Ang Saya Naman!

Woke up today, around 10 am. Rubbed off the sand from my eyes, washed my face and made myself a cup of coffee. I’ve been making coffee for almost 8 years now and I pretty much know how I like mine (with sugar and cream please!). But the coffee I had this morning was phenomenal! A friend (Marco) came to my house that morning and he gave me a good idea to making coffee more special and it’s very simple. After I made my coffee, I used a cinnamon stick to stir it for a few minutes. I love cinnamon and putting it in my coffee made it even more luxurious. Ahh, I’m loving how this day is starting. :)

Half way to my coffee, I turned on my computer, while my friend browsed my DVD collection to see if he can borrow anything. As I was getting ready to do my bloggigolo duties, a classmate in one of my classes (Integrated Accounting) texted me. She said that the research paper we were supposed to pass tomorrow was postponed because our preliminary examinations were on hand and our teacher wanted to give us sometime to review. I laughed a bit because I was so happy. Marco thought I was going crazy (maybe I am)! The laughter I expressed was relief. Relief because that’s one thing I have to won’t worry about right now.

My computer is now on, Marco is watching a movie and my coffee is divine. I usually check my blog every morning to make sure I reply to everyone who tags me or to see if there any new developments (as if ang daming magbabago overnight! LOL!). I always check my tag board first. There some new people and some asking for links. But there was someone who made my day more pleasurable than it already is. Pianonee made me an avatar! A really cool one at that! She does this for all of her blog friends just for fun. I also wanted to do some for my favorite blogs but it will have to wait because I have no time right now. I went to my silly laugh because I was cheery! While my friend, who didn’t know what was happening was puzzled why I was laughing uncontrollably (he probably confirmed his theory of me being crazy! LOL!).

Cool diba?! Do I look like him? LOL! :)

LOL! It just doesn’t get any better than this…Oh, but it does…One of the blogs I regularly visit featured me on his blog! WooHoo! Free advertising!!! LOL! Joke! Although my segment isn’t that long, I totally appreciated what Rowjie did! Totally Cool! Thanks again Rowjie!

This was a great start for a very promising day. This is one of the rare occasions where I truly appreciate the small and simple things…Ang Saya Naman…