Ugh. Soooo busy. Tediousness is freaking killing me! I need a break, a breather, a stress reliever. My poor blog has been feeling the strain. I don’t bloghop as often anymore. Even this post is affected by the drabness of my daily dealings. Think of this as an intermission, a random post, an update, a lengthening of insipid topics, or even a pitiful excuse for you people to keep visiting me here. Anyway you look at it is okay. I really don’t care. Mind you, I’m not sad, just tired. I’m not depressed, I’m just drained. Here’s a taste of my week…

I am flooded. A surge of case studies and research reports are awaiting my valuable attention. Every day for the next week, I will be submitting one case study and one report. You might think it doesn’t get any worse. Oh, but it does. August 18, Saturday of next week marks the start of our midterms exams! Can you feel it? I can feel the pressure and the stress running through my veins… It energizes me. Where’s that damn pill when you need it! LOL!

Last Wednesday, I lost my wallet (way to go jigs!). We watched a movie that night for a social study and we had to leave all of our things at the reception room of the AVR. After the movie, I got my things. As I prepared myself to go home, I noticed my wallet missing. DAMN! I searched everywhere, even through the things of my classmates, but to no avail. I had to call my brother and sister to pick me up because I didn’t have any money left for transportation. How much money did I lose? Let’s not talk about it…

My only escape and reprieve from all of this, is the show I featured a few posts ago, ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA, which by the way demolished my previous record of most comments of 42! It's now 53 comments! Wicked Man! I am tapping into my Rocker roots recently and enjoying the hell out of it! Once again without a miss, my “final four” KILLED with their performances! A great breakthrough for Lukas! You really should try to watch it! If you can’t, just tell me and I’ll post some of the best performances here!

On a lighter note, I reached my 5000 visitors mark! Now here’s the curious, yet hilarious part of this event. Two people claim they were the 5000th visitor! Yup, you read that right. Two bloggers say they hold that prestigious pedestal. To even complicate it, those two people are bloggers who I hold with high regards, REX and JUICE! Now, since I can’t find any GOOD explanation (I was thinking rock, paper, scissors! LOL!) for this predicament, I ask anyone to please answer this little glitch in my counter. LOL! (just click on the picture for a bigger shot. Here's the proof that two are claiming to be my 5000th visitor!)

But seriously, reaching this 5000th mark, revealed some new questions. I remember Ms. Korina Sanchez (a local news anchor) saying on a T.V. Plug that she remembers on her first anniversary of being a news reporter, she wondered if she would last for another year, and then, the year after that. She wondered if after reaching 5 years, will she last till ten? I kinda have a similar thought right now. I just wonder how long I can keep this going. First, 1000 and now 5000. Will I last till 10K? I always wonder what’s next. Woah, I’m such a buzz kill! LOL! Maybe I am over thinking it. Whatever.

I am uninspired. To emulate Jaiskizzy’s thoughts, my muse and I are not in speaking terms right now. Maybe it’s the Monotony of my life. The slow, trivial, and uneventful wreckage that is my existence. God! I AM a buzz kill!!! Wahahaha!

Chaos…Absolute Chaos…My life…