Top 10 most jologs Songs that we used to like back in High School

…But we hate admitting we used to like them these days, haha! I must say, this countdown was painful to us – to our eyes and ears most especially. Reminiscing the videos of these on Youtube hurt because we can’t accept that we were that jologs to fall for these jologs musical acts, haha! What the hell were we thinking?! The only positive realization we have after this activity is we are assured that our taste have matured and improved.

This collaboration will be talked about throughout the blogging nation! This is Jigs and Rex and here is our combined hitlist of the most cringe-worthy songs ever! At least for us two. Hehe! In increasing order of jologsness…

10. AQUA - Doctor Jones

Jigs: I chose this because nowadays, no one makes songs as cheery as this

Rex: I object! There's Kim Chiu with her Kering-Keri.. hehe! With matching long and shiny hair pa!

Jigs: Gawd, please don’t compare the song to some second rate jingle!

Rex: Oh, so you mean Dr Jones is a first rate single?

Jigs: Yeah, it is a single! And it WAS popular then.

Rex: Sabagay. But watching the video is like watching Knorr’s Sinabawang Gulay, haha! But at least the male members sing / rap. They're not just decorations. It's one of those videos that I would watch when I am channel surfing, just to see how amusingly silly the ending is, haha!

Jigs: Pero that's the point nga! They were intentionally silly. It's completely a fun and mindless song which requires no further analysis.

Rex: Ok, fine whatever. It's still jologs.

9. B*WITCHED - C'est La Vie

Rex: Ah, the song that launched B*Witched pop career. The thing is, it's too, hmm, bubblegummy! The video is full of flowers, butterflies, clouds. Not to mention the stupid lyrics that have no connection at all to the meaningful French phrase.

Jigs: Haha! I agree! Did you notice that as they were dancing and stomping around the flower bed, hindi nasisira yung mga flowers?

Rex: Oo nga! Pobreng mga bulaklak! May pa-slow-motion high jump pa silang nalalaman!

Jigs: Tapos it was akward hearing their one liners (that doesn't really belong in the song), between the chorus and the stanzas. Their choreography sucks too and that damn dog had no business being there.

Rex: Actually, I think the choreo showed their potential as dancers. Their stomping had to do with their Irish lineage. You know, tap-dancing is big there. Tapos, they're fighting over this guy who isn't worth the bother!

Jigs: Whatever, jologs is jologs to me. Next song!

8. S CLUB 7 - Bring It All Back

Jigs: I never liked this group. Ang dami nila, and if each of them were to sing on one song, at most, each of them would get two lines. All of them are glorified back-up dancers.

Rex: Oo nga, no? As if 5 isn't too big for a boyband, they had to get 7, haha! But actually, the girls get the lead vocals most of the time. It's the boys who are the glorified backup dancers.

Jigs: Natatawa ako sa efforts nila to let the guys sing by letting them scream a line at the background.

Rex: Pero in fairness, the dance routine on this one is danceable for me, nag-mamatch naman sa hopeful message of the song. Yun nga lang, masyadong err, jolly?

Jigs: I think, kaya 7 sila, is to compensate for the lack of voice talent and focus on dance talent.

Rex: Pero bilib din ako kasi sa British culture, hindi baduy ang pinang-gagagawa nila. I mean, it's okay for boys to dance like this. Dito sa atin, aynako! Sigurado, tatawagin kang bakla, haha! Hanggang pagiling-giling lang ala macho dancer ang pwedeng gawin ng mga pseudo singer-hunks, tulad ng Cover Boys ng ASAP..

Jigs: I have one more criticism, The video seemed like a video compilation of a vacation and barely passes as a music video. For me at least.

Rex: Actually, snippets yun of a TV show they had in the UK .

Jigs: Ahh, so they're supposed to ba actors now huh?! Maybe they should just stick to that and leave the singing to the professionals, they just look so jologs.

7. 911 - Love Sensation

Rex: (sings) "Don't go changing, rearranging".. Haha! Pweh!

Jigs: Haha! Oo nga, they had to add science (chemistry) into the lyrics! I also hate the video for this song! It's just like a carnival vacation video compilation! And what's with the breakdancing?!

Rex: This is featured in Casper the movie, right? Walang connection between the movie and the carnivals in the video. And I don't think this is one of 911's more bearable pop releases..

Jigs: Haha! I was just thinking that! I also got from a credible source that the lead singer was on Prozac while doing this video, which explains his unusual merry self. Haha! Kidding!

Rex: And considering that 911 is a boyband that's supposed to make kilig the teenage girls, only the lead vocalist looks like a boy. The other two look like backup dancers, haha! Mukhang uncle ng lead vocalist! Mga uncles na jologs!

6. STEPS - 5,6,7,8

Jigs: Okay, before we begin, my taste in music cannot be held under scrutiny because of this song, I was young then and didn’t know better.

Rex: Haha! Only if you won't judge me for tolerating boy bands. Anyway, paulit-ulit lang naman lyrics ng kanta eh! Well, mayroon rin palang pseudo-rapping on the side yung isang male member, habang patango-tango naman yung isa.

Jigs: I won’t even call it rapping! Not even pseudo! He wasn't rapping as much as he was reciting words which rhymed but made no sense at all! Once again, another group where most of the members were useless.

Rex: You betcha. I thought they were like Aqua, but it turned out Steps can sing ballads, or rather, the girls of Steps, haha!

Jigs: It's a song I would consider a novelty song, with “Steps” (pun intended) you have to do and a chorus that is catchy till you really listen to the whole song and finally realize, "hey, this song is actually jologs..."

Rex: It's supposed to be techno dance song. But Steps' dance routing in this video is so corny and jologs! It borders more on cheerdancing than club dancing!

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