21 Times

Before I start this post, I wanna send a shout out to my youngest sister, SAMANTHA. She is eleven years old right now and she loves to read. To Sam, thanks for reading my posts, I know it’s nothing like Harry Potter and it can be boring sometimes but I’m glad you still manage to read and comment on them. I guess I better keep it PG, LOL! Love you Sis!

As you may or may not know, The ONE thing that hinders me from having an exciting life is my…ahem…weight…ahem… Maybe its God’s way of balancing things! I just HATE talking about it, although I know it is a major concern, not only to me but also my family. I’ve heard the same story a hundred times before. I just sometimes feel so pressured to comply that my mind tends to rebel and go against “The Administration”. I technically belong to the few Opposition in the family. LOL! I also love cooking. It is my one outlet where my creativity rules and I am able to create personalized masterpieces. I also like what I make so don’t I get to taste it? Ha! Whatever, that’s just me justifying my perspective.

Anyway, here I am, ONCE AGAIN giving this thing thin people call dieting another chance. I am going on a no-carb diet starting this week. Yup! Cold Turkey, just like that! I hope I make it. I have strong convictions and I can be committed on a plan when I feel passion for it, but have a short attention span for those I care little for (typical Scorpio). I think this diet plan of mine is classified on the latter.

But I have a secret weapon now…LOL! I just learned that in order for an action to become a habit, you have to do it at least 21 times. Now that sets things even more closer to my goal. Basically, I just need to go on a no-carb diet for just 21 days then, hope and pray that afterwards, I become accustomed to not eating rice or bread or anything with carbs! LOL! A new approach to my unending battle, I hope this time, it works. Wish me luck! So if ever you wanna make an activity or action a habit, do it 21 times!

It is pretty hard to talk about this topic because this is the only thing most people criticize about me. My PHYSICAL attribute…Gawd! How shallow can people be…haha (awkward laughter)…That’s life I guess…You can’t truly make it in life unless you’re really really really good at one thing or...be beautiful...haha...

On a final note, I just wanna say that I’m happy with the way I look and the way I live my life. I do not blame anybody for the way my cards were dealt (psychologically or otherwise). I appreciate what I have wholeheartedly, and I make do with what I have. I love my family and my friends for their love and concern. In the end, they are all I have…

Emerged Triumphant

I’m baaaaaack…LOL! Exams…DONE! Reports…DONE! CASE STUDIES…almost done! LOL! Hell week has passed and I survived! I’m so relieved that I have a time to recuperate and unwind before my next mind-numbing challenge. You know, I found the comments on the previous post amusing. Some were confused and some had their speculations. I just wanna clear up things for you before you think I’m pulling your leg or something! Let me start by saying I DID NOT write the Intermission post, a friend really did write it for me. Second, I didn’t give him my password since Wacky didn’t know how to use blogger (I gave him a crash course on blogging and how to use blogger but he still didn’t get it! LOL!). What he did was write it on a word document and sent it to me via email. Even though I do not have time to write an entry, posting a ready made one was fairly quick, so I was the one who posted the entry. Of course the Obsessive Compulsive in me still wanted to edit what he made so I did (but not enough to change what he wrote). After that I hopped a bit and commented on some new posts of my blog friends. I try my best to make time and visit blogs and comment on new post everyday (which explains my comments on your latest posts). God, I’m a disgrace as a bloggigolo! LOL!

When I read what he wrote, I can’t help but laugh. I don’t take praise well. I’m used to criticisms! I enjoyed a good dose of a friend’s opinions on me and my blog. I chose Wacky (Joaquin, his real name) to write for me because he was free that time and he IS an editor in the university paper. Anyway, I hope I cleared everything up. K? LOL!

As for the topic “The Second Hand Halo”, I won’t talk about it right now because it requires a good amount of contemplation. I do wanna say that I didn’t tell him to write about that! I said that topic was supposed to be the next post in my blog but I can’t start writing it because of my exams. I did say he could talk about anything he wanted, as long as it’s not offensive. I think he managed to contain himself! LOL!

You guys want me to give you a recap of my hell week? Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from the painful parts…The Reports I gave came out better than I would have hoped, got a perfect score on three of them while I got a 95% (out of 97%) on the other two. I appreciated the enthusiasm my classmates and professors showed during my presentation; just shows the hard work I put in to it paid off. As for my midterm exams, I answered them to the best of my abilities and I’m happy about the way I handled it. It lasted for four days, with two exams per day. I always find midterms to be the easiest among the three (prelims, midterms and finals). There was only one glitch that I encountered. I came late to one of my exams for a major subject…Usually, it’s a rule that no late comers will be accepted when you come late to a major exam for a major subject. Luckily, the professor was kind and still allowed me to take my exams (I was only late for 10 minutes). I just want you to know that this is a big deal for me. I have NEVER been late for any exam in my life, specially a major exam. I was just slightly confused with my test schedule, thus, the tardiness.

