When I was young-er

By the time I post this, the poll for the Pinoy Evil Blog Awards Poll will be closed, so there’s really no point in campaigning for my blog. I just wish I knew who nominated me so that I can thank him/her properly. And if any of you voted for me, thank you!

When I was a young-er, I enjoyed a normal childhood. I played out in the streets, came home all sweaty and dirty and had a blast with my cousins, neighbors and friends. We amused ourselves with every game an average kid would know: Langit-Lupa, Tumbang Preso, Patintero, Moro-Moro, and Taguan. We played some not so traditional games: Pass the Message, Dr. Quack Quack, Chinese Garter, and Dodgeball (the ball we used was a knotted up handkerchief). We even used props: Bahay Bahayan and Role Playing.

When I was still a kid, I basically got what I wanted. But that does not automatically mean I was a spoiled brat. I seldom asked for more than I deserved. Unfortunately, my parents believe their children deserve the world. Parents…Sometimes they get it right… I digress. So, my parents bought toys, toys, and more toys. Every birthday, every Christmas, every perfect score, I was treated to something new. I dare not try to remember the first ever toy I got, but the first toy I ever really liked and had a collection of was…Matchbox… These were small scale cars that could easily fit inside a matchbox (so aptly named). I had probably over a thousand of these cool cars which I stored in cool carrying cases for all my playmates to see and enjoy. Every time we went to the mall, I would always check out the toy section of the department store to see if there were any models which I have yet to possess. And every time, I went home with at least one.

I had another collection…Text Cards…More specifically, trading cards of X-Men characters. I had three favorite cards: Magneto, Professor X, and Phoenix. I never used them for games or for betting. The game was utterly simple. If I remember correctly, you flick your cards to the air and the if your cards land face up, you win (or something like that). Unfortunately, we all change and this was not made any less hurried by my short attention span. I quickly moved to a new prospect.

My parents bought me one of the coolest toys I’ve seen…NERF… This huge canon-like barrage weaponry was just what my crazy personality needed. I got to hurt everyone without really hurting or killing them thanks to the foam ammunition. Every time I hear the loud popping sound of the air pressure being released gave me a kiddie adrenaline rush. Too bad the ammo was too limited.

After all that chaos, I opted for simpler toys. Once again, my mind was jaded and indecisive. I knew now what I wanted. It was the simplest of toys but it fascinated me…The Slinky… This coil shaped toy was my ultimate desire for a whole year and never asked for another toy. As simple as it was, it kept me entertained and occupied during the most tedious of times. I had the rainbow colored plastic slinky and the metal slinky. Other simple toys/games I liked was the slap bracelet (not really a toy nor a game, but I liked it!) and Pogs which I believe was popularized by Coca-Cola.

After the simple came the complex. I started playing with “high-tech” toys. 2 Ts mainly covered this point…Tamiya…and…Tamagotchi… I got into Tamagotchi because my aunt gave all of her nephews and nieces one. So the challenge of raising the best monster pet was on between us cousins. It was so stupid and yet you feel so weirdly attached to it. But I never named a pet, ever. As for Tamiya, it was introduced to me by an older cousin. This was the time was so eager to be an adult because they got to do what they want. I played the toy and the game and was hooked. I always modified my racer to make it faster, lighter and balanced. This is the only time I will ever be a mechanic.

And finally, One of the best games I’ve ever played in my life was during my late elementary years, to early high school. It required intelligence, strategy and mettle. It is not only a great game but also a wonderful collection. The name fittingly says it all…MAGIC: The Gathering… I know, it seems kinda dorky but it is definitely entertaining and a good strategy game. The artwork is equally magnificent. I have several specialty decks created during those days (the unglued edition was great! Haha!). The game MAGIC is still alive today and has spawned plenty of expansions, but if you ask me, “old magic” is always the best and strongest…

But now, all of these toys and games are given away, lost (when we moved houses) discarded, or destroyed (I had used the images from Wikipedia). How sad that the things that gave me so much pleasure when I was a child is carelessly discarded and no more. I want to discuss more about my childhood and how much I miss it nowadays, but I guess I have to leave that for another post (this one’s long as it is!). I know I missed a whole bunch of other toys. I didn’t even share my discourse on whether “action figures” are really just dolls for boys. But I’m sure everyone has their opinion. Share it, and let me know okay? Till then, I’m off…