Shelling out the LOVE

I can’t get any love nowadays. Everybody keeps ordering me around, “Jigs do this,” Jigs do that,” “Jigs die and burn in hell,” everyone’s such a downer! So I’ve decided to proliferate some lurve for everyone and hope it gets multiplied (back to me hopefully).

A HUUUUGE Thank You to three great graphic designers for helping me Pro Bono with my Advertising Project. To JAMES, BIM and KEVIN, I still don’t know how you guys do it, but you do it hella well!

A BIIIIIG Congratulations to my best bud REX for writing 200 sensible and note worthy posts! Well Done! You are twice the blogger I will ever be and I mean that whole-heartedly. Thank you for introducing me to this world!

A MAAAASSIVE good luck to all the bloggers I nominated in the truly wicked and endlessly controversial EVIL BLOG AWARDS!

JUICE, stop complaining about the fact I nominated you, I know you like it! Hahaha! I really do hope you win! So start shaking that yummeh booty!

REX, your controversial post was exceptional but you definitely have some stiff competition. SKYE wrote one tirade of a post. Good luck to both of you!

POLI, I was the one who nominated you! Mwahaha! And isn’t it ironic, we’re competing under the same category! Let us see who is deemed more Machiavellian! Hahaha!

TALAMASCA, ever the controversial writer! Congrats for your nominations in two categories (we’re also competitors)! Finally some recognition eh?!

This pseudo-awards thingy (which by the way is getting more serious by the day) was the brain fart of the most sinister of us all, the philosophical, the bastard, the GREEEEAT PAOLO!

Still on the Evil Blog Awards, I nominated a blogger who unfortunately didn’t make the cut, but I believe deserves to be noted and recognized. SLIM WHALE is truly an excellent writer with a VAAAAST array of metaphors and wide vocabulary under his belt.

Also, I have a couple of choice words for the JOYFUL CHICKEN and his GRAAAAND MAFIA…I will never let you have…my precious…You will have to pry it from my cold and sweaty hands before you can even have a whiff of it! The soft served ice cream is mine! Mine I tell you!

And finally, I want to greet the Goddess of Chocolates, my dearest sister, an ENOOOORMOUS congratulations! She just passed the nursing examinations! She is now officially a nurse!

She didn't have a good photo of her in a nurse's outfit so I just used her grad pic. ;)

I've given out all the love I could give at the moment.

As the song goes, All you need is LOVE... Then here you have it...Pass it on!