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My Brain is Scattered Everywhere!

Some people can be so demanding! I told you guys I’ll blog once a week! Also, how many times do I have to tell you people, NO, absolutely NO flash photography, autographs and video requests of me singing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake!

I like shows that try to produce good talent, then after, most of the winners end up either lacking the x-factor or undistinguished! Speaking of American Idol, why is it that some good shows who win awards do not get big ratings? What is it that they lack? Certainly not good actors nor a witty script; this is what actually got them their nods and awards. I am now watching (yup, while I'm typing, I'm watching it, I'm Mr. Multitask!) a new sitcom which is very entertaining but I fear won’t obtain longevity due to its unsatisfying ratings. Why must it always be about ratings? Many a great series has succumbed due to their poor audience share. I would hate to think that people would much rather watch pointless drivel than a mentally stimulating series, even if it is a sitcom.

Michael Bluth: Why are you squeezing me with your body?
Lucille Bluth: It's a hug, Michael. I'm hugging you.

(Arrested Development)

I enjoy the occasional reality show, a task or challenge here, an elimination there; but I don’t saturate my television time by memorizing the names of all the reality show stars. Specially nowadays, I’ve been ultra picky with what I watch due to some, *ahem* TV problems I have been having. As of May 21, the only show I have been following (recently) just ended their first season. It was a good series, with interesting plots, well written lines and competent actors. Unfortunately, as the show went on, it slowly degraded. It left quite a few unanswered questions and confusing scenes which indicated a lack of common sense (I thought that trait only belonged to cartoons and horror flicks!). Plus, the season finale episode was really disappointing; I would have liked a bit more closure and a few more answers (a little logic wouldn't hurt either). I guess it was the network’s way of making sure their audience continues to watch the next season. If you know what I’m talking about you might disagree with me on the things I’ve said but, that’s just how it felt to me.

Jack: I'm Jack Donaghy. New VP of development for NBC/GE/Universal/Kmart.
Pete: Oh, we own Kmart now?
Jack: No… So why are you dressed like we do?

(30 Rock)

We all watch television for different reasons; for education, information and of course, entertainment. Most of us would pick the picture box over that black and white paper any day. But I just found out that there is such a thing as television fatigue. It’s that time when you would rather pick up a good book, sip coffee and listen to your neighbor gossip about you. I savor those brief intervals of calmness; those few minutes that feel like the world is perfect. Here I go again, preaching. I just like reminiscing because A) it's all I have, and 2nd, I really have a short attention span. Just to let you know, I didn’t finish this in one sitting. Yup, I got bored right in the middle of writing it and just had to do something else (I played solitaire then, after 2 minutes, I counted how many dvds I had) because I was starting to get sleepy. I then started going on-line searching for the new politicians who would have power over our gullible city. I didn’t vote by the way. I know, I know, shame on me. It’s not that I didn’t want to, just didn’t have the time to get registered. A friend did lecture me once that the reason we have corrupt officials is because people who know better do not vote. So, I am left with my shame, until I can vindicate myself by voting in the next election! At least this year, someone who might actually do some good, a beacon of hope was elected and is now officially a governor.

Because of this, my head has been filled with questions…If I had been a bit more optimistic, productive and outspoken, could I have accomplished a whole lot more? If I did that, would my life finally change for the better? Maybe I could even serve as an example for others, a beacon of hope if you will *winks*? If I strive to learn more, be a bit more inquisitive, will I become a better person? The kind of person I’ve always wanted to be? Maybe, just, maybe, with the help of my family, my friends and even you, yes you, I could change things? Is that possible? Is that doable, with all that has been said, written and done, can I still change things? Yes, all of these queries bothered me. But the real question is…
Should I change the name of my blog?

I have been battling with this quandary for quite sometime now, and found no relief. No where near it. That is why I leave that question to you. Should I? Should I not? Why? Why not? Are you sure? Can you support your answer with a one page essay? Should I be taken seriously with everything I said? If not, why?

Ahhh… Thanks for taking over for me…My brain feels a tad bit in uncluttered…

Hope to hear from you soon!