Utakgago's Worst Nightmare

A few nights ago, I had an unusual dream. I remember it vividly for I have never had such a reverie. I dreamt I was in a room, with a rusty steel door. It was dark, damp and decrepit. It had no window, only a small opening with bars on the door and the light from outside shown through. There was a drain in the middle of the room, and on the ceiling was a bulb that could barely show its brilliance. Liquid started oozing underneath the door. The door would not open and the liquid headed down the drain. I went back to look at the drain and then hundreds of cockroaches started to emerge. From every crack, every hole, every wall, cockroaches started to spill out like the fluid from before. They were all over my shoes, my pants, my shirt. I try to brush them off me, but to no avail. I was being covered with cockroaches. I could feel their feelers and spiny legs on my bare skin. They kept crawling up my body, to my neck and my face. I could feel them trying to enter my mouth, my eyes and ears. And then…I woke up…

This is the weirdest dream I have ever had in my entire life. It totally didn’t make sense (usually, I understand my dreams). Maybe it’s because last week, my life was covered with roaches (well, not literally). I probably killed more than ten cockroaches. For me, that is uncommon. Our house doesn’t have any roach infestation. I’ll be lucky to see one in a month. Last week was different. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, I saw one crawling near our stove and another one under the sink. Well, this was a challenge. I didn’t have any bug spray and they kept going into the nooks between the appliances. The next day, I found another in our dinning room. We had a big mirror there, and right in the middle of it was this big cockroach. I grabbed our broom and tried to smack it, but can you believe my luck, it was the flying kind! Damn! I had to be careful because I didn't want it landing on me or anything. LOL! Another time, I was in the middle of taking a shower when I saw a cockroach near the ceiling. It completely startled me. I had to stop and kill it first before finishing my shower! How comfortable was that?!

I also encountered one when I was going home one night. I was waiting for my ride when I felt something crawling up my arm! I knew it was a cockroach and shook it off. I squished it and his friend crawling near me. It totally gave me goose bumps! LOL! Last Thursday, me and a few classmates ate at Chowking. I had the beef mami or something. As I was halfway through my meal, I noticed a UFO in my soup (Unidentified Floating Object). I’m sure you’ve guessed what it was. Yep, there was this small cockroach in my soup. Even though the manager apologized and offered to get me a new meal, I lost my appetite and refused.

I am not really scared of roaches. In fact, I’m the designated killer of cockroaches in our home because my siblings are pansies! LOL! They’re just really disgusting, especially after you’ve squished them. They also have this distinct odor that is kinda nauseating. I also saw that show on of Jessica Soho about the cockroach-infested village. It made me shiver! A housewife removed a poster on one of their walls and you wouldn’t believe the number of cockroaches that darted everywhere! They even eat food that has already crawled upon by those bugs. It’s really disturbing.

I also saw a movie last week on a cable channel, titled Joe’s Apartment. I bet you’ve seen it. I wonder how the movie would have gone it was entitled Kevin’s Apartment?