Flabbergasted, Humiliated and Thankful

"I'm not trying to be mean or rude. I'm just saying. I'm guessing it would be nice for you to actually get a comment, an objective and critical one, instead of the soft pablum most of those who comment in your blog offer. (a comment on my post, Just Another Battle)"

This…This is how you render someone speechless.

I never thought ONE criticism could affect me so significantly. I never thought ONE criticism could make me think so much. I never thought ONE criticism could make me blog again.

I really wasn’t sure about this post. Well, first and foremost, everything that was said is unbelievably detrimental to my wonderful and illustrious reputation! Wait…I don’t have a reputation… Any way, the second reason, the comment was the person’s opinion, and who am I to tell them they’re wrong?

But in the end, I went with what I felt was right. I had to give my side, my explanation to what was written. And the comment was so well composed, so eloquently said, that it couldn’t possibly have come from an uneducated individual. For someone to analyze me and my blog so comprehensively, deserves my attention and response because I respect great minds.

"But everything about you is a tired cliche: The picture, with your hair covering your face, is a classic, to prove to the world just how "troubled" you are. The forced insertion of square words into round holes, just to heighten the whole dark mood you try to set. The lazy, commonplace statements you use, such as "glorious sadness" or "a disease consuming (me)" or (best example) "harsh poetic chaos," are empty vessels long emptied of their contents."

Yes, I did seem like a tired cliché, let me say why I did it…I changed my picture not because I wanted everyone to see and feel as I did, I do not need anybody’s sympathy. The picture was to show the people visiting my blog that I will be on a break and won’t be writing for a while as evidenced by the long gaps between my recent posts. The square words into round holes, you were right, it heightened the emotion I wanted to express and it served their purpose. As for my lazy overused and worn-out statements, I honestly did not know they were THAT used up and no longer mean what they meant. I mean, my statements may be unoriginal and stale, but when I wrote it, I found they perfectly spelled out how I felt. It was my sentiments, I didn’t need to complicate what I wanted to say by thinking up some new radical way of letting others feel what I feel. And since my statements are so common, then everybody knows how I feel, and that’s more important to me.

"You have no unique ideas, there was not one sentence where I felt like "how come I haven't realized this before?" Everything was the same old trite observations made from a skewed, "angsty" perspective. Heard it all before, and in better writing, too. Your command of English is wobbly, almost factory-like in its churning out of stock phrases; it's as if you just grab ready-made phrases clear off the sky."

Well, I don’t know about the sky but maybe from the books that I’ve read. That’s where basically almost anybody learn the things they know. I’ve only gained knowledge form my life experiences (which isn’t alot) and what I’ve been taught. And I think no true original realization can be ascertained from them. As, they say, “True Originality is dead, there is only revisions of what has been.” Also, It wasn’t my intention for anybody to realize anything by reading my blog. I just wanted to convey my thoughts, that’s it. As for my English, I must say among all that was said, this hit me the hardest. Although English is a second language to me and do not use alot of big words, I take pride in how well I can handle myself in an English conversation. Apparently, I was overreaching and still need a few more lessons.

"Ramblings," "unstable mind," "poetic chaos," and other such terms. Lovely, yes. But hackneyed. Can be found in every other blog some kid clad in black writes. Angst-filled, supposedly. I guess you feel so unique, so different, so f*cked up, compared to everyone else."

Now this part, I totally agree with. I even chuckled a bit when I read it. A little trivia; when I was brainstorming for the title of this blog, I was so uninspired. It was like every word coming out of my head was crap! So I just decided on something simple, but contradictory in a way. Simple words with complex meanings. And the words I chose are normal choices for someone who wants to be striking and witty. I have seen variations (from other blogs) which closely resemble my blog title, but so far none similar to it. I didn’t (nor want to) feel so unique or so different to everyone else.

To conclude this long post, I just hope that the person who commented on my blog didn’t just read the previous two posts (Just Another Battle and Recession, In Terms). I hope the commenter doesn’t think that I write that way all the time. I am not some…what’s the word? “angsty” person with an “angsty” perspective. Please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way infuriated with your comment. It was well said, direct to the point and intense. I respect your opinion and appreciate it. As a matter of fact, I welcome it as a challenge to improve myself.

I may not be the best writer, but I do write about what I know and feel. I may not be eloquent, but I do my best with what I have learned. I may not be original, but at least I try and emulate those who are rare and acknowledge their greatness.

You say I am common, worn-out, uninspired, incoherent and unoriginal…

I say. . . Welcome to my Life. . .