching; I here loud thuds from our neighbor. Then I hear some digging sounds. That made me uneasy. Who would do construction work when it’s pouring outside? I decided to take a peek... It suddenly stopped raining. The sound of a shovel hitting the earth became clearer. I decided to find out what they were doing that couldn't wait for daylight. I went outside and slowly crept towards my neighbor's house. Thoughts came rushing into my mind, what am I doing? This is so stupid. As I got closer, Silhouettes started forming. I think there are two of them, both males I think. I can't see them that well. They only had a small lantern to illuminate the wet soil in front of them. They were talking to each other, something about, what else should they do and if they can finish it that night. Suddenly, I hear a sound. It’s what you hear when you crumple a plastic bag. I searched for the source of the sound. No one was around and there was no dog or cat present. Then to my horror, I found out it was me. I stepped on a slightly balled plastic bag. The sound was mild, but for me it was deafening. I moved my foot and slowly stepped it backwards. Then silence... The two men stopped talking. My heart started pumping, did they hear me? I can't see them, what are they doing? I tried to see them through the darkness. Then I hear footsteps. Louder and louder the steps became. Out of instinct, I went back into our house, locked all the doors and checked out the window to see if they knew about me snooping around their business. I was panting so hard, I felt my heart pounding so hard on my chest. Like it wanted to burst out my rib cage. I wasn't scared, just nervous (maybe its the slight adrenaline rush)… Once again, there was silence. I no longer hear them shoveling or talking... It was so quiet that I could hear my heart beating...

I think they saw me...

If you don't hear from me after this, tell my family I love them!

I should really mind my own business next time...

Better late than never

Sorry! Sorry! Super late na ng post kong ito! I was supposed to post this last SATURDAY but unfortunately, one thing led to another and that basically prevented me from composing an entry (let’s not get into it). This post is just another day in the life of a creature called Jigs.

Saturday Morning. Rex sent me an instant message, asking me if I was home because he was going to Angeles City for an appointment with a doctor (he wanted to watch a show which he didn’t want to miss). I said yes, and told him I’d prepare some food. I also invited another friend (James) to come over after his work. All of this was spontaneous. It wasn’t planned overnight even. The funny thing is that when I plan a “get together” party, 75% of the time it ends up being canceled. Don’t know why. Anyway, Rex will arrive around 4 p.m. while James, around 5 p.m.

I decided to serve them my Crowd Pleaser Carbonara, at least I know they like this (I know James does, Rex is slightly more finicky. LOL!). I remember one time when James and I met for lunch, he told me he was craving for some of MY carbonara. Unfortunately, the few establishments serving something similar weren’t as “generous” with the ingredients as I was, thus leaving the dish bland tasting. Little did he know, that what he said made me very happy, that he so enjoyed my cooking. Not to be biased, I know Rex likes my chicken fingers. To be honest, these two people are my toughest critics (other than my siblings). They both don’t eat seafood! I mean, come on! I love seafood! I’d prefer shrimp or tuna or crab over pork any day! They also don’t like greens (vegetables). Both of them are pure carnivores! Gosh! Maybe I should just buy a deer and let them hunt their own food in the backyard! LOL!

After preparing all the stuff I needed to cook, I put on some music and begin cooking. While I was cooking, I remembered Mai and her “Tsibugan Na” blog. I didn’t know if this is one recipe I could share with her. LOL! This is after all the first dish I learned how to cook on my own and took quite a while for me to perfect. It was kinda a secret recipe! I’m still thinking about it by the way Mai! LOL! After I finished cooking, Rex was right on time. Rex is a good good friend since high school. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly remember how we met. But I think our mind set meshed well. We have similar points of view. I am actually one of the few people who DON’T call him Rex. I call him Joeven (his first name). It’s better than Rex, I think. Joeven is the intelligent persona, while Rex is more primal and competitive. LOL! That’s how I see it. Call me crazy!

Here's the ingredients I used! Pwede na ba yan Mai? LOL!

After two hours, James finally arrived. Among the three of us, he’s the first to graduate AND get a job! James is my complete opposite, but we are of kindred souls. He is religious while I am the devil’s advocate (figuratively speaking of course!). He is thin while I am…ahem “horizontally challenged”. LOL! Despite these things, we agree on so many levels and share similar likes and dislikes. We even celebrate our birthday on the same day! I met James a year earlier than Joeven, I mean Rex (he’s name is Rex to the blogosphere).

Rex talking about his experiences...

James, waiting for a chance to give his criticism

When the three of us get together, there are usually three things that we do: WE GORGE, WE VIEW and WE CONVERSE. My favorite part is converse of course (gorge is a close second! LOL!). We get to catch up with each other’s lives. But, not just catch up…We scrutinize, then, give our personal takes on each other’s decisions and experiences. Then comes the good part…The DEBATE! We each present our cases, insult one another and then find mutual ground. Sounds complex? Not really! I just used big words to make it more dramatic! LOL! We always end our talks with laughter and exuberance. I so enjoy “chatting” with the two of them. I get to exercise my freedom of speech to its full magnitude. It’s always no holds barred because we respect each other and hold no grudges. Furthermore, I get to expand my knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple topic; the three of us manage to delve deeper into it and find more things to talk about. LOL!

After they left, I recollect my thoughts and think about the whole day. I am exhausted, but I feel very light, as if floating. Cooking, watching movies, eating, and hanging out with friends… I haven’t felt this high in a long while.

