It is the culmination of a month’s worth of preparation, brain-storming and serious hard-work. It is the equivalent of everything that I have learned so far in college. It is what we have all been waiting for… It is that day…

4 days actually. Next week. Everything will come to play.

It all started with an idea. An idea that took on so many forms. I have always wondered, “are unique, outstanding, and totally out-of-the-box ideas a sudden flash of a bulb or does it require contemplation?” A question which I find myself feeling uneasy whenever I try to answer.

Rambling aside, the idea grew. It evolved. It matured. It was the logical next step. The only step to be taken, but a precarious phase nonetheless. And with that step, the next one became obvious and so did the next one, and the next one. The process was not at all delightful. It was littered with stress, frustration, rejection and illness. Although it did have its whimsical moments. The idea was now something more, much more. It has grown to be a challenging but exhilarating endeavor which has brought about magnificence, closeness and creativity.

It has required all my attention. My introvert in me rejects the notion of delegating. A true testament to the want-something-done-right line. It is the reason of my illness. The reason of my stress. The reason of my absence here.

And this is the part I say, I will be slightly nonexistent in the blogosphere starting next week. Not too long, just a four to six days. If you think of it, my short leave wouldn’t really matter because I usually only post once a week, so my time off would be inconsequential. But if you’re not too busy or want something more to read, please feel free to check out my review blog, inFLICKted and maybe you have a review in mind!

Before I go, let me thank all the people who voted for me at the recently concluded Pinoy Evil Blog Awards! I’m still waiting on whatever prize I won *glaring at Paolo’s direction*! Hahaha! A big congratulations to all the other winners too!

I have to go, got to finish the flyers and posters for Saturday. Wish me luck on my all-too-vague undertaking. Hehe. I’ll be back soon for updates (I can’t seem to get myself to update twitter more often).