The Supposed Start Of Season 2

Something that FruityOaty said made me think, “My Blogiversary will be coming up, I hope I can continue after that…sustain my interest. Truthfully, it’s been on the wane for the long time now.” How long can we—or more specifically, I—really keep this going? The death of a blog is not a big deal, but it IS a part of ourselves we are willingly going to let go. I’ve been blogging for more than a year now and the thought HAS crossed my mind a few times. What does keep me blogging? Expression? Attention? Conformity? Boredom?


A strong longing for something. Everyone has at least one thing they’re really good at. This fuels their desire and they continually strive to be better at that one thing. Why don’t I have that fire? The passion in everyone to do one thing skillfully for the rest of their lives. Do I not have that desire? That overwhelming feeling to make more out of mine. Maybe my indecisiveness is a sign that my mind isn’t ready to take on the world. But with every vague step I make is a moment wasted satisfying that desire.

I question the desire in me. I never had a desire to do anything. Everything I do is technically for someone else. Does that mean I lack ambition? No, it’s not fatigue or apathy. I want that seize the day attitude! I have wanted a whole lot of things in my life, but never have I desired for something. Is there no motivation? Nothing that will enkindle the slumbering curiosity in my heart and mind? Where’s the motivation?

Where’s the motivation to blog? The desire to strike each key with a guided thought, intention and fervor. In all honesty, I sometimes wonder why I even bother. In the large amount of time I have spent in front of this screen, I never knew that blogging can be so demanding. I never knew this can drain me of things that I wish to write of or say for that matter. I don’t feel the need to narrate my life as it happens everyday. I am not a celebrity and my life is not at all eventful. I have simply ran out of things to blog. I've ran out of things that are to me "blog worthy".

“My readers are a big factor in me continuing... they encourage to keep going.”


I AM happy that there are those who appreciate what I dish out. The few rewards of blogging are obvious. And I am grateful for the acknowledgement of some of my peers. Especially those who seem to understand me, despite the fact we have never really met.

Haaaaay, another gloomy post! Well, that’s blog vomit for you. As consolation, I have some pictures for you guys. Some friends of mine came over last Saturday and I prepared dinner for them. I have three sets of friends (one from High School, one from College, and one from Manila). I wonder when I’ll get all of them together in one event?

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Shrimp and squid in a really spicy tomato sauce. One of my favorite dishes. I love cooking as much as eating this italian fare. And based on the reaction I got, so did they. What's with the chopsticks?! I don't know. A friend who placed it there said it will make the photo prettier. I actually tried eating with the chopsticks, and it wasn't that bad! Plus, the photo does look prettier!

Churros con Chocolate

Dessert was Churros to be dipped in hot and extra gooey chocolate dip! Ever been to Dulcinea? Or maybe Cinnabon? Then you probably know what churros are! This crispy deep-fried dough accompanied by hot coffee was the perfect ender to an intimate dinner. Thank you guys (Melissa, Arriane, Marco, Khate and David) for coming last night, it has been a while since we last did this!

Earcandy for this week is D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. Oozing with coolness and disco.