Gratuitous Idiocy

Once again, a new segment in my blog. I made this to poke some fun into some boring blog entry I made. This is somewhat of a parody to my postings. LOL! A few days ago, I saw a site called Googlism. Here, you can find out what Google thinks of you. It’s not at all serious, it’s for when you have nothing to do online and you are looking for some shallow amusement and feel dirty later. LOL!

The topic… What Google thinks about BLOGGING:

blogging is a very famous activity
blogging is bad
blogging is for cool cats
blogging is not a contact sport
blogging is such hard work
blogging is a 5 out of 10
blogging is the latest in a series of signs that the media establishment is starting to warm up to what was long seen as legitimate
blogging is it the end of journalism as we know it? or just 6 zillion writers in search of an editor? Neither
blogging is a crazy world
blogging is the place I go to feed this need
blogging is returning us to a time when the written word was supreme and for that we should be grateful to the bloggers
blogging is like crack
blogging is hogging mind boggling bloggers
blogging is a social phenomenon
blogging is popping up everywhere
blogging is a way to protect the most important brand of all
blogging is and why everyone should blog and how blogging will change the world
blogging is good
blogging is a virus from outer space

There you have it! I didn’t post everything, some were boring while some were confusing. Well, whatever! If you haven’t been to this site, you should try it too and see what google thinks of you!

The Blog that be

I’ve been blog hopping in the past couple of days now and I’ve seen a plethora of distinctive creativity, opinion and personality. I wouldn’t say it was overwhelming, but it was astounding see an unending stream of blogs coming my way. Free Expression gone haywire! I know Blogs have been popular for a while now, an in-thing for the frustrated writer and the limitless artist. I want to understand this “thing” I got myself into…

A Short Humdrum Lesson: Blogging 101

By definition, A Blog is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts, ideas and Web links. A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. People maintained blogs around 1994, long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger at (of course! LOL!). Thousands of people use services such as Blogger to simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

Blogs are alternatively called web logs or weblogs. The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, "blog," was coined by Peter Merholz. He broke the word weblog into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his weblog in April or May of 1999. Blogging was slow at first but gained popularity around 1999 onwards. (YAWN…)

Blogging gave voice to people whom just a decade ago, you never would have heard from. Recently, lots of themed blogs began to appear. There are war blogs, peace blogs, food blogs, crude blogs, humor blogs, culture blogs to occupy your day. Geek blogs, freak blogs, teen blogs, mean blogs, fanaticals and radicals who like to rant away. Worker bees and histories, punditry and poetry, diversity, adversity and spicy verbal play. Optimists, pessimists, enthusiasts and hobbyists, journalists and journal-ists with something big to say.

Blogging can be a catharsis. It's an outlet on so many levels, for the frustrated, the disenchanted, the amateur or professional writer, the wildly prolific, the grieving and suffering, the idealist, the outrageously creative, the bored, or the royally pissed off.

Blogging can be stressful. There are no nagging editors (but some blogs do have editors!), and there are no real deadlines, but blog for a while, and eventually you gain an audience that has expectations that you're going to have something witty, profound, helpful or humorous to say on a regular basis (pressure, pressure pressure!).

No one exactly knows how many blogs there are out there. According to Blog Herald, as of February 2006, an estimated 200 million blogs are up and running. USA and China have the most number of blogs per country, while My Space and Xanga are the leading platforms for making a blog.

Class Dismissed… (Thank GOD!)

Anyway, to end this post, I want to say that I’ve seen a lot of good blogs, bad blogs and GREAT blogs. I actually have quite few great ones in my blogroll (I don’t have any bad ones in there so don’t worry, LOL!) which I visit every time I’m online, (which is everyday) and await their next blog entry! Such dedication to the craft called blogging is for me, all inspiring! What a way to put the pressure on them! Maybe someday I’ll have my own fan base and be likewise pressured to write! LOL! (yeah, that will be the day…) ;)

Thanks to my sources:
Blog Herald
Jennifer Balderama, CNET

Have you gone nuts lately?!

This post materialized because of a demanding friend, he inspired this! I cannot think of anything to write right now! So here! Godere!


