Sight Seeing

So, this is the part two of my post regarding my trip to Olongapo and the Baptism of my cousin’s son. After the baptism at the church, we went to the reception area where there was a party for the baby’s christening. Now, I’m not sure in other countries if they do this also but we Filipinos love celebrating life and everything it has to offer! Woohoo! The party was great, everyone was warm and welcoming specially my cousin’s mom. She was like a supervisor, going to every table, checking if everyone still had some food, chatting with them and making them feel welcome. My cousin on the other hand, didn’t move as much. She usually stayed in one table most of the time, I understood her, the heat was really intense and she didn’t want the baby getting all sweaty and be passed around as much. But still she allowed everyone to carry the baby, take pictures and have fun with them because it is after all a party!

After a few hours, the event slowly calmed down, me and a few of my other cousins (these ones are the brothers of my cousin who had the baby) decided to look around SUBIC a bit. We said goodbye for the time being and went on our way. Subic was an old air base built by the Americans a long time ago because of some war (Hey, I’m not good with history!). Nowadays, it is used as a tourist spot and has new buildings in it like a Duty Free, a Cineplex, lots of bars and food establishments. I didn’t know this place and we only had a few more hours before I had to go home, so we only got to visit a few sites.

As we were driving in the Base, One of the first things that caught my eye was this insanely huge flag of the Philippines! What amazed me even more was that despite its size, it was swaying enthusiastically! Sorry, but I couldn’t help but be amazed. lol! The photo I took doesn’t give it justice because it looks like a normal flag, but I guess this would have to do. I also saw a whole heap of yachts docked near the bay, I haven’t been into one, anyone out there wanna grant me my wish?! LOL!

The first place we checked out was the Royal duty free shopping mall here. Knowing a lot about duty free malls (it’s because there are more than five duty free malls in clark!), I wasn’t surprised about how it look. A duty free mall is usually a combination of a supermarket and a department store. The difference is, it is cheaper and they also sell in bulk. I bought a few things as a “pasalubong” (sorry, I don’t know the English word for that) for my siblings at home and we went on our short and speedy excursion.

Our next stop wasn’t really something new for me because I’ve had this quite a few times and it’s my favorite so we just had to eat here. Yellowcab pizzas are the best I’ve ever had (and I’m not exaggerating), and as a plus, it is a Filipino company! We had two types, New York’s Finest and the Hawaiian. Personally, Manhattan Meatlovers is my favorite but my cousins wanted to try something different. I always crave for this! If Yellow Cab is around, don’t even try to tempt me with Pizza Hut or even Sbarro, because there’s no question where I want my pizza. And after almost an hour of chatting and eating this is all that remains…

Since I can’t stay for the night, we had one last stop. The broadwalk is another attraction at Subic which comes to life at night. There were kids playing with the sand (which I think has a mixture of lahar, lol!) and some adults who were boating and having fun with jetskis. There are a few vendors selling ice cream and native bracelets. The boardwalk has this beach side ambiance which is perfect for drinking and revelry. I only got to see the beach, it’s not the best one I’ve seen but it was great since I didn’t get to go to the beach this summer. Smelling the salty air and hearing the waves crash was good enough for now. LOL!

Too bad I can’t stay longer. I had sooo much fun though… My cousins kept telling me to come back. I said I will, and next time I will make sure that I get to experience everything Subic, AND Olongapo had to offer. :)