…ring…ring…ring… Jigs here, I can’t come to the phone right now, just leave your name, number and a short message after the beep so I can call you back. Thanks! …beep…

Hmmm, it’s nice here. You have a lot of links Jigs. You should remove those who don’t visit you so that there aren’t so many. You should also remove that tagboard so that everyone comments on your comment box. That’s what its there for. Wait, I’m not here to criticize Jigs’ blog, I’m here to post for him. He’s currently unavailable right now and he asked me to post for him. Just call me Wacky, my nickname… I foresee a lame post.

This is purely random so bear with me. I’m not as good as Jigs. I also don’t have my own blog so I don’t really know how everything works. Actually, Jigs wanted me to talk about a topic he called “The Second-Hand Halo”. What the f*ck is that?! He also said I should write in English which made it 10 times harder. I said I’ll try, but made no promises. Just because I write for the university paper, doesn’t mean I can just write about anything! Since I still don’t know what his topic means, you guys are stuck with me babbling on about senseless topics! I still can’t think of anything to talk about! This is f*cked up!

Let me just tell you about some stuff I know about Jigs. First impressions, this guy is pretty serious and doesn’t talk much. I’ve known him for almost a year now. He’s been my classmate for 2 semesters. I asked him why he isn’t talkative, he said, “Because I don’t need to”. He finds it unnecessary to waste words if nothing good will come out of it. But, he is very opinionated. When he is passionate about something, he could go on forever! He is also very creative. If you compare his reports and case studies against the work of our classmates, it’s like comparing artwork to a shitty toilet! I like his metaphor for himself. According to him, he is a VOLCANO. Very deceiving and timid but when angered, destroys everything, however, the soil surrounding a volcano is the very fertile, that is why many prefer to live near it. If you eat a fruit planted on that soil, it would taste sweeter and richer and many rare flowers can only be found near a volcano. Did you get it?

Jigs has his dark side and I think it’s obvious on his blog. He can be very moody and is irritated easily. He can also be obsessive and hard to please sometimes. He gets really weird on us and he can be very morbid. He loves to talk about weird topics which freak the hell outta me and his friends! It is his weirdness that makes him stand out and is sometimes criticized.

I can’t believe this post became a stupid lame testimonial! Sorry Jigs! I hope you don’t lose your readers because of me! hahahah!

Jigs also wanted to apologize for not being able to visit your blogs. He will probably be back blogging next week after our exams…That’s it for now…