An Unexpected Encounter

This conversation happened on May 10, 2006, 10:30 a.m. at a fast food chain.

: ) Uy! Musta na?

; > Ok lang. Grabe, long time no see. Hindi ko ineexpect na makita ka dito. Anong bago sa’yo? Graduate ka na?

: ) Di pa nga eh. Hopefully makatapos na rin ako. Ikaw? Graduate ka na?

; > Oo, nagwowork na ko ngayon. Financial Supervisor.

: ) Wow, buti ka pa. Grabe, you don’t look any different from before! Buti ka pa.

; > Hehe, gusto ko yang buhok mo ha, bagay mo.

: ) Thanks ha, konti nga lang nakakapansin. O, san ka nyan?

; > Pauwi na. Nanood lang ng sine kanina.

: ) Ahh, ok. Kami, kakain lang ng early lunch.

; > Ok, una na ako.

: ) Ok, ingat ka ha!

; > Ok, sige, bye!

: ) bye!

I met an old friend yesterday. It’s been quite a few years since we last talked. I think it was 2 to 3 years since our last conversation. I wish to keep her name confidential so I’ll refer to her as ; > and obviously, I’m : ) . I met ; > on my first year of college. We got along well because our personalities complimented each other. She was Ying and I was Yang. We often had different opinions on certain issues and situations, but at the end of the day, we forgot all of the squabbling and go out for some coffee. We were virtually inseparable. One is the shadow of the other. It came to the point that if we weren’t seen together, people ask, “Nasan si : ) , ba’t di mo kasama?” or “Nagaway ba kayo ni ; >?” In the short time that I knew her (more or less three years), she wasn’t just a friend I got to know in college, but rather, a confidant.

“How cruel fate can be, our memories lost in time, forever flowing, farther into the depths of our mind.”

I saw her, but I did not remember, nor, I think did she. We didn’t even bother to ask each other what happened or why it ended that way. We greeted each other as if we just met a few times. How unkind time has been to us. The main reason for the rift was that I transferred to a different school. We didn’t have any time to get together or to even talk or text each other. As time continued its steady pace, our friendship was left behind. I had a new life, and so did she. Gosh, I guess this is starting to sound like a romance novel gone wrong. Lol! Actually, I just feel really bad that a good friendship slowly died down. Every time I remember how much fun we had, I just…

Well, anyway, “sniff, sniff”, lol, the reason I created this blog is to show how fragile friendship can be. It must be continually “nourished” or else forget. It can get very mushy, but hey, that’s what friends are for right? Lol! Friendship can carry you through the callous terrain we call LIFE. Friendship can make the toughest problems seem like a piece of cake compared to the annoyance they can inflict on you. Cherish it…

I know I do…

“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care of all to acquire.”
This blog is dedicated to a good friend...or at least once was...


rex said...

hey.. hay nako, ngayon ko lang nabasa to.. kamusta naman na May 29 na!

kaw naman kasi, di mo agad sinabi na may blog ka na pala.. =p