Blog Blast! 4th Edition

September 3, 2006
12:56 a.m.

The following is an excerpt from a very “interesting” conversation with a friend via YM.

Rex: magpapahighlights ako tomorrow..dark blue..anong magandang style?

Rex: yung hindi agaw-pansin ha? kasi naman I’m trying this out lang..

Rex: you know, one of those things I could say when I’m asked, "what is the latest outrageous thing youve done.?"

Rex: so should i go for the usual? you know, scattered streaks..what if sa may bangs part lang..

Jigs: NO! bagay lang yun if you have long hair.

Jigs: you have curly hair kaya medyo mahirap magisip. Try mo in a straight line

Rex: straight line saan? Sa gitna?

Jigs: Kinda like kay UMA kaya lang hanggang sa likod..gets?

Rex: huh, but isnt that too 'loud'? isnt that too much for my personality?!

Rex: lam mo naman, wala sa personality profile ang magpakulay ng buhok..i could even look stupid...

Jigs: Kaya mo yan! Its time for a change! For you to stand out and say, it's my turn to live vicariously! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rex: hindi ko nga alam kung kaya kong dalhin ito..

Jigs: To be honest, blue WILL make you stand out, because it’s not your usual color of highlights..kahit pa dark blue yan..

Rex: im doing the right thing, right? you know, trying something new..

Jigs: Basta, do what you feel like doing. kung hindi ka rin naman comfortable sa mga sinusuggest ko, hindi mo rin madadala yung style..

For the benefit of my few non-filipino readers, the conversation was about a friend deciding to get highlights.

I honestly was not expecting to have this kind of conversation with Rex, more so at 1 in the morning! Just to inform you guys in all the years (almost 9 years) I’ve known Rex, He has NEVER changed his hairstyle nor has he made any drastic changes to his appearance. He keeps it pretty average when it comes to his type of clothing and looks. That’s not at all a bad thing, it just shows he values other things more than the physical thing; but as I once said, everyone’s vain, it’s just the degree that varies.

Imagine suggesting something to a person who is very apprehensive about what you’re saying. I’m sure you’ll feel slightly annoyed and harassed! LOL! It’s like those demos you see in department stores! You’ll see people watching the demonstration of the salesperson, but at the end no one buys the product. I kinda feel like that salesperson after the conversation. But hey, it’s all good! I’m glad my opinion matters to a friend, ehrmm, in someway. This is just me sharing my harrowing experience in helping make a friend’s decision easier and better. In the end, he is free to do what he wants. He decided to go for the common way highlights are done (streaks). It is after all, HIS hair! I wouldn’t care if he dyed it gray! But it is my solemn duty as a friend to make fun of him every chance I get for wanting to look like my grandpa! LOL! Check out Rex’s Blog to know why he decided to have his hair colored!

P.S. I still think he should’ve taken my advice! :)

P.P.S. Rockstar Supernova is down to 5 rockers! So far, my final four is still intact. I hope they do become the final four, although it is unlikely...For the first time, Dilana was in the bottom three. It's probably because of what happened last week. I hope she recovers. Lukas is yet to be part of it. I can't wait for this week's performances, I get chills just thinking about it!