Something has arrived in Pampanga. It has swept the kapampangans and all its neighboring regions. An outbreak! A sweet, soft and luscious outbreak! They call this addictive saccharine creation… GO NUTS DONUTS!

I wanted to investigate (ows?! investigate lang?) what made this donuts so desirable that other donut shops don’t even come close. There are two stalls of Go Nuts Donuts in Pampanga. One is near AUF Balibago, and the other is in the new SM Clark. Since the one in Balibago isn’t up yet, I went to SM Clark… When I got there, I couldn’t believe the amount of people lined up to buy these delicious treats. When I got my chance, I ordered different types to see how they really taste (ahem!). Here’s my report:

The Amazing Glaze. This is your normal everyday glazed donut It was smooth sweet and melts in your mouth. Ahhhh! (Do you know the sound Homer makes when there's good food? Yeah, that's it!)

Chocolate Frost. Simply Wonderful. I love chocolate! As its tagline says, “Careful! Addiction Imminent!”

Strawberry Glaze. To be honest, I don’t like strawberry, unless it’s the actual fruit, but this was actually good!
Yummy Vanilla. I personally call this The Amazing Glaze on steroids!
Pastillas de Leche. Creamy. I think this is an alternative to the Bavarian in other donut shops.
Chocolate Cake. My favorite among the bunch! So moist! A Luscious Chocolate Cake that came back to life as a donut!
I didn't post the pics, i had a bit of trouble with them just visit the website of Go Nuts Donuts! There are a few more varieties of donuts available. There are actually four types:

The Loops. These are your traditional shaped donuts.

The Stuffits. Donuts without the holes and filled with hot silky jams.

The Zigzags. This is stuffits without the stuffing. Its drizzled with icing on top in a zigzag motion.

The Dots. Small bite sized donuts that explode in your mouth. It is said that they came from The Loops (they are the punched out holes!)

All in all, these donuts are superior to other donuts in taste and quality. These donuts literally melt in your mouth! Even when refrigerated, they remain soft and creamy. The only downside to this is its price. For the six donuts I’ve tried, it cost me 110 pesos. I could probably get twice the amount in a different donut shop. But I tell you its worth it. When I was a kid, I was not really fond of donuts, but now, I have a new appreciation for these circular temptations. Wow, I feel like a stupid PRO officer for GO Nuts Donuts! LOL!

To conclude my investigation, I was told that the best way to eat a Go Nuts Donuts is to microwave it for at 7 to 10 seconds. There are also reports of Go Nuts Donuts Lite which contain no sugar (Come On! Live a little!). I highly recommend that you try these delectable and sugary breads at least once in your life. You won’t regret it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got some more “investigating” to do…

Use your Brain

I received an interesting email a few days ago. I found it really intriguing because it was very entertaining and somewhat challenging. Maybe you’ve received it before but if you haven’t, it’s a set of optical illusions which tests how much of your brain do you use and how intelligent you are. I got most of the optical illusions, but some weren’t that easy. The author said that very few people got all correct quickly on the first try. Here’s a sample:

Read the lines in the normal reading speed. Count every “F” in the following text:



How many? Are you sure?

There are six that can be found there. Count again. It’s highly, highly unlikely you got the six, not unless you took your sweet time and went through each letter carefully (that’s cheating!). That’s not the goal of the test. For a person to get six, without cheating, is considered a genius. Getting three is normal, while four or five is quite uncommon. To be honest, I got 4. The reason behind this is because the brain cannot process the word, “OF”. Interesting isn’t it? It is fun to think about it and wonder why. Here’s another:

What word can you read? I think you’d probably read the word, “good”, but what you might not have noticed is the word “evil” inside the word good. Good is in black while evil is in white. It’s also very physiological because it kinda shows that good cannot exist without evil, and vice versa, or the absence of good is evil. Nice one! Fun AND meaningful! lol!

