Emerged Triumphant

I’m baaaaaack…LOL! Exams…DONE! Reports…DONE! CASE STUDIES…almost done! LOL! Hell week has passed and I survived! I’m so relieved that I have a time to recuperate and unwind before my next mind-numbing challenge. You know, I found the comments on the previous post amusing. Some were confused and some had their speculations. I just wanna clear up things for you before you think I’m pulling your leg or something! Let me start by saying I DID NOT write the Intermission post, a friend really did write it for me. Second, I didn’t give him my password since Wacky didn’t know how to use blogger (I gave him a crash course on blogging and how to use blogger but he still didn’t get it! LOL!). What he did was write it on a word document and sent it to me via email. Even though I do not have time to write an entry, posting a ready made one was fairly quick, so I was the one who posted the entry. Of course the Obsessive Compulsive in me still wanted to edit what he made so I did (but not enough to change what he wrote). After that I hopped a bit and commented on some new posts of my blog friends. I try my best to make time and visit blogs and comment on new post everyday (which explains my comments on your latest posts). God, I’m a disgrace as a bloggigolo! LOL!

When I read what he wrote, I can’t help but laugh. I don’t take praise well. I’m used to criticisms! I enjoyed a good dose of a friend’s opinions on me and my blog. I chose Wacky (Joaquin, his real name) to write for me because he was free that time and he IS an editor in the university paper. Anyway, I hope I cleared everything up. K? LOL!

As for the topic “The Second Hand Halo”, I won’t talk about it right now because it requires a good amount of contemplation. I do wanna say that I didn’t tell him to write about that! I said that topic was supposed to be the next post in my blog but I can’t start writing it because of my exams. I did say he could talk about anything he wanted, as long as it’s not offensive. I think he managed to contain himself! LOL!

You guys want me to give you a recap of my hell week? Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from the painful parts…The Reports I gave came out better than I would have hoped, got a perfect score on three of them while I got a 95% (out of 97%) on the other two. I appreciated the enthusiasm my classmates and professors showed during my presentation; just shows the hard work I put in to it paid off. As for my midterm exams, I answered them to the best of my abilities and I’m happy about the way I handled it. It lasted for four days, with two exams per day. I always find midterms to be the easiest among the three (prelims, midterms and finals). There was only one glitch that I encountered. I came late to one of my exams for a major subject…Usually, it’s a rule that no late comers will be accepted when you come late to a major exam for a major subject. Luckily, the professor was kind and still allowed me to take my exams (I was only late for 10 minutes). I just want you to know that this is a big deal for me. I have NEVER been late for any exam in my life, specially a major exam. I was just slightly confused with my test schedule, thus, the tardiness.

After my exams, I decided to unwind a little by watching a movie! It has been a while since my last film viewing so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was okay, some scenes were just plain crazy, just like Uma Thurman’s role! Luke Wilson was the perfect boyfriend for the role. It wasn’t a "It was so awesome I wanna see it again" movie, but good enough to keep me entertained. I catched the first showing for the day so I was virtually alone in cinema, I switched seats a couple of times to get a better view, I even spilled a little of my popcorn (hey, I wasn’t disturbing anyone!). LOL!

Well, that’s it for now. I haven’t met with my friends for a while, miss you guys. I have seen James a couple of times but not long enough for me to consider it hanging out. I wish we can hang out soon…By the way, thanks to the bloggers who keep visiting despite my absence. Thanks Rowjie, Xienah, Marose, Edgar and the rest for the constant support.

On rocky waters, some of my bets in rockstar supernova are right now. I know this day would come; only one will win. Dilana, don’t stir the pot too much…I hope my final four DO make it there!

2 challenges done, a thousand more come crashing towards me...mmmmm...