HPC Update

Nothing significant happened today. My whole mood for the past two days has been greatly influenced by the weather (there’s another storm). It has conditioned my body to be lethargic. Call me Mr. Apathy today. I did nothing but sleep, and listen to music. I wasn’t even in the mood to blog hop. My past post was a bit tiring because I really wanted to give those who commented a good answer. Unfortunately, I think I messed up a few. Sorry guys. I’m just not good with tags, plus the weather isn’t making it any easier. Since nothing noteworthy really happened to me, I’m just gonna scour through some stuff in my mind and organize them through the use of this post.

Note: This type of weather forces me to contemplate on things which are somewhat important, but not at all serious or requires heavy pondering.

· My life is where I like it right now. It’s what I would call, Chaotic. Good enough to keep me content and happy, but screwed up enough to keep me grounded and busy. LOL!

· I have a few assignments which require my attention. I also have two quizzes on Thursday. I wonder if we have classes tomorrow… Hmm? Anyway, I’ll tend to these matters, right after I post this.

· I gotta edit my favorite blogs. I have to add some and remove some (blogs, i mean). I hope nobody reacts violently. It’s just that even if I visit their blog, nothing new is posted. I hope they understand. I also sometimes think about making a blog that rates other blogs, just like that Igotsmacked site (slightly nicer, LOL!). I just gotta find some other bloggers who will be good at rating other blogs and are objective, and good with determining the quality of a blog (from their headers to the content of the blog). Some of the bloggers who can be possible reviewers and raters of blogs which came to my mind are JUICE, TALAMASCA, VINKZ and REX.

· Every time it rains like this, I remember a friend who always knew how to cheer me up. She said that when it rains and the weather is cold, she just feels like emoting. LOL! She would put on some music (Care of Mariah Carey!) spread out on a couch near a window and start singing as if she was making a music video! A true blues buster! We would laugh so hard because she was good at it! She exaggerates her movements and facial expressions! Haaay, if only she was here right now. I wouldn’t seem stupid if I did it. Retarded, yes; funny, no. Hell no!

· Blog day is next month (August 31, 2006). I really wanna do this, so I’m gonna start blog hopping to some foreign blogs that are totally different to what I’m used to. I hope I can find some good ones! By the way, my post Better Late than Never, garnered the most number of comments among all my post (Like a scene from a horror movie received the same but one of them was from me). Thanks for the support guys!

· Coffee and iTunes. My only friends during the rainy season. I remember the time when I was at Marikina and I was waiting for my cousin at a Starbucks. I had coffee and listened to some tunes provided by my cellphone. I was so relaxed; I just watched the world pass me by…

It’s pouring again outside. The music I’m listening to was almost drowned by the loud, heavy drops of rain on our roof. I’m starting to feel lazy again. Thank goodness I’m almost done. I don’t want this to be poorly written or anything. I hope I write something more blog worthy in the near future.

I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with something. Wish me luck! LOL!