!Boo! Archuletta and Castro !Boo!

I love discoursing with people, especially if both of us have good insight on the topic at hand. These kinds of discussions have given life to several of my posts. Some of them being my post on Mainstream, Being an Irregular Student, and The Top 10 Jologs Songs. I can talk about almost anything. I have fun exchanging thoughts about movies with Shinji, My chats with Juice are not only engaging but also informative. (Last time we chatted, we talked about Business Ethics!)And of course I can depend on Rex for a stimulating conversation on just about anything!

Lately however, I’ve been having fun arguing with Mr. Fishbowl with our short YM chats.

We have similar POVs but we also have so many dissimilar likes. I don’t know, I just somehow manage to like things he doesn’t seem to. Therefore, we have a good time back sassing each other about them. It’s fun because he manages to make fun of me and my likes while I’m completely nasty towards his. A good current example would be our short cynical discussion about our AI bets…

paolo m: i'm gonna miss American Idol today.

paolo m: darn! i wanna see David and Jason. Those are my top 2

paolo m: i hate David Fuck'n Cook

Jigs: he's my bet!! :D

paolo m: i hate you… you just ruined my day

Jigs: Then my job here is done…

paolo m: why do you like him? He's a loser

Jigs: he's cool!

paolo m: oh c'mon. he's a dork

Jigs: and he's arrangements to the songs are great!

paolo m: ok ok... everyone of them can sing. Jason and David are cool and humble

paolo m: David is just an arrogant fuck. Lolz! I love cursing him

Jigs: Puh-leaze! Your David is just milking his naivete!

Jigs: And come on, Jason knows the ladies love him! That's the only reason he is still there!

paolo m: and david?

Jigs: David COOK, has talent!

Jigs: Plus, his brother has cancer man!

paolo m: you've been brainwashed… Come to your senses Jigs!

Jigs: I may be brainwashed, but you're heartless! Think of his brother!

paolo m: O c'mon David Archuletta couldn't sing for a year! And, david winning the competition
won’t exactly heal his brother

Jigs: Boo-freaking-hoo! Archuletta can’t sing for year! How tragic that is… You can't hate on a guy who dedicates his performances to his brother with cancer! Now that’s just heartbreaking.

paolo m: i dedicate his non-winning to his brother as well. Now we're even…

Jigs: Now that's just crazy…

paolo m: I know…

He’s funny, I’m nasty; he’s a bastard, I’m chaotic; he’s for change, I’m conservative (forever!); he likes Zac Efron, I loathe him. Yes, we have a multitude of differences and we constantly debate over them, but this weird comradeship thrives because of it. Personally, I think this is the stuff my friendships are made of…

So, got anything you want to talk about? Then just buzz me on my YM ID, and I'll do my best to chat you up and start a great conversation!


joyfulchicken said...

Hate hate hate Archuleta. I don't buy his phony humble boy act. I hate how he pulls that super-annoying "Oh gosh, you really think I'm awesome? Tee-hee, stop, you're embarrassing me!" routine after every performance... pretty much like what Melinda Doolittle did last year, except he can't sing half as well as she did.

Hate Brooke White too for similar reasons.

But in fairness, all the finalists this year kinda suck. And yet I can't stop watching. Help.

jaiskizzy said...

i hate american idol. word.

Juice said...

Nyahahaha. Those are my top 3 faves. 1- Cook 2- Castro and 3- Archuleta. Mainly coz all the girls suck. And I've actually liked Cook from the beginning mainly because he's always misinterpreted as an "arrogant fuck" (hi Paolo!!) but it's actually just his face.

And I agree with Joyfulchiken, none of the Idols this year are really the one to be. But I still watch it as well. LULULULULUL.

acey said...

lol. you and your buddy get along just fine. haha. zac efron???

Anonymous said...

light, funny conversation eh? that was cool..

Anonymous said...

I also had some discourses with Paolo some time ago (though we haven't talk in a while now).

Well, I also like those kinds of conversations. Not just plain agreement and always say "yes" to all sorts of stuff (that it already makes one a dork).

Ann said...

Ok so I admit to liking Always be my baby but I still don't like David Cook. :p Maybe we can be friends. lol

beekeetot said...

mehearts ALL the boys. they're ALL good. :P this is the only season that i follow kasi i think the previous ones sucked. hahaha

paolo said...

Now now, I wont really sulk if Cook wins.. I just dont want him to. Teehee! Juice actually makes a good point, it is his face. (And the wide forehead.) Hi Juice! :)

At least we could all agree on one thing - the female contestants suck. :P

Dindin said...

Thanks for the visit. Have a great day! =D