Gratuitous Idiocy

Once again, a new segment in my blog. I made this to poke some fun into some boring blog entry I made. This is somewhat of a parody to my postings. LOL! A few days ago, I saw a site called Googlism. Here, you can find out what Google thinks of you. It’s not at all serious, it’s for when you have nothing to do online and you are looking for some shallow amusement and feel dirty later. LOL!

The topic… What Google thinks about BLOGGING:

blogging is a very famous activity
blogging is bad
blogging is for cool cats
blogging is not a contact sport
blogging is such hard work
blogging is a 5 out of 10
blogging is the latest in a series of signs that the media establishment is starting to warm up to what was long seen as legitimate
blogging is it the end of journalism as we know it? or just 6 zillion writers in search of an editor? Neither
blogging is a crazy world
blogging is the place I go to feed this need
blogging is returning us to a time when the written word was supreme and for that we should be grateful to the bloggers
blogging is like crack
blogging is hogging mind boggling bloggers
blogging is a social phenomenon
blogging is popping up everywhere
blogging is a way to protect the most important brand of all
blogging is and why everyone should blog and how blogging will change the world
blogging is good
blogging is a virus from outer space

There you have it! I didn’t post everything, some were boring while some were confusing. Well, whatever! If you haven’t been to this site, you should try it too and see what google thinks of you!


panthergirl said...

Hey....glad you liked our Adventures in Cyberia blog. Of course you are welcome to link to us!

Send your friends! I'm having some technical issues right now, but we'll be back with new posts very soon...

Rowjie said...

thanks to blog! hehe! :)

/iambrew said...

i agree... it for someone who has nothinf better to do... wahehehe...

BarelyME said...

I tried it. It's really silly and it is just for shallow mindless fun! it didnt make sense! hehe! :)

martijn said...

Shot for the compliment Jigs, I love photoshop and work with it pretty much everyday in my job. I find the best way to learn is just to play around. Start with an idea and a couple of pics and just have fun. Take note photoshop is colossol, I've beed doing it for 5 years and I'm still learning new stuff.

Two Write Hands said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to link. I'm not ashamed to admit I've done the googlism thing myself. :) Cool blog.

ie said...

blogging is the nouveau literary expression; blog posts is the new literary form. and yes, i'm certain that blogging will stay for a while. :)

honest secrets said...

whoa. cool site. thanks fer posting that. wil write sumthin bout me blog too :)