Blog Blast! 2nd Edition

June 8, 2006

Day One…

Ahhh, first day of MY school year! Lol! (My friends would know what I mean by that) I am an irregular student, which means I get to pick the subjects I want to take now and the time and day I want to take them. Many do not like being irregular because you could easily run out of slots in the subject you want and you don’t usually know who your classmates are. But for me, irregular is the way to go, I like not knowing most of my classmates. I am a semi-introverted person. I like my personal space sometimes.

So for the first week of school, we were allowed to wear casual clothes rather than the usual uniforms. It’s to give time for those new students to finish having their uniforms made. This is one of the things I didn’t want to go back to (it’s like high school all over again, lol)! As you might have known, for at least 3 years, I studied at U.P. (University of the Philippines) which didn’t require uniforms, so I got used to that. I only have four subjects for this day, each is an hour and a half long. It starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. Ok, let’s do this! Bring on the classes!

First Class: Speech. It was easy enough. The name of the subject speaks for itself (no pun intended). They teach students how to speak properly, pronouncing words right, vocalization, orations, and of course giving speeches. The first activity was simple and fun; we were paired together and asked to interview each other. Then, introduce to the class the person you interviewed. A unique way of introducing ourselves to each other.

Second Class: Cost Accounting. A major subject for my course. Ughhh, this class was painful. The teacher was an old lady (pero take note, naka sleeveless siyang blouse at skirt! Confident!). As soon as she placed her big bag on her table, she started to discuss (di siya excited! Lol!)! Everyone was sooo eager for the class to finish. But, being the good student that I am (ahem...), took notes! Here’s a glimpse of me taking notes while bored, lol!

Third Class: Kapampangan Studies. We are in Pampanga, so knowing our culture is a must in our University. The only problem is, I was raised a Tagalong and English speaking boy and barely understand, let alone speak kapampangan! It only gets worse from there; my teacher was an old slightly overweight man who looked like an angry old retired character from the Sopranos! His first words were, “Marwyumbp hah brawnggi kengko man”. GOSH! What was that!!! It was bad enough that was using Kapampangan but he was mumbling every word he said! It was like he was gargling while speaking! I asked my classmate what the prof (professor) said, it actually was, “Mayap a bengi keko ngan”. It means Good evening to everyone. If I can’t understand that, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me in the rest of the semester. He was also soo boring, since I can’t understand, I couldn’t take notes so all I could do was this, and this is how I felt. lol!

Fourth Class: Literature. Ahh finally, my last class. This class proceeded without any problems. The teacher was good! She knew the subject really well. Plus, she knew how to motivate people. Despite the fact that it was late already, she got us interested in the subject. She made us do this activity where in we wrote on the board one word about what we were thinking right now. After that, she made us connect the word to literature. It was entertaining to see my classmates relate their words like hungry, bed, and accounting to literature. LOL!

Day One was not really bad, I’ll get used to it sooner or later. I have to. The next day is a new set of subjects, a new set of teachers and a new set of classmates. This is going to be… Interesting…lol!