Whoever said you needed drugs to get high, was seriously disturbed…

Musika III

It’s another installment of Musika. This song is one of the few songs I like right now. It’s If I were you by Hoobastank. Great song cool video. Although many say that this song makes Hoobastank look average. Well, I say appreciate the song for what it is. The band made this song because they probably wanted to convey something significant. The message of the song is so clear, but many fail to realize it. Appreciate what you have and don’t whine about what you don’t. Be satisfied. You are so blessed, yet all you do is complain. I remember when I was a kid, how my mom would scold me, “You’re so lucky you live the way you do! Most kids don’t even have half as much!” I can’t believe how selfish we can be or I can be for that matter. We of course learn along the way and acknowledge the wisdom our parents possess. All that we have now is momentary. It is slowly diminishing and we only truly grasp its importance when it’s gone. So if I were you…

If I were you

holding the world right in my hands

The first thing I'd do, is thanks the stars

for all that I have

If I were you...

Ang Saya Naman!

Woke up today, around 10 am. Rubbed off the sand from my eyes, washed my face and made myself a cup of coffee. I’ve been making coffee for almost 8 years now and I pretty much know how I like mine (with sugar and cream please!). But the coffee I had this morning was phenomenal! A friend (Marco) came to my house that morning and he gave me a good idea to making coffee more special and it’s very simple. After I made my coffee, I used a cinnamon stick to stir it for a few minutes. I love cinnamon and putting it in my coffee made it even more luxurious. Ahh, I’m loving how this day is starting. :)

Half way to my coffee, I turned on my computer, while my friend browsed my DVD collection to see if he can borrow anything. As I was getting ready to do my bloggigolo duties, a classmate in one of my classes (Integrated Accounting) texted me. She said that the research paper we were supposed to pass tomorrow was postponed because our preliminary examinations were on hand and our teacher wanted to give us sometime to review. I laughed a bit because I was so happy. Marco thought I was going crazy (maybe I am)! The laughter I expressed was relief. Relief because that’s one thing I have to won’t worry about right now.

My computer is now on, Marco is watching a movie and my coffee is divine. I usually check my blog every morning to make sure I reply to everyone who tags me or to see if there any new developments (as if ang daming magbabago overnight! LOL!). I always check my tag board first. There some new people and some asking for links. But there was someone who made my day more pleasurable than it already is. Pianonee made me an avatar! A really cool one at that! She does this for all of her blog friends just for fun. I also wanted to do some for my favorite blogs but it will have to wait because I have no time right now. I went to my silly laugh because I was cheery! While my friend, who didn’t know what was happening was puzzled why I was laughing uncontrollably (he probably confirmed his theory of me being crazy! LOL!).

Cool diba?! Do I look like him? LOL! :)

LOL! It just doesn’t get any better than this…Oh, but it does…One of the blogs I regularly visit featured me on his blog! WooHoo! Free advertising!!! LOL! Joke! Although my segment isn’t that long, I totally appreciated what Rowjie did! Totally Cool! Thanks again Rowjie!

This was a great start for a very promising day. This is one of the rare occasions where I truly appreciate the small and simple things…Ang Saya Naman…

Gratuitous Idiocy II

I’ve been so bummed out with all of my school work, personal issues and quandaries for the past 2 weeks. It’s Sunday today and I finally get my chance to relax a bit. I’m not sure yet if I want to go out for a movie or something. I kinda just want to rest my tired mind and stay away from all the noise and frantic pace of the city. However, while blog hopping I once again encountered new mindless amusements on the internet which you all know I enjoy (well, for a couple of minutes, LOL!).

A Warning for the “HARD TO PLEASE” (this isn’t for you…seriously) LOL!
A Warning for the impatient, I have some videos here so please wait till they finish loading. I promise it will be worth the wait…I think… LOL!

XIAO XIAO, The Stickman. I’ve seen this posted once on Rob’s blog. It is an internet flash cartoon series, featuring stick-figure men performing choreographed fight scenes. What I like about this is that some of them are interactive and game-like (my favorite game is the first person shooter). So far, I think there are ten Xiao Xiao movies but my favorite was the 3rd one because of the great choreography, awesome! LOL!

Evolution of Dance. A video of a guy going through our dance history and performing the latest fad of that era. This video is hilarious and the performer is not bad! You can tell the audience was enjoying because you can barely hear the music from the deafening screams of the crowd! Jaiskizzy has this one on his blog too.

Blogthings. It actually took me a while before I made myself stop answering these quirky quickie quizzes (say that ten times rapidly, LOL!). This fun site does require you to think a little. But the results are good enough to keep you interested in answering more of them! I wanna post all the results of the tests I answered but I chose to post two which somehow explains how I came up with my blog title:

You Are 68% Abnormal

You are at high risk for being a psychopath. It is very likely that you have no soul.

You are at high risk for having a borderline personality. It is very likely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at high risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is very likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

You Should Be A Poet

You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.
And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery...
Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.
You're already naturally a poet, even if you've never written a poem.

Ask A Ninja. You got questions? Ninja got answers! Ask a ninja is a series of comedy videos about a ninja answering questions from “viewers”. What makes it funny is that he answers your questions in a perspective of a ninja in pop-culture. He would always talk about killing people in a daily basis, being stealthy and everything about ninjas. This video I have is about what gift should you give a ninja. It’s hilarious! I look forward to killing you soon! LOL!

Pranks! Arigato! Ok, this is the thing which made my day. Have you ever laughed so hard but at the same time felt a little sorry for the person you’re laughing at? Well, that’s how I felt for the “victims” of the following pranks. Japanese people are so inventive! They come up with the most elaborate pranks! However, this video requires special caution, some may find this offensive and mean, plus there is some nudity but the show blurred it out. My final advice, pee before watching this. LOL!

Whew! I feel so much better! I finally get to unwind even for a bit! Finally my parting words, Thanks for sticking around and as I always say, GODERE! :)