Joy to the 1000th Power!

Today, I checked my blog and saw the thing that made my day complete. I reached my 1000 hit mark! Yahooo! I’m so happy, In more or less a month’s time, I’ve achieved one of my blogging dreams (ang babaw noh?!). I know it’s really silly and I also know for a fact that just because I reached 1000 hits, doesn’t mean a thousand people have seen my blog. I’m just happy that people passed by my blog at least a thousand times which is good enough for me. I’m just starting here and I also know my blog isn’t as good as others and I'm no Shakespeare. That’s why I take simple pleasures in my blogging and my blog in any way I can. Lol!

I would also like to ask the person who visited my blog when it reached the 1000 hit mark to please tag me or comment on this post so I can personally thank him or her. I know it isn’t much but I promise "to try" to visit his/her blog regularly. Lol! I don’t know what else I can do to thank that person! So, if it is you, please let me know! Thanks!

This is me after 1000 blog hits! LOL!

This is as far as I go. Can’t stay up too late, got classes tomorrow. Thanks guys for welcoming me warmly in the blogging community especially to some bloggers who have been visiting me over the past few weeks. Thanks po!

I’m gonna make a blog post to the bloggers who have been excessively friendly to me and cordial to my blog and its contents. One way of my saying thanks! Till next time!