Finally, as a test of your brain power:

O lny srmat poelpe can raed tihs.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Taht was fun! Do you hvae a hcaehdae? Tkae an apisirn and rset a ltitle. I so ejoneyd mkaing tihs bolg, lol! Am I mkaing yuore haed sipn? Mkaing you suqnit yuor eeys? I hpoe so! Try it on yuore firneds to see how sarmt tehy rlaely are! Jsut be creaufl not to msilpel any wrods, jsut rearargne tehm. I btetr sotp soon, it’s gitetng hrdaer to tpye lkie tihs! Wlel, tlil my nxet bolg, and rmeebmer, awlyas use yuore bairn!!!

BLOG Blast!

This is a new segment in my blog. You will see this title every time I have something I really want to rant about unexpectedly. This blog entry is not part of my usual postings (It usually takes a few days for me to finalize a topic to be posted in my blog). I just want to express my sentiments regarding a certain topic or event that has happened to me recently and I really really want to convey my thoughts and irritations regarding the matter. So, here it goes…

May 23, 2006
At the University where I am studying

Enrollment Day…

*For all intents and purposes, I will write this blog mainly in my native tongue, Filipino. I really wanted to keep this blog “universal” so that anyone can read it. Unfortunately, this blog entry will better convey how I felt in the story if I used the Filipino language.*

My day started like any normal day. Sumikat ang araw, tumilaok ang mga manok, at nagsimula nang magwalis ang mga kapitbahay ko ng alikabok at ng mga tuyong dahon sa kalsada namin. Gumising ako ng maaga, mga alas-kwatro. Naghanda at naligo, nagbihis at kumain. Mga bandang 6 a.m. ay nakaalis na ako ng bahay at handa nang harapin ang mga pagsubok ng…ENROLLMENT DAY… (bam, bam, bam)

Nakarating ako sa paaralan ko. Noong una, akala ko ay maaga na ko, wala pa kasi akong kasabay na co-enrolles sa pagpasok ko ng eskwelahan at ang mga nakikita kong mga tao ay mga empleyado. Panatag ang loob kong matatapos ko kaagad ang enrollment ko, dahil makakabayad ako kaagad. Sa enrollment kasi namin, ang pinakamatagal ay ang pagbabayad ng entrance fee para masimulan mo ang pageenrol. Nang medyo sulyap ko na ang pilahan para sa pagkuha ng number para makapagbayad ng entrance fee, may nakita na akong nakapila. Ok lang, kahit bente pa sila, ok lang kasi konti parin yun. Nang makalapit na ako, di ako makapaniwala sa nasilayan ko, naka dalawang ikot na ang pila! Grabe naman! Daig pa ang pila para sa Gonuts Donuts sa SM Clark! Haaay, para bang isang masamang pangitain ito ah!

Nang matapos na’to, tumungo na ako sa pagkukuha ng mga subjects ko. Nakapaskil ang mga available subject at ang schedule nila sa dalawang magkatabing bulletin board. Anak ng tokwa! Pati doon, sandamukal na ang tao, hindi mo na nga masilayan ang board sa dami. Sige, kailangang maghanda dahil kakailanganin kong sumingit para makakuha ng subjects. Pagkarating doon, excuse me ang tanging bukang bibig ko. At last! Pagakakataon ko nang magamit ang katawan ko para malaki ang sakop ko sa board at marami akong makikita. Unti-unti akong nakalapit, tumatagaktak na ang pawis ko at dumudulas na sa braso ko ang dala kong bag. Pagkarating ko sa harap, dali-daling kinopya lahat ng kinaylangan na subject. Ngunit, may nangyaring di ko inaasahan, sinisiksik at tinutulak ako ng mga kababaihang (mga pademure at ala-heart ang dating) katabi ko. Di ko inaasahang mauusog nila ako! Grabe na talaga ito! Nang mapaalis ako sa lugar ko, may narinig akong malakas na “THUG!” Pakshet! Pakshet talaga! For the first time in the history ng cellphone ko, bumagsak ito sa cemento! Higit 5 feet ang taas ng ibinagsak niya kaya laki ng inis ko sa nangyari. Napansin ko na may kulang pa pala akong isang subject sa sked ko, kaya lang, di na ako makabalik sa harap. Kaya nagging wais ako, isa-isa kong sinilip ang mga papel ng mga katabi ko kung saan nakasulat ang sked nila para makopya yung kailangan kong subject (wais ba yon?!). Uiy! Jackpot! May nakita din akong papel na mayroong subject na kailangan ko. Kinopya ko ito at dumiretso na sa enlistment.

