Of My Thoughts and Contemplations

This is part two… More drama? I think not…

It is because of deep thoughts and contemplations of my world in its entirety that I feel my mediocrity. I feel insignificant and could’ve done better. However, it is by those musings that I realize I am surrounded by people who love me, not only for who I am but also for I what I can do. I have my family and my friends who whisper to me, “You have done well.” I know I am loved; it is only by my frustrated insecurities that I forget to realize or feel that.

It is because of my deep thoughts and contemplations of my world in its entirety that I have somehow made sense of things. The week before last week was one of the most fruitful, enjoyable and enlightening weeks in my life. Let me explain. As a teenager, the course I wanted to take up was Comsci (Computer Science). Computer courses were the popular choice back then. My second choice, Business Management. Back then, I saw a manager as a “general job.” It was a job anyone can do even if you didn’t finish business management. With just a bit of training, a nurse could be a manager, an engineer could be a manager, a graphic designer could be a manager. But a manager cannot be a nurse, a manager cannot be an engineer, a manager cannot be a graphic designer. It was a course, I thought, I couldn’t boast about. Yet, it was the course I passed in U.P. so I ended up in that same course.

It was that week that changed my opinion on Business Management. I saw the fundamental nature of what it takes to be a manager. A manager has to be a leader; unafraid to take risks and move his team forward. A manager has to be brave; unafraid to take responsibility or to be resented when making the unpopular decision. A manager has to be intelligent; able to organize the business, control the processes required and create solutions for the company. A manager must be able to MANAGE; it is the integration of a commander, a peacemaker, a businessman, a creative director, a counselor and a friend.

But most of all, I believe what sets a manager apart from any other profession, is the passion. The passion to make your business better by empowering your employees and utilizing the best options for the growth of the company and the business. Business is at times impersonal and unethical. That's where the line, “it’s nothing personal, its business” comes from. But for a manager, whose concern is for the whole organization, it can’t be helped to be personally involved.

Why am I going on and on about Management and Managers? It’s because I think I have found a profession I can be good at (great even). As common or unimpressive as most would believe managers are, I believe it takes a special breed to be great at this job and not all can be excellent managers. If only I can turn back time, I can finally get to answer that question I have been wanting to answer ever since I was 5 years old.

As self-serving as this post may be, it reveals the kind of person I am. And I wanted to share it to you because I think, even if we haven’t personally met, you should know a more personally-in-depth me. Something purely of my thoughts and contemplations. Something purely me.