After my exams, I decided to unwind a little by watching a movie! It has been a while since my last film viewing so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was okay, some scenes were just plain crazy, just like Uma Thurman’s role! Luke Wilson was the perfect boyfriend for the role. It wasn’t a "It was so awesome I wanna see it again" movie, but good enough to keep me entertained. I catched the first showing for the day so I was virtually alone in cinema, I switched seats a couple of times to get a better view, I even spilled a little of my popcorn (hey, I wasn’t disturbing anyone!). LOL!

Well, that’s it for now. I haven’t met with my friends for a while, miss you guys. I have seen James a couple of times but not long enough for me to consider it hanging out. I wish we can hang out soon…By the way, thanks to the bloggers who keep visiting despite my absence. Thanks Rowjie, Xienah, Marose, Edgar and the rest for the constant support.

On rocky waters, some of my bets in rockstar supernova are right now. I know this day would come; only one will win. Dilana, don’t stir the pot too much…I hope my final four DO make it there!

2 challenges done, a thousand more come crashing towards me...mmmmm...



…ring…ring…ring… Jigs here, I can’t come to the phone right now, just leave your name, number and a short message after the beep so I can call you back. Thanks! …beep…

Hmmm, it’s nice here. You have a lot of links Jigs. You should remove those who don’t visit you so that there aren’t so many. You should also remove that tagboard so that everyone comments on your comment box. That’s what its there for. Wait, I’m not here to criticize Jigs’ blog, I’m here to post for him. He’s currently unavailable right now and he asked me to post for him. Just call me Wacky, my nickname… I foresee a lame post.

This is purely random so bear with me. I’m not as good as Jigs. I also don’t have my own blog so I don’t really know how everything works. Actually, Jigs wanted me to talk about a topic he called “The Second-Hand Halo”. What the f*ck is that?! He also said I should write in English which made it 10 times harder. I said I’ll try, but made no promises. Just because I write for the university paper, doesn’t mean I can just write about anything! Since I still don’t know what his topic means, you guys are stuck with me babbling on about senseless topics! I still can’t think of anything to talk about! This is f*cked up!

Let me just tell you about some stuff I know about Jigs. First impressions, this guy is pretty serious and doesn’t talk much. I’ve known him for almost a year now. He’s been my classmate for 2 semesters. I asked him why he isn’t talkative, he said, “Because I don’t need to”. He finds it unnecessary to waste words if nothing good will come out of it. But, he is very opinionated. When he is passionate about something, he could go on forever! He is also very creative. If you compare his reports and case studies against the work of our classmates, it’s like comparing artwork to a shitty toilet! I like his metaphor for himself. According to him, he is a VOLCANO. Very deceiving and timid but when angered, destroys everything, however, the soil surrounding a volcano is the very fertile, that is why many prefer to live near it. If you eat a fruit planted on that soil, it would taste sweeter and richer and many rare flowers can only be found near a volcano. Did you get it?

Jigs has his dark side and I think it’s obvious on his blog. He can be very moody and is irritated easily. He can also be obsessive and hard to please sometimes. He gets really weird on us and he can be very morbid. He loves to talk about weird topics which freak the hell outta me and his friends! It is his weirdness that makes him stand out and is sometimes criticized.

I can’t believe this post became a stupid lame testimonial! Sorry Jigs! I hope you don’t lose your readers because of me! hahahah!

Jigs also wanted to apologize for not being able to visit your blogs. He will probably be back blogging next week after our exams…That’s it for now…


Ugh. Soooo busy. Tediousness is freaking killing me! I need a break, a breather, a stress reliever. My poor blog has been feeling the strain. I don’t bloghop as often anymore. Even this post is affected by the drabness of my daily dealings. Think of this as an intermission, a random post, an update, a lengthening of insipid topics, or even a pitiful excuse for you people to keep visiting me here. Anyway you look at it is okay. I really don’t care. Mind you, I’m not sad, just tired. I’m not depressed, I’m just drained. Here’s a taste of my week…

I am flooded. A surge of case studies and research reports are awaiting my valuable attention. Every day for the next week, I will be submitting one case study and one report. You might think it doesn’t get any worse. Oh, but it does. August 18, Saturday of next week marks the start of our midterms exams! Can you feel it? I can feel the pressure and the stress running through my veins… It energizes me. Where’s that damn pill when you need it! LOL!