Dalawang pagsubok… Nalagpasan ko na… At in fairness, hindi pa ko mukhang nirape ng mga hyena! Pumila na ako para sa enlistment. Unti-unti itong umusad, at ako na ang tinawag. Ibinigay ko ang sked sheet ko. Tinignan ng evaluator, hanggang sa binigkas niya ang mga kinatatakutan kong salita…”Nasaan ang mga CLASS CODES?! Hindi pwede ito, ang kailangan ko yung class codes!” (ang class codes ang ginagamit ng mga evaluator para malaman kung open pa yung sked at subject na gusto mo). Sinundan pa nya ito ng isang kasuklam-suklam na pangungusap, "Kailangan mong bumalik doon sa bulletin board at kopyahin mo yung mga class codes! Next!"

“One step forward, ten steps back......le…che…”

Pagkatapos ng aking personal War of the Worlds part two, nakuha ko na rin ang mga class codes. Chineck ng evaluator yung sked ko, “sige, open pa yung mga gusto mong subjects, pa-input mo na”. Haaay salamat, kumakampi na sakin ang swerte at pagkakataon. Pagkadating ko sa station, chineck ng checker yung sked ko at ininput… “Teka, closed na ang sked na ito, ito, ito, at ito, papalit mo sa evaluator mo”, bigkas ng checker… Ano !?! akala ko kumampi na sakin ang swerte? Nasaan na ang pagkakataon ko? Super grabe na talaga wala na akong lakas mainis, hinihintay ko na nga lang ang cue ni ashton kutcher para sabihin saking, “you’ve been punk’d!” (kasi naman sikat ako, kaya naman si ashton kutcher at hindi si carlos agassi!)

Ok… Tapos na… Picture nalang… Tapos na… Konti pang pwersa ! (hehe)

Muli akong pumila para sa pagkuha ng ID. Ilang steps nalang at tapos na ako. Naghintay ng ilang minuto para tawagin ang pangalan ko. “Yturralde, Gino?”, ako na. pinaupo ako sa isang mataas na monoblock at may putting blackboard sa likod ko. Kinunan ako ng letrato habang pinapanood ng mga ibang naghihintay kung anong klaseng ngiti ang gagamitin ko para sa ID ko. Sa puntong ito, di ko na alam kung estudyante pa ko o taong yagit na borderline taong grasa na nagahasa ng hayop. Hindi ako ngumiti. “Okay, 1, 2, smile! 3!”, tapos na, paalis na ko nang tawagin ako, “teka, take two tayo, Malabo eh.” Para paikliin ang mahaba nang istorya umabot kami hanggang take 5. Sa puntong ito, lahat na ng mga tao sa loob ng kwarto ay nakatinggin na sakin. Pakiramdam ko eh parang nasa nude painting session kami at ako ang subject (yuck ha!)… Kahit yung ikalima ay pangit, ngunit di na ako nagreklamo, para lang matapos na.

Nakuha ko na ang ID ko at tinapos ko na ang lahat. HAAAAAAAAAY!!! Sa wakas, natapos din ako. Nang paalis na ko, nakita ko ang mga stations na pinagdaanan ko… Magreminisce daw ba!?! Habang paalis, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko, “Uiy, kanina lang nandyan ako ah!”, “Wow, I remember the times.”

“I remember pa nga, dyan me narape ng hyenas eh”

“Good Times Talaga…”


Just wanted to add a little harmony to diffuse the tension. lol! I hope you like this song, it's Smoke by Natalie Imbruglia. I think this song is a good accompaniment to the previous posts. I know it's a bit old but it's a good song. Look out for more "Musikas" next time! Don't worry some will be upbeat. LOL! GODERE everyone!

P.S. "Godere" is an italian word for enjoy. lol!


