Musika IV

Grabeh, I was supposed to post yesterday but I fell asleep. Dammit! LOL! Yan tuloy, napagalitan nanaman ako kay Vinkz! hehe! Anyway, here’s what I’ll post for today.

Okay guys, it’s time for everybody to become a critic. This is a slight modification on my Musika posts. It means, everyone’s comments are most welcome and are desired because this post is kinda like a review. I have two music videos here, both of them are fairly new (well, for me they are), and are currently in my “must listen” list. Tell me what you think about them!

(let the videos load first then listen intently)


This song is very interesting and energetic. Good rhythm and lyrics. The video isn’t bad either. These guys definitely have a flair for the theatrics. You can tell by watching this video and on their brand spankin’ new video of their song, But It’s Better If You Do! I like songs which use big words. It’s interesting to know how they incorporate it into the beats. These guys also got that X-Factor going for them. I like the title too! If I was to copy Juice and use a song as a title for my blog template, I will use this title or the chorus part. LOL! Ok, the bad side, the song tends to be too repetitive and doesn’t have enough lyrics. I would have liked it more if it had a bit more variation on the words. But overall, the song is great. A Funny story on how I knew about this song. Actually my brother heard it first on a jeepney ride going home. When he got home he asked me if I knew the song. I asked him to sing it to me. Unfortunately, all he remembered was the part of the song where the singer said, “is a hoar…” I laughed at the fact that he didn’t remember any other line or even the beat or the chorus! All he remembered was those words! LOL! Anyway, recently, I’ve been experiencing LSS lately, and this is the song I keep singing. Let me just tell you, when I experience LSS, it means I really like the song….


Let’s slow things down a bit. This song is simple but very expressive. It is very clean and pure. He’s video is also simple, nothing special. But I like it! The only thing special about it is that it was directed by Zach Braff of the series Scrubs. This song is very romantic. It’s very Loving. It’s the type of song you wanna hear when you’re alone with someone you love, in a garden, holding her close to you and dancing slowly, just enjoying each other’s warmth. Loving, yes, that’s the right description for this song. The lyrics is meaningful and full of emotion. Joshua’s voice is so cold and so soothing to hear. My only complaint about this song is it’s too short, less than 3 minutes. For me, an average song should be 3 to 4 minutes. Regardless, the song is fantastic. It’s a good song for a “rainy day” (if you know what i mean). Simply Beautiful.

That’s all for now guys. I have to go, pretty busy right now. Tell me what you think of the song guys! Have fun! Post your comments here on my comment box. Not the Shoutbox! Ok?! LOL!

Thanks! I’ll blog hop soon!