Last Wednesday, I lost my wallet (way to go jigs!). We watched a movie that night for a social study and we had to leave all of our things at the reception room of the AVR. After the movie, I got my things. As I prepared myself to go home, I noticed my wallet missing. DAMN! I searched everywhere, even through the things of my classmates, but to no avail. I had to call my brother and sister to pick me up because I didn’t have any money left for transportation. How much money did I lose? Let’s not talk about it…

My only escape and reprieve from all of this, is the show I featured a few posts ago, ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA, which by the way demolished my previous record of most comments of 42! It's now 53 comments! Wicked Man! I am tapping into my Rocker roots recently and enjoying the hell out of it! Once again without a miss, my “final four” KILLED with their performances! A great breakthrough for Lukas! You really should try to watch it! If you can’t, just tell me and I’ll post some of the best performances here!

On a lighter note, I reached my 5000 visitors mark! Now here’s the curious, yet hilarious part of this event. Two people claim they were the 5000th visitor! Yup, you read that right. Two bloggers say they hold that prestigious pedestal. To even complicate it, those two people are bloggers who I hold with high regards, REX and JUICE! Now, since I can’t find any GOOD explanation (I was thinking rock, paper, scissors! LOL!) for this predicament, I ask anyone to please answer this little glitch in my counter. LOL! (just click on the picture for a bigger shot. Here's the proof that two are claiming to be my 5000th visitor!)

But seriously, reaching this 5000th mark, revealed some new questions. I remember Ms. Korina Sanchez (a local news anchor) saying on a T.V. Plug that she remembers on her first anniversary of being a news reporter, she wondered if she would last for another year, and then, the year after that. She wondered if after reaching 5 years, will she last till ten? I kinda have a similar thought right now. I just wonder how long I can keep this going. First, 1000 and now 5000. Will I last till 10K? I always wonder what’s next. Woah, I’m such a buzz kill! LOL! Maybe I am over thinking it. Whatever.

I am uninspired. To emulate Jaiskizzy’s thoughts, my muse and I are not in speaking terms right now. Maybe it’s the Monotony of my life. The slow, trivial, and uneventful wreckage that is my existence. God! I AM a buzz kill!!! Wahahaha!

Chaos…Absolute Chaos…My life…

Musika IV

Grabeh, I was supposed to post yesterday but I fell asleep. Dammit! LOL! Yan tuloy, napagalitan nanaman ako kay Vinkz! hehe! Anyway, here’s what I’ll post for today.

Okay guys, it’s time for everybody to become a critic. This is a slight modification on my Musika posts. It means, everyone’s comments are most welcome and are desired because this post is kinda like a review. I have two music videos here, both of them are fairly new (well, for me they are), and are currently in my “must listen” list. Tell me what you think about them!

(let the videos load first then listen intently)


This song is very interesting and energetic. Good rhythm and lyrics. The video isn’t bad either. These guys definitely have a flair for the theatrics. You can tell by watching this video and on their brand spankin’ new video of their song, But It’s Better If You Do! I like songs which use big words. It’s interesting to know how they incorporate it into the beats. These guys also got that X-Factor going for them. I like the title too! If I was to copy Juice and use a song as a title for my blog template, I will use this title or the chorus part. LOL! Ok, the bad side, the song tends to be too repetitive and doesn’t have enough lyrics. I would have liked it more if it had a bit more variation on the words. But overall, the song is great. A Funny story on how I knew about this song. Actually my brother heard it first on a jeepney ride going home. When he got home he asked me if I knew the song. I asked him to sing it to me. Unfortunately, all he remembered was the part of the song where the singer said, “is a hoar…” I laughed at the fact that he didn’t remember any other line or even the beat or the chorus! All he remembered was those words! LOL! Anyway, recently, I’ve been experiencing LSS lately, and this is the song I keep singing. Let me just tell you, when I experience LSS, it means I really like the song….


Let’s slow things down a bit. This song is simple but very expressive. It is very clean and pure. He’s video is also simple, nothing special. But I like it! The only thing special about it is that it was directed by Zach Braff of the series Scrubs. This song is very romantic. It’s very Loving. It’s the type of song you wanna hear when you’re alone with someone you love, in a garden, holding her close to you and dancing slowly, just enjoying each other’s warmth. Loving, yes, that’s the right description for this song. The lyrics is meaningful and full of emotion. Joshua’s voice is so cold and so soothing to hear. My only complaint about this song is it’s too short, less than 3 minutes. For me, an average song should be 3 to 4 minutes. Regardless, the song is fantastic. It’s a good song for a “rainy day” (if you know what i mean). Simply Beautiful.

That’s all for now guys. I have to go, pretty busy right now. Tell me what you think of the song guys! Have fun! Post your comments here on my comment box. Not the Shoutbox! Ok?! LOL!

Thanks! I’ll blog hop soon!