Ahhh… A topic I never thought I would ever talk about to anyone ever; The state of being “FALLEN”. The word means what it means… It is to lose. to fail. to suffer… I experienced this when I was in my third year of college. I graduated from a top private school in pampanga. A school where in everything is guided by a rule, which in turn, is guided by another. So when I started my college life in U.P. (University of the Philippines) which is a public university where in the only rule is your own, you would have guessed by now that it didn’t turn out well for me. I was like a crazy person released from the asylum prematurely. I got to do what I wanted. No one was bossing me around. It was a feeling that was suppressed for far too long.

Heaven Bend to take my hand
And lead me through the fire
Be the long awaited answer
To a long and painful fight
Truth be told I tried my best
But somewhere long the way
I got caught up in all there was to offer
But the cost was so much more than I could bear

Needless to say, peer pressure got the best of me, in every way. I started to slip and fail. Then, I found out in my third year of college, just one more year before I graduate, that I was dismissed (I flunked)… They didn’t even let me appeal… Talk about crushing a man’s spirit. OUCH!! Why the hell not?! I don’t know. I poured all out my guts and emotions just to be given a second chance (everybody deserves one right?), but to no avail. My spirit and future was crushed by the immense weight of my misery and failure, little did I know that sorrow was fast approaching, and loneliness wasn’t far behind.

We all begin out with good intent
When love is raw and young
We believe that we can change ourselves
The past can be undone
But we carry on our back the burdens time always reveals
In the lonely light of morning
In the wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything
I've held so dear

I had to deliver the heartbreaking news to everybody. First to my friends; I know they’ll understand, they didn’t help me much, well, how could they? They were busy with their thesis and school work. Luckily, I have those few friends that comforted me all the way. One down… Next to my siblings, their reactions were “expected”. They told me to tell mom and dad a.s.a.p. But I couldn’t, I didn’t have the strength to tell them yet. I told some of my cousins who were very comforting, advising me with what to do. One night, I couldn’t sleep. I was bothered by soooo many emotions and questions… What are you gonna now? Are you gonna go to a different school? Are you also gonna fail there? Why can’t you do anything right?! Are you gonna just go find a job? What will your parents say?! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!! I TRIED, I TRIED MY BEST! PLEASE!!! I’m…sorry…I’m…so…sorry…

The phone rang… My brother answered it. It was my dad. I knew I had to tell them now, I was going crazy…

“Hello, dad… I’m sorry… I’m sorry talaga… Nadismiss ako sa U.P.”

The words I heard after that… That’s when I knew I had fallen… Fallen deeper than ever… The anguish of a disappointed parent who has done everything for you, and still you let them down…. Still, you let them down…. They never asked anything of me, just to study hard and graduate. Still, I let them down...

God… I need a break… Just give me a minute…

Ok, I’m ready. My mom’s reaction was the same, only with tears. My mom is a fierce mother… I mean that in a good way. She protects us and always fights for us. Just like my dad, she will give us everything that we need just as long as we become better people. She’s the greatest mom there is. I mean it. She would batter me with harsh words and lectures just to get me going. It’s because she knows how the real world functions. She even tried to lift my spirits after I talked to her. She said, “Maybe this is God’s way of saying that you need to change, and change for the better.”

Heaven bend to take my hand
I've nowhere left to turn
I'm lost to these I thought were friends
To everyone I know
Oh they turn their heads embarrassed
Pretend that they don't see
That it's one wrong step one slip before you know it
And there doesn't seem away to be redeemed

A few days after the whole emotional explosion, I honestly didn’t know what to do with my life. I felt like I was a useless waste of space in the universe. I was nothing but a nuisance to my family. It was confirmed, I was the black sheep, and that’s an understatement. The friends I had in college, shrunk dramatically, those few remaining, I say to them, I owe my life to you guys (and I’m not being overly dramatic). You know who you are...

