Have you gone nuts lately?!

This post materialized because of a demanding friend, he inspired this! I cannot think of anything to write right now! So here! Godere!


Something has arrived in Pampanga. It has swept the kapampangans and all its neighboring regions. An outbreak! A sweet, soft and luscious outbreak! They call this addictive saccharine creation… GO NUTS DONUTS!

I wanted to investigate (ows?! investigate lang?) what made this donuts so desirable that other donut shops don’t even come close. There are two stalls of Go Nuts Donuts in Pampanga. One is near AUF Balibago, and the other is in the new SM Clark. Since the one in Balibago isn’t up yet, I went to SM Clark… When I got there, I couldn’t believe the amount of people lined up to buy these delicious treats. When I got my chance, I ordered different types to see how they really taste (ahem!). Here’s my report:

The Amazing Glaze. This is your normal everyday glazed donut It was smooth sweet and melts in your mouth. Ahhhh! (Do you know the sound Homer makes when there's good food? Yeah, that's it!)

Chocolate Frost. Simply Wonderful. I love chocolate! As its tagline says, “Careful! Addiction Imminent!”

Strawberry Glaze. To be honest, I don’t like strawberry, unless it’s the actual fruit, but this was actually good!
Yummy Vanilla. I personally call this The Amazing Glaze on steroids!
Pastillas de Leche. Creamy. I think this is an alternative to the Bavarian in other donut shops.
Chocolate Cake. My favorite among the bunch! So moist! A Luscious Chocolate Cake that came back to life as a donut!
I didn't post the pics, i had a bit of trouble with them just visit the website of Go Nuts Donuts! There are a few more varieties of donuts available. There are actually four types:

The Loops. These are your traditional shaped donuts.

The Stuffits. Donuts without the holes and filled with hot silky jams.

The Zigzags. This is stuffits without the stuffing. Its drizzled with icing on top in a zigzag motion.

The Dots. Small bite sized donuts that explode in your mouth. It is said that they came from The Loops (they are the punched out holes!)

All in all, these donuts are superior to other donuts in taste and quality. These donuts literally melt in your mouth! Even when refrigerated, they remain soft and creamy. The only downside to this is its price. For the six donuts I’ve tried, it cost me 110 pesos. I could probably get twice the amount in a different donut shop. But I tell you its worth it. When I was a kid, I was not really fond of donuts, but now, I have a new appreciation for these circular temptations. Wow, I feel like a stupid PRO officer for GO Nuts Donuts! LOL!

To conclude my investigation, I was told that the best way to eat a Go Nuts Donuts is to microwave it for at 7 to 10 seconds. There are also reports of Go Nuts Donuts Lite which contain no sugar (Come On! Live a little!). I highly recommend that you try these delectable and sugary breads at least once in your life. You won’t regret it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got some more “investigating” to do…


angel directo said...

i love the pastillas de leche! :)

hehehe :) i'll be adding you up too!

rex said...

hihi! just bought a dozen kanina? so 1st time mo pala kumain niyan ha. milagro at hindi ka yata updated sa mga sosyal na food.. hehe, joke..

1st time i tasted these was on a company visit, Gonuts ang meryenda para sa amin. na-addict agad ako!

pero wag ka, may masarap pa sa Gonuts -- Cello's! while Gonuts are already superior in quality versus Dunkin or Mister Donut, it has the tendency to be too sweet. unlike Cello's, tamang-tama lang. so far, it only has 2 stores, one in Katipunan and another somewhere in Manila. grabe, dough pa lang, lamang na lamang na sa Gonuts. at mas marami flavors.. someday, dadalhan kita.. hehe.. :)

juice is justine said...

i miss these doowwnuts!!

hope they open a new franchise here in indonesia soon. woot woot!

but there are also unbeatabl donuts here called J.Co. Bet they don't have it there. The line is about a kilometre long! hahaha..


Jigs said...

TO REX: Actually, this isnt my first time to taste GO Nuts Donuts. Tasted it a few times before but only the Amazing Glaze and Choco Frost. It was my first time to taste the other flavors.

Reia said...

hi jigs, yummy! yummy! thanks for visiting and hey, i'll link up with you anytime!!! :-) and yeh, you can really go nuts with these donuts!!!!

Gimikera said...

I am not a donut person, but when it comes to KRISPY KREME (our version of GO NUTS DONUTS here in america, im not sure if philipp8ines has it too.. you guys probably do.. but yeah.. they're right/. the best way to eat it is to melt it in the microwave for a few seconds.. and then try to eat the whole thing.. don't worry, you won't choke,. you have to do it, not because you want it bad, but because you want the fun of it. ;)

Jigs said...

I've had KRISPY KREME before! The best donuts I've ever had! But I don't think its available here in the Philippines.

Rowjie said...

Wow! Donuts! Baliktad tayo. Gusto ko yung mga strawberry flavored na pagkain. Pero ayoko ng strawberry na prutas. Hehe...