Cinematic Conversations

The last post was disgusting right? Yeah, everybody noticed. So, in order to make up to you few who still actually read my blog, I’m going to blog about one of my favorite amusements, MOVIES! Let me first talk about my Top Ten Movie Crushes. Thanks to Paolo for getting my thought process going because we virtually fought over this list. Hahaha! He thought I was really “mean” and “technical.” Will you agree?

10) Shia LaBeouf

He is for me, one of the most promising young actors in the business today. He, as of late, has been doing one great movie after another and at the same time continuously delivering excellent performances in all of them. It started with “Holes” to “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” to “Transformers” and now, the up and coming “Indiana Jones”.

Note: Paolo disagrees and believes Zac Efron should hold the title I gave to Shia. I say, it takes more than perfect skin and a singing voice to make an actor. If he can show some REAL range and BELIEVABLE emotion, then we’ll talk, but for the mean time, he should stick to his musicals.

9) Milla Jovovich

I just had to add her to my list. I can’t help but like every movie she makes, no matter how bad a few of them are! LOL! I’ve watched 50% of her films and I am yet to hate one (so don’t make me review her films! LOL!). I really find her beautiful and multi-talented at the same time (she even has a critically acclaimed music album). Even her small role in Zoolander was noticeable. I’m sorry guys; I’m just biased when it comes to her. As Juice would say, “Milla Jovovich is love.”

8) Christian Bale

What an intense actor Christian Bale is. He is so attuned to his craft that the most important aspect of a film for him is delivering an astounding performance. He is so disciplined that he has undergone severe dietary regimens to play some of his roles (e.g. The Machinist and Rescue Dawn). He is also known for his expert skill in different accents. My films of choice are “American Psycho”, “Harsh Times”, “Rescue Dawn”, “3:10 to Yuma,” “Laurel Canyon” and “The Prestige”.

7) Charlize Theron

Another lovely lady and she’s from South Africa! She won an Oscar for her incredible performance in “Monster” making her the first South African to win the said award. She followed that up with North Country and Aeon Flux, where she both got praises for her roles. She has that classic beauty to her which radiates every time I see her at award shows. Then she takes a complete 360 and completely transforms into the characters she portrays in movies. Film of choice would be “Monster,” “North Country,” “In The Valley Of Elah,” and “Battle In Seattle.”

Note: I sometimes get Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johanssen mixed up. Has that ever happened to you?

6) George Clooney

I didn’t really like him in ER (he did however get Emmy and GG nominations for it) but I liked all of the films he was in (that I’ve seen of course), whether he be the actor, the director, the producer and/or the screenwriter. The multifaceted Mr. Clooney has done excellent movies in the past years and is best known for “Ocean’s Eleven” and its sequels. His eternal bachelor status has gained him quite a following among women. He has also received several awards and nominations for both his acting (“Syriana,” “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and “Michael Clayton”) and directing ability (“Good Night And Good Luck”).

Note: George Clooney is my counterpart for Paolo’s Mel Gibson.

I have to stop here for a while. The post is getting too long. What do you think so far? Do you agree? Type in your thoughts guys! Would love to hear it! Top 5 will be posted asap!

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