I wrote this post to explain the deep intense state of being fallen. All I wrote here is true. This is how I feel about it, nothing funny about it. I was given courage to write this by a song. A song that has brilliantly expressed my sentiments and how it feels to be, FALLEN…

Though I've tried, I've fallen
I have sunk so low
I messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here and
Tell me I told you so…

Listen to the song and watch the video of Sarah Mclachlan’s Fallen

Perjure Yourself

There are so many things I hate in this world. One is the excessive vanity of human beings; another is the ignorance of today’s youth (these topics might be discussed later in a different blog, lol!). But one of the things that really bother me is lying. Lying is one of the most awful and most deceitful things you can do to a person. It virtually disrupts your honesty and trustworthiness in others because one lie usually leads to another. Why do people lie? Here are some reasons why I think people lie:

1) Lying is the easiest way to get out of something. This usually happens when we don’t want to do something. When you don’t want to go to work, you call in sick, when you’re really not. You would even make your voice sound sick, you cough a bit and sound really frail, as if you won’t last another day.

2) Lying as an excuse. This occurs when we fail to do something and we look for a valid reason to our mistake or failure because we don't want to take the blame. A simple example is being late to an appointment or meeting. You wouldn’t blame yourself for not waking up earlier or getting ready faster, of course not! You would say there was an accident and traffic was so bad or your car broke down.

3) Lying to protect someone else. When a loved one gets into trouble, most of us wouldn’t rat him out. You would lie for him/her. Give them an alibi so that nothing would happen to them. This reason for lying has its underlying martyrdom. One would take the blame for another because they pity or love them sooo much, usually it’s the latter. I don’t think that’s a good enough reason though, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do…Right?

4) Lies are the letterhead of an evil plan. We would use lies to hurt someone. For revenge, torture, to mislead, to misinform, to cheat, slander, rape, murder, or even your simple everyday mean prank; lying comes in handy. Never hatch an immoral act without using lies.

5) Lying for power. I read somewhere that a lot of people who lie do it because they feel like they’re somewhat in control. When you believe in their lies, they feel empowered and feel like they can make you believe anything. They then continue lying and lying and lying and never stop, even if they might get caught.

6) White Lie. Ah, my favorite version. It’s because this is the only time when something bad is used as a good thing. We usually use this so that we won’t hurt someone else’s feelings. If they’re sick or hurting, we say how beautiful they look today even if it’s not true so that we can cheer them up. Lies are also used to protect the greater good.

“Why do you lie to me? I believed you so easily. Have you checked your head lately? Is your conscience living there? Do you even care?”

I’m a pretty good judge of character, I think. Lol! I usually know if I can get along with a person or not. I can tell whether he/she is trustworthy. Just about over a year ago, I met this person who I became fond of very quickly. He said all the right things. All the things I needed to hear so that I can trust him. He would even give me and lend me stuff just because he trusted me. I thought it was ok. Didn’t bother to question it. Everything was going smoothly in my life, till one day, he asked me if he could borrow some of my stuff. I said okay, it wasn’t much on my part after the kindness and trust he has shown me. DAMN HIM… After a few weeks, I began to worry. It was taking a while for my things to be returned. When we met one day, I confronted him. He apologized and told me he had a big problem with a person he owed some money. I felt bad for being that way (being so confrontational) and asked if I can help… DAMN IT (again)… I loaned him some (actually a lot) of my money. He was thankful and promised to return it as soon as possible…

I never saw him again…

Trust is a hard thing to earn; even harder, almost impossible, when lost. This is the reason why my circle isn’t as wide as most would like. At least I’m certain, my friends, I can TRUST… and vice versa…

Before I end this looong blog entry, I have a question for you… The story at the end; did I lie? Or was I telling the truth? …How hard it is for you to know…

An Unexpected Encounter

This conversation happened on May 10, 2006, 10:30 a.m. at a fast food chain.

: ) Uy! Musta na?

; > Ok lang. Grabe, long time no see. Hindi ko ineexpect na makita ka dito. Anong bago sa’yo? Graduate ka na?

: ) Di pa nga eh. Hopefully makatapos na rin ako. Ikaw? Graduate ka na?

; > Oo, nagwowork na ko ngayon. Financial Supervisor.

: ) Wow, buti ka pa. Grabe, you don’t look any different from before! Buti ka pa.

; > Hehe, gusto ko yang buhok mo ha, bagay mo.

: ) Thanks ha, konti nga lang nakakapansin. O, san ka nyan?

