This is what stress can do

I’m dead! I can’t believe how busy I am! Dammit! Where’s my support system?! I think they’re busy too. I’m wasting away mentally. This is crazy. My face looks terrible. The eye-bags, the outbreaks, the pasty complexion, there’s no mistaking it! I’m stressed and on my way to a breakdown…

Aaaanyway, how are you guys? Doing well I hope! That’s good. Take care of yourself ok? You might catch a cold. Don’t forget to text me if you need anything.

Stress is making me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Right now, I can’t watch anything unless it’s a cartoon show. I personally prefer anime lately. I’ve been downloading Japanese cartoons non-stop! And no, it’s not the hentai kind! Weirdo.

Speaking of cartoons, anybody here a fan of the cartoon in Nickelodeon toon called “As Told By Ginger”? I saw this one episode where Ginger composed a poem which got her noticed. The poem is good, I really want to know it.

I’m also experiencing some mild bipolar disorder. Mood swings left and right, depressed and I don’t finish some things I started. I start reading a book and half way through it, I just set it down and no longer plan to finish it. One time, I started cooking some pasta but as I was waiting for the noodles to finish cooking, I completely spaced out and just walked out of the kitchen without finishing the meal I was making. It was a good thing it was just spaghetti, our maid took over the cooking.

I’ve also been dying to write a few reviews for a couple of new movies I’ve seen like I AM LEGEND, LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, BEOWULF, ENCHANTED, JUNO and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. But I also don’t want to force myself to write a review and end up with something crappy and terrible. I promise to write a bunch of reviews soon. By the way, if you have any movies you want to be reviewed, just tell me and I’ll tell you what I think about the movie.

This is it for now. You know as I reread this post, I come off somewhat dumb! Haha! That’s ok, got no brain cells to spare right now. Hehe! Till the next time!