Just a State of Mind, My Ass!

I decided to have fun with the title of this post. Just trying to piss off a friend! You all know who HE is! LOL!

I was so preoccupied with all the events in my life these past two weeks. So much has happened and I have so little time to blog. The second sem is well on its way and I have some pretty interesting educators. I have a gay, an obsessive compulsive. a stuck-up, an anti-American, and a living corpse for professors! LOL! No Kidding! Let me elaborate. First of all, I have nothing against them, I’m sure they are good teachers; it’s just that I am a very observant person and I easily see the quirks that make an individual unique. My gay teacher teaches Literature. Sucks for me because I am pretty sure he/she will make us do a butt load of plays, presentations and whatever activity which tickles his/her behind. What makes his/her class amusing is that he/she manages to relate EVERY TOPIC in class to whatever event there is in show business. Sure it’s fun but when he/she gives points for answering questions like who are the celebrities attending the TomCat wedding? It is just ludicrous!

One “prof” down, I’ll tell you about the rest next time (nabitin ba?). Now, on to a more blissful series of events in my life. LOL! I am now a proud owner of brand spanking new gadgets! Hell Yeah! This is a rare treat for me because my parents seldom indulge my techie persona. Usually, if I want new gadgets, I buy it myself, and believe me, no one likes spending their OWN money, but I will gladly dispose of anybody else’s. LOL! I just hope you don’t think I’m being haughty or anything. I’m just really happy about all my blessings and I just want to share it. First gadget, my very own PSP! Gameboy is so last decade, usher in the playstation portable! The graphics are amazing and is very versatile. It’s a gameboy, music player, movie player and an internet browser in one! It even stores your photos. It is the ultimate companion in those long commutes during excursions. You’ll never get bored with this baby!

Next up, my new Ipod Nano (does somebody get my title now? Hmmm? LOL!). Ipod is one of the best mp3 players out now in the market. It has one heck of a memory (4 GB) which you can use not only to play and store music files, you can use it as a flash drive too. I got the Product Red edition where part of its sales goes to the Aids Foundation. I even had a nice message engraved at the back. Juice helped me coming up with the quote. "Music nourishes my soul. It frees my reticence". I’m sure quite a few of you bloggers has one already, whether it be shuffle, nano or video. I also like the fact that Nano synchronizes with my iTunes, it makes listening to my favorite songs much easier. I’m sure there’s SOMEONE out there who will give some kind of unpopular opinion, well whatever, I still go for iPod. LOL!

And lastly, to complete my “technological trifecta” I have recently purchased my newest baby: My Nokia N71. I have always wanted to use a clam phone and this model was perfect for me. I dare not dream for N93 for it's still too expensive for me. I love my new phone. Sleek and simple; it’s up to par with what I want in terms of the capabilities of a cell phone. In addition to that, I have a phone long enough that it reaches my mouth when I answer a call. LOL!

I think most of you guys think I am so materialistic right now. Well, I’m not. It was just a coincidence that I got all of these things at almost the exact same time. Plus, I didn’t get these show them off to the people around me. I just like top quality things. I do not settle for cheaper but low quality gadgets. If you want to get great performance from your things, you have to spend a bit more dough for better stuff. There may be some truth to the idea that these things are just a state of mind and are just for showing off, but for me, I don’t buy them for bragging rights. I buy these things for…let’s say… just for peace of mind. At least I am pretty much assured that my money is well spent.

P.S. I changed the picture on my profile, since some where asking about how my new haircut looks like.

A Run Through

Ugh, here I go again, being a very bad blogger. No Halloween post, no October special. DAMMIT! I enjoyed my stay at my aunt’s place a little too much. My siblings and I usually go to Marikina for All Souls Day (Nov. 2) to visit our departed relatives. I don’t know if foreigners do this too, if not, this may sound weird to you. I love going to the cemetery. There is that unseen peace and stillness I feel when I go there, and no, it’s not because of the fact that most of the people there are dead! I just feel good when I visit the cemetery. Woah, that sounded too weird. LOL! What I don’t like about going there during All Souls Day, is that some of the people go there as if they were just having a picnic, stepping on other graves and littering everywhere. I’m not saying not to bring food or some form of comfort for you and your family, just make sure you respect your surroundings and to keep in mind why you’re there in the first place. Whatever, next topic!

Lately I’ve been such a movie buff. I’ve seen The Grudge 2, The Prestige, Marie Antoinette, and even Open Season (They were all good but I really enjoyed The Prestige). I still have a few movies I wanna watch via the silver screen namely: SAW III, Hostel 2, The Departed and Borat. I’ve also done nothing in the past 2 days but watch movie after movie from my DVD collection, thanks to the new DVD player my mom sent us (Thanks mom!). I remember watching (again) Superman Returns and The Omen back to back. I found myself rooting for two different sides. In The Omen, I totally wanted the kid to die. I would have taken pleasure from seeing him be stabbed by all those daggers! LOL! Plus, I hated the ignorance the Dad showed. As for Superman, I loved seeing him squirm when he was weak from the kryptonite dagger! The guy’s so indestructible its ridiculous! He defies the laws of Physics and even his hair doesn’t lose its style! Damn! Is it wrong to wanna see him lose? LOL!

I got a haircut last week and a new style. It’s not exactly the way I wanted it but at least it still looks good! I also wanna thank those few people who texted me last TUESDAY. You know who you are and you know why I’m thanking you. Although there was one thing that bothered me that day; I received several messages from unexpected people yet failed to receive anything from some the people I expected to text. It just saddens me how much people change or how much they tend to forget. I know this is getting confusing to some of my fellow bloggers. Sorry, I just don’t wanna divulge this topic just yet.

Christmas is fast approaching. I love this holiday, but dislike it also to some small degree. It’s just because of some past experiences; don’t ask me about it, it’s a long story. By the way, I have an Aunt and an Uncle who yearly I have a difficult time buying or finding gifts for them. It’s because they could (and probably) have anything they wanted. I don’t know what to get them! I used to give them personalized stuff like a CD compilation of songs that they like or a nice framed photo of them (they’re married by the way). But I don’t wanna give them the same thing every year. Plus, the things that they DON’T have are too expensive for me to purchase. To make things even worse, these two people are a bit picky and kinda hard to please. The reason why I wanna get them nice and original gifts is because they have been really nice and loving to me and my siblings. I was wondering if you guys can help me think of some good gift ideas, whether it be something you buy, or make. It can be anything, just tell me your ideas!

I’ll stop here for now, gotta get some sleep. Got quite a bit of cleaning to do tomorrow. Thanks for STILL visiting me even if I don’t get to blog hop that much. But I will get to that I promise!