Cue the billboard obliterating winds!

Finally managed to squeeze in 10 minutes to blog! This semester is really different. 4 out of my 9 subjects do not have your usual written test for finals. One is a special presentation, one is a case study, another is an oral exam, and the last one is a take home exam. Can you believe that? We get to do our final exam at home! I bet it’s gonna be hard, but its ok, at least the pressure of the usual one hour time limit is absent.

Anyway, I’ve read quite a few posts about the past typhoon (milenyo) and what they did during the storm. Actually, nothing devastating happened around Pampanga unlike the events at Metro Manila. There was the occasional strong rains, but, more prevalent was the strong winds gusting the trees around our house violently. I think I spent 60% of the day sleeping. Electricity was erratic. One moment we had power, the next, long hours of blackouts. Thank God my phone was fully charged. It kept me company during those stagnant hours. My brother also had a PSP to keep us alternately entertained. Classes were cancelled but I wasn’t able to get any work done due to the unavailability of our computer. I did get lots of rest though and enjoyed the free time for myself.

I stepped out of our home to see if the roads were flooded or if there were any damages to our surroundings. The road was muddy and littered with leaves. It wasn’t raining that much anymore, but the wind never stopped blowing. Air/Wind is one of my favorite elements. It is unpredictable and can manipulate other elements. It is comforting and freeing. It gives life and destroys it. It bares significance. “When you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there”. Air is the ultimate proof. It also for me denotes power. It can be a gentle breeze or a powerful hurricane. When I felt the strong winds from the typhoon, it was as if I was making the wind blow like that (LOL! Talk about wanting to be Storm!). Usually in fantasy movies or shows, when a spell is cast or a presence is felt, a sudden blow of the wind is used. It is used to make scenes more romantic or sexier. It can also be used for speed and action (hence the title of this post! LOL!). It is that unseen force that can be found everywhere… Ahhh, can you feel the air blowing yet? So, what’s YOU’RE favorite element? :)

BTW, another reason why I love the wind, it’s because I hate sweating! LOL!