The Fray and The Folly

I’ve been so busy. I bet you’re thinking, NOT AGAIN! LOL! Well, I am busy, but not the stressful-pull-your-hair-out kind. My time has been occupied by a very good companion during my lonely sad existence. I have recently acquired one of the last but most certainly not the least most awaited game in PS2 (did you understand that?). I haven’t missed any of its previous versions or sequels. This is one of the games that simply take my breath away in terms of its graphics, music, gameplay and most of all, its engaging storyline. This game, this legendary game, is FINAL FANTASY.

Yes, yes, if you were a hardcore RPG fan like me, Final Fantasy can be considered as the God of all RPG. But to all you people who are not into video games, let me talk about something else.

Last week a HARSH topic was discussed. A topic which virtually shook the foundations of our family relationship; The topic of going to a derma. It sounds stupid I know, let me elaborate a little. My sister recently is experiencing a skin outbreak. She spent most of her adolescence with perfect skin and gorgeous hair, but on the last few months of her final “teen” year, pimples have been visiting her, left and right…cheek. LOL! Last week she asked our dad for money to go to a dermatologist. How much did she ask for? 4000 pesos for a check up and first session. That’s a little too steep just to remove pimples. I also found out from a friend that he knows a dermatologist who’s way cheaper. For just less than 1000 bucks, you get all the check up and medicine you need. Plus, he knows first hand that the treatment works (unlike the other derma which is based only on hearsay). Anyway, all this ensued a huge debate between my sister, my dad and my brother. My sister didn’t want to go to any other doctor. My brother despises the fact that my sister spends so much money on shallow matter. My dad doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t wanna side with anybody. Hateful screams were exchanged, tears were shed…yes…tears…As for me, I stayed away from the matter. I was busy fighting off monsters on my Final Fantasy game! LOL!

I also enrolled for my second semester last week. Second semester enrolment are much easier and is less hassle compared to when I enroll for the first sem. Wanna know how much hassle I got from a first semester enrolment? Read one of my earlier posts. It’s one of my entries which is written in tagalong because of my sheer frustration with what happened. It’s a BLOG BLAST entry. Back to the topic, for this sem, everything went smoothly, except for a few minor delays. The one thing I found to be really curious was every employee of the school which I encountered that day totally was bitchy and unfriendly. Everytime I was in front of a teller or an employee, I would happily greet them a good morning to see if they would respond. You won’t believe the reaction I got. Some answered me back with a good morning, but in a hostile manner. Some just shrugged and answered with somewhat of a moan. And some totally gave me a cold shoulder. I mean, would it kill you to be nice first thing in the morning?! Just to piss them off even more, I became extra extra nice and chatty to them just to irritate the heck out of them! LOL!

I hope you got the title of this post. If not, think a bit harder…

No, even harder than that…

P.S. The small fued is still unsettled but both sides are treating each other in a civilized manner.

Let me also ask you to comment also on my Blog Blast post about my “Enrolment Experience”. I made it when my blog was still unrecognized. I would definitely like to know what your thoughts about it is. Thanks Blogtha!