Rock On!

Jiggy Notes: Kamusta naman at may mga nangungulit na sakin para magpost! Hehehe! I never would have expected that. I’ve been busy cleaning up my blogroll. I haven’t finished though, but I decided to post something first.

I have been enjoying a show which feeds my need for a good head banging song. It’s kinda like American Idol without the goody-goody attitude of Paula Abdul and the gayness of Ryan Seacrest! LOL! Pure Rock at its finest. I think you already know what I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA!

This show reminds me of how great rock music is! Punk, Metal, Alternative or even Pop. Metallica, Nirvana, Matchbox 20, Coldplay and nowadays Fall Out Boy. Rock music is definitely a part of my life. I bet some of my friends won’t believe I enjoy rock music (they’d say I’m more of a HipHop and RnB lover) but I do! I love it! Although I didn’t get to watch Rockstar: INXS as much as I would have liked, I’m totally enjoying the second season (I also think it’s better than the first) and I already have a few favorites among the rockers!

Magni. Nicknamed The ICEMAN (he is from Iceland), Magni I think is the most dedicated among all the rockers. He takes his music seriously and hones it to perfection. The quality and range of his voice is the great. He started his singing career at the age of 11 and is already an established singer in Iceland with several albums. I like him because I admire his intensity and love for the craft. He also kinda reminds me of Chris Daughtry of American Idol. LOL! As Tommy Lee said, “I have two words for you. MAGNI-ficent!”

Storm Large. She is the hottest female rocker in this competition. She is just amazing! Her voice is definitely for the rock genre and her performances are sizzling and you can't keep your eyes off her! Her name is wicked! It’s so appropriate for her! She took this competition by STORM and has no plans of slowing down! I loved her performance during week 4 where she was crowd surfing! She also received the encore performance for it! Tommy Lee adores Storm. Maybe because of the blond hair, big boobs thing (reminds you of someone?)! LOL!

Lukas Rossi. He represents the darker side of Rock. A great performer and song writer, Lukas is very creative in rearranging his song choice to make the song completely his own! Killer performances! His fashion sense is another part of him which I like. Gothic Rock is what I would call it. I love it! His voice is also different from the rest. He growls when he sings and he is sometimes criticized for it. I, on the other hand think it fits his voice and the song when he does growl. I was just ecstatic when I heard his rendition of Bitter Sweet Symphony! It was just mind-blowing! He really is exceptional, in every sense of the word.

Dilana. Love at first sight! She is just incredible! Although not everyone appreciates what she is capable of, I think Dilana could definitely win this thing! She won the very first encore performance (which gave me the chills by the way!) and is yet to receive any negative comments! Even her co-rockers give her standing ovations when she performs. I just can’t wait to see her performances! She returns the love the audience sends her and shows how appreciative she is for their support! She also looks great! She has that girly touch in her style but still maintains that rocker chick persona! She even has a rich history and has started singing since the age of 7. Her smokey voice separates her from the rest of the female rockers in this competition. So far, she has been doing great, and I bet, it even gets better!

It's only week 4 with 12 rockers left and I already have my Final Four! LOL! I’d be happy to see any one of these rockers win (I hope its Dilana! LOL!)! Check the show out and tell me what you think! This show is definitely a must see because the talent in this show is undeniable. It’s time to rock this bitch!

I’ll try to post some of their performances next time I post!