Musika III

It’s another installment of Musika. This song is one of the few songs I like right now. It’s If I were you by Hoobastank. Great song cool video. Although many say that this song makes Hoobastank look average. Well, I say appreciate the song for what it is. The band made this song because they probably wanted to convey something significant. The message of the song is so clear, but many fail to realize it. Appreciate what you have and don’t whine about what you don’t. Be satisfied. You are so blessed, yet all you do is complain. I remember when I was a kid, how my mom would scold me, “You’re so lucky you live the way you do! Most kids don’t even have half as much!” I can’t believe how selfish we can be or I can be for that matter. We of course learn along the way and acknowledge the wisdom our parents possess. All that we have now is momentary. It is slowly diminishing and we only truly grasp its importance when it’s gone. So if I were you…

If I were you

holding the world right in my hands

The first thing I'd do, is thanks the stars

for all that I have

If I were you...