Musika V: Supernova

Last week, my infatuation ended. Nooooo! Say it isn’t so! LOL! What a great season! I unexpectedly enjoyed this show tremendously. Even my bets did well! 3 out of my predicted final four made it and one of them was the victor! I guess most of you know who it is by now. Lukas Rossi emerged as the rockstar for this season. I have a lot of favorite performances from different rockers. I love Magni’s version of I ALONE, Ryan Star’s BACK OF YOUR CAR and Toby Rand’s THROW IT AWAY to name a few. But since I know you won’t watch all of them, let me post three performances which I love among all:

LadyLike by Storm Large

This song is just pure ear candy. I can't help but sing along and rock with her. The Queen of Rock lives in Storm Large! LOL! Actually this is the clean version. She curses in the original but either way, Storm rocked it! Thank God she was able to perform this before she left. At least she got to show what her music is about.

Bitter Sweet Symphony by Lukas Rossi

One of my favorite alternative rock songs ever since I first enjoyed it on the OST of Cruel Intentions. Lukas added a Gothic twist to it and totally worked! The angst from his performance was perfect for the mood of the song! My rocker senses are tingling. I honestly got chills when I watched his performance!

Lithium by DILANA

Love at first sound! She is just enchanting! When I saw her performance, She just blew me away! She knows how to take command of the stage and she gets total respect from the audience out of it! I LOVE ALL of her performances and she just keeps getting better. I still stand by my what I said and that she should have won this thing!

Congratulations to Lukas for winning the chance to front the band SUPERNOVA! I hope they do well. But, let me speak my mind first. In my opinion, Dilana should have won it. She has never received any criticisms about her singing. All of her performances where goosebumps worthy. I think, the guys of Supernova do not really like the fact that their band will be led by a woman. I think they feel uncomfortable being fronted by a female. But that's just me. I also like Lukas. He is very talented, specially at composing songs. I liked the band's song entitled IT'S ON. Lukas sang this with the band during an elimination show. Rockstar: Supernova really got me in touch with my rocker roots! Till the next ROCKSTAR!