10 Kinds Of Awesome

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this but I just can’t help it. Damn me, along with all the bloggers who will be giving their two cents regarding the awesomest movie for 2007! So far anyway. I know Harry Potter won't surpass it, but I’m still waiting to watch Across The Universe, maybe around September. So, what is this movie which deserves several forms of amazement? Don’t you already know?! Duh! It’s TRANSFORMERS! Why is it so awesome you ask? Then let me enumerate…

1) It’s the first awesome live action movie for the franchise and Asia gets to see it first! Cartoons, toys and comics are all well and good, but isn’t seeing Optimus Prime transform from a truck into his full realistic robotic glory worth the price of admission alone?!

2) It was nostalgically awesome! Growing up watching the animated series, playing with the toys and even getting my hands on a couple of the comics, it felt amazing reliving the past and remember what Cybertron was or who are the Autobots and the Decepticons. This movie is like a rallying cry to your inner child. I found myself rooting for the Autobots every time (I never root for the hero. Haha!)! Transformers is a childhood classic come to life. Thank God movies can still make me feel this excited. For the kids and teenagers today, to whom the Transformers are now entirely new, this will be without a doubt the greatest movie they have ever seen.

3) Michael Bay is awesome! At first, I really didn’t expect to like it. I didn’t know how Michael Bay was going to treat the movie, because he admitted that he wasn’t a fan. But I was wrong to doubt. It's Michael Bay's best movie since The Rock. Bay used every arsenal he had in order to fully capture the action from the wreckage Optimus Prime and Megatron left in their wake. Transformers bears the Michael Bay seal of approval, which means it oozes with wild, over-the-top, in-your-face action!

4) Speaking of action, it was, of course, AWESOME! Michael Bay couldn’t wait to give us a taste of what’s to come! All I could say after the first action scene was…DAMN! Humans got no chance against that sound wave like weapon (EMP? But why does it destroy everything in its path?)! Cars fly through the air, explosions boom at high decibels, roads crumble, Helicopters crash and gargantuan transformers gyrate their gymnastics as they miraculously change their form. The film is one giant spectacle with considerable entertainment value.

5) CG and Cinematography takes the cake at awesomeness. Without CG, this movie would be nothing! Seeing those transformations never gets old! Plus, they added the transformation sound! The sheer realistic look of the robots and great attention to detail are the factors that took the movie from dorkiness to a cinematic adventure. But I do think that the flames on Prime, unnecessary. Haha! Cinematography completed the overall feel and makes you believe in everything about the Transformers World!

Okay, don't tell me nobody else can see them?! (Click to enlarge)

6) The Human Factor was awesome! In the cartoons and comics, human interaction is greatly minimized or none at all. The robots’ interaction with humans give them more personality and depth. Shia LaBeouf is a natural at comedy, Megan Fox was a little more than eye candy and John Turturro was entertaining and irritating at the same time. Personally, my favorite was that bling-wearing, drug addict Chihuahua, Mojo!

7) It was a genre-mashed awesomeness. Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Sci-Fi and Action, Transformers can be argued as a complete emotional rollercoaster.

8) Awesome Script. It’s just what you come to expect out of writers who are big fans of the franchise itself. With Steven Spielberg at the helm as a producer, you get a script that’s so nerdy that you can’t help but love.

9) Sequels are awesome! There are already two sequels lined up to follow the obvious success of Transformers. I hope Michael Bay is still the future director. The producers plan to introduce The Dinobots and The Constructicons! Coolness!

10) Fun is synonymous to...AWESOME! This movie is the best fun I’ve had at the movies for the entire year! This is one of the few instances where it's OK to enjoy something for being smart and dumb at the same time, mostly because it's undeniably a whole lot of fun! I’d definitely watch it again and again! Even if it is 140 minutes long! Every second is worth it!

As you can’t see, I didn’t enjoy the movie THAT much. Haha! It was really, as I’ve used the word multiple times, AWESOME. This is a movie which requires little thinking. Just sit back and enjoy every bit of the movie. If you watch it objectively and point out is flaws and criticize the script, then you won’t enjoy this movie that much (this is what happened to my brother, Haha!). I too had minor criticisms but nothing that would prevent me from enjoying this nostalgic adventure! Just soak in the awesomeness of this movie and enjoy it for all its worth. It’s more than meets the eye. You know I just had to add that last line!

In one line, my overall review for this movie is POPCORN-STOPPING. It is one of the few movies that would actually make me stop eating my bag of popcorn due to pure amazement.

Starting with this post, I will try and answer your comments (if they need answering). I never really checked my Haloscan. I didn’t know I could respond to your comments using it! Hahaha!