; > Pauwi na. Nanood lang ng sine kanina.

: ) Ahh, ok. Kami, kakain lang ng early lunch.

; > Ok, una na ako.

: ) Ok, ingat ka ha!

; > Ok, sige, bye!

: ) bye!

I met an old friend yesterday. It’s been quite a few years since we last talked. I think it was 2 to 3 years since our last conversation. I wish to keep her name confidential so I’ll refer to her as ; > and obviously, I’m : ) . I met ; > on my first year of college. We got along well because our personalities complimented each other. She was Ying and I was Yang. We often had different opinions on certain issues and situations, but at the end of the day, we forgot all of the squabbling and go out for some coffee. We were virtually inseparable. One is the shadow of the other. It came to the point that if we weren’t seen together, people ask, “Nasan si : ) , ba’t di mo kasama?” or “Nagaway ba kayo ni ; >?” In the short time that I knew her (more or less three years), she wasn’t just a friend I got to know in college, but rather, a confidant.

“How cruel fate can be, our memories lost in time, forever flowing, farther into the depths of our mind.”

I saw her, but I did not remember, nor, I think did she. We didn’t even bother to ask each other what happened or why it ended that way. We greeted each other as if we just met a few times. How unkind time has been to us. The main reason for the rift was that I transferred to a different school. We didn’t have any time to get together or to even talk or text each other. As time continued its steady pace, our friendship was left behind. I had a new life, and so did she. Gosh, I guess this is starting to sound like a romance novel gone wrong. Lol! Actually, I just feel really bad that a good friendship slowly died down. Every time I remember how much fun we had, I just…

Well, anyway, “sniff, sniff”, lol, the reason I created this blog is to show how fragile friendship can be. It must be continually “nourished” or else forget. It can get very mushy, but hey, that’s what friends are for right? Lol! Friendship can carry you through the callous terrain we call LIFE. Friendship can make the toughest problems seem like a piece of cake compared to the annoyance they can inflict on you. Cherish it…

I know I do…

“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care of all to acquire.”
This blog is dedicated to a good friend...or at least once was...


Due to some persuasive people, I have finally decided to create my own blog. Yehey! It took a while because I really didn’t know what to write at first or if I could even keep it going for my future fans, lol. When I finally made the blog, I couldn’t decide what I want to write for my first blog ever! I didn’t know what I should write about. It is after all my very first one. I actually made myself believe that most bloggers have this specific topic they write about in their blogs when they started blogging. Does that sound crazy? Well, I am a little bit crazy and paranoid so, I guess its ok.

As you are reading, you’ve already guessed that I went with my own instinct, and wrote about not being able to write a blog post. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Lol. Funny how things work out, it actually took me a while to write this post. I actually left my blog empty, dark and despondent. Awww, my poor blog baby, I’m so sorry. I just hope I don’t disappoint people who will read my blog.

Have you ever felt uninspired? I have... It’s like all the enthusiasm in your body is sucked out of you, and is replaced with vast amounts of apathy. It’s like wanting to do something but don’t know how to begin. It’s looking for someone or something to tell you just what to do just to get you moving on and hope that inspiration passes by and grabs you... You feel almost hollow inside... I’ve felt that feeling so many times and it is so hard to cope with that feeling because it can lead to depression. I felt like I was useless and I’m just a waste of space in this world. I felt fragile and indifferent. I hated it. Actually, I felt it again when I started this blog. As I pondered and stared into my empty blog, hoping for some sort of idea to pop in my head, the words of my grandfather came rushing into my mind, “In whatever you do in life, give everything, your mind, your talent and your heart”. He couldn’t be more right. Maybe that’s why inspiration evaded me for so long. I didn’t give my full attention to the creation of this blog. I felt so mad at myself, so I finally decided to give it the care and interest it deserves.

Thus, giving way to the creation of this post... I liberated myself from the depression, the hatred, the pain, the indifference, the self-doubt, and all the bottled up emotions that continually disrupted my train of thought!

Ahhh. Finally, a relief from that feeling, repose from the depression that I’ve been experiencing for a few days…

Feels good…

My first blog entry…