Better late than never

Sorry! Sorry! Super late na ng post kong ito! I was supposed to post this last SATURDAY but unfortunately, one thing led to another and that basically prevented me from composing an entry (let’s not get into it). This post is just another day in the life of a creature called Jigs.

Saturday Morning. Rex sent me an instant message, asking me if I was home because he was going to Angeles City for an appointment with a doctor (he wanted to watch a show which he didn’t want to miss). I said yes, and told him I’d prepare some food. I also invited another friend (James) to come over after his work. All of this was spontaneous. It wasn’t planned overnight even. The funny thing is that when I plan a “get together” party, 75% of the time it ends up being canceled. Don’t know why. Anyway, Rex will arrive around 4 p.m. while James, around 5 p.m.

I decided to serve them my Crowd Pleaser Carbonara, at least I know they like this (I know James does, Rex is slightly more finicky. LOL!). I remember one time when James and I met for lunch, he told me he was craving for some of MY carbonara. Unfortunately, the few establishments serving something similar weren’t as “generous” with the ingredients as I was, thus leaving the dish bland tasting. Little did he know, that what he said made me very happy, that he so enjoyed my cooking. Not to be biased, I know Rex likes my chicken fingers. To be honest, these two people are my toughest critics (other than my siblings). They both don’t eat seafood! I mean, come on! I love seafood! I’d prefer shrimp or tuna or crab over pork any day! They also don’t like greens (vegetables). Both of them are pure carnivores! Gosh! Maybe I should just buy a deer and let them hunt their own food in the backyard! LOL!

After preparing all the stuff I needed to cook, I put on some music and begin cooking. While I was cooking, I remembered Mai and her “Tsibugan Na” blog. I didn’t know if this is one recipe I could share with her. LOL! This is after all the first dish I learned how to cook on my own and took quite a while for me to perfect. It was kinda a secret recipe! I’m still thinking about it by the way Mai! LOL! After I finished cooking, Rex was right on time. Rex is a good good friend since high school. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly remember how we met. But I think our mind set meshed well. We have similar points of view. I am actually one of the few people who DON’T call him Rex. I call him Joeven (his first name). It’s better than Rex, I think. Joeven is the intelligent persona, while Rex is more primal and competitive. LOL! That’s how I see it. Call me crazy!

Here's the ingredients I used! Pwede na ba yan Mai? LOL!

After two hours, James finally arrived. Among the three of us, he’s the first to graduate AND get a job! James is my complete opposite, but we are of kindred souls. He is religious while I am the devil’s advocate (figuratively speaking of course!). He is thin while I am…ahem “horizontally challenged”. LOL! Despite these things, we agree on so many levels and share similar likes and dislikes. We even celebrate our birthday on the same day! I met James a year earlier than Joeven, I mean Rex (he’s name is Rex to the blogosphere).

Rex talking about his experiences...

James, waiting for a chance to give his criticism

When the three of us get together, there are usually three things that we do: WE GORGE, WE VIEW and WE CONVERSE. My favorite part is converse of course (gorge is a close second! LOL!). We get to catch up with each other’s lives. But, not just catch up…We scrutinize, then, give our personal takes on each other’s decisions and experiences. Then comes the good part…The DEBATE! We each present our cases, insult one another and then find mutual ground. Sounds complex? Not really! I just used big words to make it more dramatic! LOL! We always end our talks with laughter and exuberance. I so enjoy “chatting” with the two of them. I get to exercise my freedom of speech to its full magnitude. It’s always no holds barred because we respect each other and hold no grudges. Furthermore, I get to expand my knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple topic; the three of us manage to delve deeper into it and find more things to talk about. LOL!

After they left, I recollect my thoughts and think about the whole day. I am exhausted, but I feel very light, as if floating. Cooking, watching movies, eating, and hanging out with friends… I haven’t felt this high in a long while.

Whoever said you needed drugs to get high, was seriously disturbed…