Proud to be One

Once again, an interesting email has inspired me to make this post. Inline with our Independence day, I think it’s just proper to show everyone (even to those who are not Filipinos) how remarkable Filipinos can be. I know I’m using English to express a message of patriotism to the Philippines, but of course I want this to be read by anyone (well, anyone who speaks English that is! Lol!). Do you remember the commercial of the Philippines for tourism with the title “More than just the ordinary” (or something to that effect)? The email has the similar message. When I read, it kinda made me happy to be a Filipino (kinda lang?! lol!). Ok, It goes like this:

FILIPINOS aren't good, we are the best
FILIPINOS aren't cute, we are sooooo freakin’ BANGIN!!!
FILIPINOS don't just kiss, we make out
FILIPINOS don't play, we f*ck shit up
FILIPINOS don't relax, we chill
FILIPINOS don't dance, we grind
FILIPINOS don’t talk bad, we talk dirty
FILIPINOS don’t just fight, we seek justice
FILIPINOS aren’t just good-looking, we are stunningly beautiful
FILIPINOS don’t just have fun, we enjoy life!
FILIPINOS’ lips aren't just luscious, they're lips u wish u could kiss
FILIPINOS don’t just do it, we do it best
FILIPINOS aren’t just creative, we are Da Vinci-like
FILIPINOS aren’t just kind, we are Angels
FILIPINOS are the people you could ALWAYS trust
FILIPINOS aren't nice, we are sweet
FILIPINOS aren't just friends, we are lovers
FILIPINOS aren't just cool, we are awesome
FILIPINOS aren’t just hot, we are Scorching SEXY
FILIPINOS aren’t emotional, we are fiercely passionate
FILIPINOS, we're blessed when we're born and were proud to tell everybody that we are 100% FILIPINOS
FILIPINOS are… Sorry, but there are not enough words that could explain how we FILIPINOS are.

People envy us cus they know we are great! We do everything in GREATNESS!!!
No nationality is more BANGIN then FILIPINOS!!!!!!!!

There you have it! Proud to be a Filipino! I’m not saying we don’t have our flaws, everyone has to have one! I think the one flaw of Filipinos is that we are too kind and too generous! LOL! Just having fun! It is our Independence Day after all! The day we became free of colonizers and such. Despite all the things that are happening to us. The misfortune we encounter on a daily basis. The poor state of our affairs. Are you STILL not proud of your country? Even just for being a fighter, and a survivor? Show it! Express it! Your love for your Mother Land… We are brilliant, We are successful, We are great...

***This post is dedicated to the Filipinos who are not in the Philippines and miss it terribly. It is also dedicated to those few Filipinos who do not acknowledge their “race”. This is so they’ll remember it…***

Are you, Proud to be ONE?