Perjure Yourself

There are so many things I hate in this world. One is the excessive vanity of human beings; another is the ignorance of today’s youth (these topics might be discussed later in a different blog, lol!). But one of the things that really bother me is lying. Lying is one of the most awful and most deceitful things you can do to a person. It virtually disrupts your honesty and trustworthiness in others because one lie usually leads to another. Why do people lie? Here are some reasons why I think people lie:

1) Lying is the easiest way to get out of something. This usually happens when we don’t want to do something. When you don’t want to go to work, you call in sick, when you’re really not. You would even make your voice sound sick, you cough a bit and sound really frail, as if you won’t last another day.

2) Lying as an excuse. This occurs when we fail to do something and we look for a valid reason to our mistake or failure because we don't want to take the blame. A simple example is being late to an appointment or meeting. You wouldn’t blame yourself for not waking up earlier or getting ready faster, of course not! You would say there was an accident and traffic was so bad or your car broke down.

3) Lying to protect someone else. When a loved one gets into trouble, most of us wouldn’t rat him out. You would lie for him/her. Give them an alibi so that nothing would happen to them. This reason for lying has its underlying martyrdom. One would take the blame for another because they pity or love them sooo much, usually it’s the latter. I don’t think that’s a good enough reason though, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do…Right?

4) Lies are the letterhead of an evil plan. We would use lies to hurt someone. For revenge, torture, to mislead, to misinform, to cheat, slander, rape, murder, or even your simple everyday mean prank; lying comes in handy. Never hatch an immoral act without using lies.

5) Lying for power. I read somewhere that a lot of people who lie do it because they feel like they’re somewhat in control. When you believe in their lies, they feel empowered and feel like they can make you believe anything. They then continue lying and lying and lying and never stop, even if they might get caught.

6) White Lie. Ah, my favorite version. It’s because this is the only time when something bad is used as a good thing. We usually use this so that we won’t hurt someone else’s feelings. If they’re sick or hurting, we say how beautiful they look today even if it’s not true so that we can cheer them up. Lies are also used to protect the greater good.

“Why do you lie to me? I believed you so easily. Have you checked your head lately? Is your conscience living there? Do you even care?”

I’m a pretty good judge of character, I think. Lol! I usually know if I can get along with a person or not. I can tell whether he/she is trustworthy. Just about over a year ago, I met this person who I became fond of very quickly. He said all the right things. All the things I needed to hear so that I can trust him. He would even give me and lend me stuff just because he trusted me. I thought it was ok. Didn’t bother to question it. Everything was going smoothly in my life, till one day, he asked me if he could borrow some of my stuff. I said okay, it wasn’t much on my part after the kindness and trust he has shown me. DAMN HIM… After a few weeks, I began to worry. It was taking a while for my things to be returned. When we met one day, I confronted him. He apologized and told me he had a big problem with a person he owed some money. I felt bad for being that way (being so confrontational) and asked if I can help… DAMN IT (again)… I loaned him some (actually a lot) of my money. He was thankful and promised to return it as soon as possible…

I never saw him again…

Trust is a hard thing to earn; even harder, almost impossible, when lost. This is the reason why my circle isn’t as wide as most would like. At least I’m certain, my friends, I can TRUST… and vice versa…

Before I end this looong blog entry, I have a question for you… The story at the end; did I lie? Or was I telling the truth? …How hard it is for you to know…